Fanning the Flames
Finding Your Peace
I've developed a morning ritual that works for me and gets me jump-started in my process. After I wake up and clean up, I write 3 pages by hand of whatever is in my brain. Connected, disconnected, random thoughts, dreams, anything can show up. I had the beginnings of stories and shopping lists in the same day. (Note: If this works for you, it can be done at any time of day.) Then I turn on the computer and let it load while I make my big mug of tea and healthy smoothie. At that point, I am raring to go, whether it's writing newsletters, painting, coaching, or working on my marketing. I've found that I personally work well if I do a schedule similar to that of my corporate years. Mid-morning break, lunch, mid-afternoon break, done around 5 or 6pm. Of course, not all coaching or webinars fall in that time frame because I make myself available for people who do have "regular hours". But the key for me is flexibility.
Some people like to exercise in the mornings. I've had former co-workers who take advantage of an in-building gym to work out on their lunch hour. Some people go after work. The thing is, you probably have some kind of routine or ritual already that gets you going and signals a start to whatever you're doing. The creative process can benefit from that as well. Our minds like signals and signs that tell us what's going to happen. You can be totally spontaneous and say, "I'm going to paint today in the morning instead of the afternoon," and still psych yourself up with a starting rituals. Laying out your tools, washing your hands, listening to a certain song or even lighting a candle or some incense can make your mind think, "Whee! We get to start creating now!"
When I write, I get that big mug of tea. (Stay hydrated!) Sometimes I add a little fresh fruit that isn't hard to eat while writing, like grapes. It's my fuel. It's also my ritual. When I paint, I wash and rinse and fill my mason jars with water and select my favorite brushes. With other crafts, I clean my space and lay out everything I'll need. It helps me not only get excited to do my creativity, but also to calm and center me so my focus is in the here and now. The best place to be!
What rituals help you get to your creativity? What do you think might be pleasing to incorporate if you haven't come up with a rhythm yet? If you create characters, what really gets them motivated and going? A great place to find out is to research the people you admire and see how they "get into the zone" for what they do. Try different things and combos until you find something that works for you. Remember, this could change over time, and that's perfectly okay. Come comment on our Facebook page and let me know what motivates you!
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