Welcome to our NY shamanic community
Join New York’s largest & longest-running Shamanic Gathering.
We welcomes all ages and backgrounds (and pets too).
“The event was just so full of love and healing energy. I don’t think I have ever seen that many genuine smiles in one day.”  –K.F

The 21th Annual New York’s Shamanic Gathering

In Central Park – Great Hill – Oval
(Entrance Central Park Westside @ 103 – 106 street)
The event is FREE – donations are appreciated!
Sunday, October 6, 2019
From 12.30pm -to- 6pm
Rain or shine!
This anniversary year Gathering theme is:
Power in Diversity
Come and join New York’s Tri-State area Shamanic community in uplifting sacred ceremonies, rituals, and teaching performed by shamans from diverse shamanic traditions.
Join us in community drumming, singing, dancing and sharing of potluck food.
Join us on a profound journey to the spirit world and to the spirits of nature. Help us shapeshift our society’s vision and actions to create a more sustainable and just world for all on this marvelous Earth.
A forming list of presenters:
NY Shamanic Circle – Core-Members
Jim Wood– Celtic Shaman
Susana Tapia Leon – Ecuadorian shaman
Itzhak Beery – Anaconda dance
Olivia Olkowski – Flower Blessing of the Elders/Youth
Humo Maya – Cosmic Shamanic Tribal Sound Healing Music Journey
 More to be announced
Joined our celebration! New York’s largest and longest-running shamanic gathering welcomes all ages and backgrounds.
What to bring: For our potluck picnic, please bring wholesome food & non-alcoholic drinks. Bring warm clothing, a blanket, a rattle or drum, a notepad & pen, and good spirit.
Feel free to bring flyers & business card to share with the community.
For more Info. and Questions Email Us
Volunteers are needed, let us know if you can help out.
If you like to contribute in any way, please email us.

 Enrich your shamanic wisdom and experience
Join our monthly shamanic circles.
No previous experience is necessary. All are welcomed to join in.
All our Circles and Events are held at the NY Shamanic Center: 
(between 3rd & Bleecker Sts. Greenwich Village, NYC)
(Video by Herman Olivera)
NYSC - OPEN CIRCLE - All Welcomed

with NYSC Core-Group members
Saturday, Sept 14th 
From 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

NY Shamanic Center
214 Sullivan Street #2A
Exchange: $20
No reservations or previous experience needed
Sisters and Brothers! Join us this Sat. Sept. 14th as we welcome master astrologer Michael Ofek for our Monthly Open Circle. We will be honoring the Skies bodies and the influences on our lives.
(See workshop description at the NY Open Center that day -
* * * 
Learn the basic core techniques of shamanism as you journey to meet your Spirit Guides and Power Animals. Deepen your shamanic practice through drumming, chanting, and movement.
Please bring water, a drum or rattle (you may borrow one), pen & notepad, and bandanna.
Suggested donation $20. For more info, Email Us

The Women's Circle - Glori Anne and Mitzy
Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019
From 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm
(Please arrive 15 minutes early) 
NY Shamanic Center
214 Sullivan Street #2A
Exchange: $20
No reservations or previous experience needed
Women unite to empower their voices, enhance their courage, reinforce their compassion and connect with their wisdom.  We meditate, play music to access our heart's knowledge, remember our mothers and grandmas, share and enjoy sisterhood!  
No RSVP necessary. Please email with questions.
The NYSC is the leading shamanic organization in the New York Tri-State area. Consistently providing ongoing shamanic experiences and teachings through diverse programming since 1997. Collectively and individually NYSC core-members has worked and studied with Indigenous and Western shamans from around the world. Committed to supporting an active shamanic community in New York City, we endorse honoring one’s direct connection to Spirit the earth and living in ways that support indigenous wisdom, thus fostering environmental and social balance.
Please join us in our monthly shamanic circles. 
No previous experience is needed to participate in our events.
Shungo, – from Our Heart to Yours, 
Meet the Core-Members of the NYSC and learn about their work: 
For more Shamanic events worldwide visit www.shamanportal.org
Participate in The Andes Summit
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NY Shamanic Circle  •  214 SULLIVAN STREET #2A  •  NEW YORK, NY 10012


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