Fanning the Flames
Opportunity at the Door
If you're like me, you don't always recognize opportunity when it knocks.
Opportunity isn't always the ring at the doorbell with someone waiting on the other side, hands full of a giant check and balloons. Opportunity rarely takes out a full-page ad in a newspaper telling you to just come on down. Some of my best opportunities have been tiny little scratches by the handle or gentle taps on a pane of glass. A chance meeting at a Sunday market, Facebook search results for local art groups, even checking the Michael's app on my phone when the weekly ad comes out to see if my favorite paint is on a good sale.
Opportunities can come in very quiet and small knocks on the door. Once we get up the courage to open that door, it could lead to a whole new world of connection and inspiration. I'm reminded of a quote I wrote down a while ago that really struck me.
"Opportunity knocks at the strangest times. It's not the times, but how you answer the door." -Steve Gray
It can be difficult and even scary sometimes to open that door. It's natural for humans to fear the unknown, and you're human. (If not, then I'm impressed with the reach of my newsletter!) But sometimes, all you have to do is open it a crack, just a tiny crack to let some light in. And I've found that the more doors I crack open, the more I hear that little tap-tap-tap of opportunity.
There is a whole row of waiting doors, and there's a prize behind every one.
Are you looking for open doors or trying to get them open?  I can help you with that. Contact me and together we will find the joy on the other side.
Around the Hearth
Join a community of co-creatives as we hold an hour for you to get things done. A Kaizen-Muse™  tool that makes showing up as easy as pie.
No obligation, try it and see! All you need is an internet connection and a small one-time free Zoom download.
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The Fireside Chat
Ongoing: An exclusive creativity email group giving you inspiration through weekly tips and prompts in a gentle, non-overwhelming manner. Community structured and includes access to a private Facebook group where members can share and support each other. Includes fun optional exercises from the Muses©* and free access to a monthly webinar to help you fan that spark. Join the club for the ridiculously reasonable rate of only $18 a month!
Email to sign up and gain access to the private group. You will be invoiced through PayPal.
Keynote Creativity Coaching
(505) 357-0347
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