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September 2019
St. Gerard House News
 Camp Discovery and The Grotto Join Forces for
Water Day!
St. Gerard House learners and therapists enjoyed some fun in the sun as we rounded out the summer. Check out the album on our Facebook page for more glimpses of our antics and laughter.
In the content below, find a summary of all the adventures Camp Discovery got into this summer from coordinator Brandi Hansen, RBT!
SGH Welcomes Development Director Suzanne Moore
It's a joyful time at St. Gerard House as we welcome our new Development Director, Suzanne Moore. 
Suzanne brings extensive nonprofit experience to SGH, having served in roles from committee chair to executive director since 2005. Her skilled background in strategic planning, resource development, grant writing, and donor relations has guided organizations through times of transition.
"I am excited and honored to be a part of this amazing organization that is working so hard to make a positive impact on the individuals and families dealing with autism," Suzanne says of joining the SGH team.
Suzanne enjoys making pottery, a talent she cultivated while studying fine art and political science. She likes to spend her time away from the office outdoors with her dog Toby and children Hayden, 11 and Caroline, 8.
SGH is truly grateful to the generosity of the Community Foundation of WNC for awarding SGH the three-year Melvin R. Lane grant that makes this growth possible.
Two Grotto Students Fully Integrate to ICS!
We are feeling that pride! Two of our Grotto students are fully integrating to Immaculata Catholic School (ICS) this fall. One student will be entering kindergarten, and the other student will begin the third grade.
The integration process is just that... a process. We are so grateful to the ICS teachers for their collaboration. The support and acceptance the staff at Immaculata shows our families and students is such a blessing to us!
Camp Discovery
Camp Discovery had its second successful summer with an amazing group of children. The campers explored their talents and self-expression through a variety of activities: They learned to repurpose trash by making marble runs. Experimenting as mad scientists, they learned about chemical reactions. A "tour" of cultures allowed them to taste exotic foods, learn games from other nations, and explore different traditions.
The children laughed and were amazed by all the different animals in the world and how they survived. They even tried their hand at playing a flute and trombone.
A variety of field trips to inspired wonder in the world around them and encouraged learning in the community. We visited Hands On! Children's Museum, Johnson's historical farmhouse, the WNC Air Museum, The Aquarium, Boyd Park, and the Oklawaha Greenway trail. Special guests from the recycling center visited and did a presentation on location.
The children strengthened relationships, gained new skills and knowledge, and improved classroom skills. By the end of camp, they were able to communicate their ideas, compromise, and complete a task as a team. We also packed in a lot of fun—water day, pajama day, watching a movie, relay races, and the new playground at Immaculata—activities enjoyed by all. For more photos of our sweet explorers, visit the album on Facebook.
Upcoming Events
Autism in the News
[Sept. 2019 | Newsline from ECAC] Building relationships for back to school: ECAC newsletter
[8.26.2019 | ABC] Video: Boy holds hand of classmate with autism on first day of school
[8.19.219 | Autism Speaks] Helping children with autism get ready for the school bus
[8.16.2019 | Disability Scoop] IEP meetings warrant time off work, Labor Dept. says
[8.15.2019 | CNN] A 30-year-old man with special needs was found wandering the streets alone. His former teacher took him in
[8.15.2019 | Fox 12 Oregon] Troutdale boy with autism finds unlikely friendship with garbage truck driver
[8.13.2019 | Fast Company] Kellogg's Rice Krispies made sensory love notes to support kids with autism
[8.12.2019] Video from Kellogg's: SJ's Story
[8.3.2019 | Autism Speaks] Tennessee becomes 50th state requiring insurance plans to cover autism services
[8.1.2019 | Wall Street Journal] People with autism are hot hires for AI jobs
[7.30.2019 | ABC 13 Houston] 'Eco artist' with autism raises over $250k for special needs causes
[7.29.2019 | NBC 13 California] Personal trainer opens gym for children with autism
Gut-Brain Nutrition and GFCF Recipes
The Gut-Brain Axis in Autism by Julie Matthews, Nutrition Consultant
Our gastrointestinal track uses microbiota (good gut bacteria) to send signals to our brain. The bacteria in our gut influences messages relating to emotions, stressors, attention, pain, anxiety, and other mental health factors. Children with autism are seven times more likely than typically developing children to have digestive-track symptoms, such as IBS and acid reflux, and this can have a negative impact on behavior, the immune system, and holistic well being.
Immune-boosting Green Juice
GF Buckwheat pancakes with blueberries
Ginger-turmeric carrot soup
More gut-friendly recipes for a better balance!
Find out more about balancing gut bacteria here:
[6.19.2019 | Amen Clinics] The gut-brain connection in autism —It's real
[5.30.2019 | Science Daily] Research confirms gut-brain connection in autism
[4.12.2019 | WebMD] Could treating gut bacteria help autism symptoms?
[4.21.2018 | Medical News Daily] How inflammation and gut bacteria influence autism
[4.17.2018 | Dr. Nicole Beurkens] Treating the gut is vitally important for autism spectrum disorders
For more information on how food and nutrition can influence autism, read a full presentation from Julia Matthews.
Family Group Night
Monday, September 9
Social Skills with Sharon Stokes
Mardi Mardi Party Party
February 25, 2020
A special SGH FUNdraiser at Wild Wing Cafe, Arden
First Words of Hope Luncheon
April 22, 2020
Our 10th annual spring luncheon
For info about volunteering or being a table captain, contact 
Are you interested in supporting our work to provide joy and meaningful outcomes to families facing autism?
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Here's some things we could really use!
St. Gerard House
620 Oakland Street
Hendersonville, NC 28791
Garden Program: starts Wednesday, September 18
MWF 4 - 6pm
Culinary Program: starts Tuesday, September 17
T/TH 4 - 6pm
  Helping young adults with autism and similar needs prepare for, find, and retain meaningful employment through art, gardening, & culinary learning environments.
For information or to volunteer, contact Julia Matthews: 828.693.4223
ext. 1009

St. Gerard House  •  620 Oakland St.  •  Hendersonville, NC 28791

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