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Reems Creek Nursery
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76 Monticello Road    Weaverville, NC    828-645-3937
25% Off Perennial Mums
Choose from
- Single Apricot
- Ryan’s Pink
- Reems Creek Magenta
$8.99 each - 1 gallon
Regularly $11.99
Every garden needs this staff favorite! The beautiful daisy-like flowers with yellow centers are wonderful fall bloomers, and excellent long-lasting cut flowers. Perennial mums really shine in the fall landscape, and combine well with yellows and purples. The clumps spread nicely in the garden and provide much-needed pollinator food during fall.
Plant in full sun in humusy, moist, well-drained soil. Pinch back once or twice before July 4 for bushier plants. Rabbit & deer tolerant. Zone 5-9. Limit 3 per customer while supplies last thru Thursday, Sept. 19.
30% Off Golden Hinoki Cypress
Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Crippsii'
Golden Hinoki False Cypress
$24.49 - 3 gallon
Regularly  $34.99
Arriving late Friday!
Big, full plants! ‘Crippsii’ gives you dramatic color all year long; this evergreen conifer features feathery, bright golden foliage that is greener on the interior of the plant. Broadly conical in shape, golden hinoki cypress makes a lovely screen and backdrop for shrubs and perennials. A great addition to any garden!
Plant in full sun in well-drained soil. Ideally, protect from drying winds to prevent winter burn. Grows approximately 12” per year. 10 year size is about 10’ tall x 4.5’ wide. Zone 4-8. Limit 3 per customer while supplies last thru Thursday, Sept. 19
Two Workshops on Sat. 9-14-19
TWO workshops this Saturday:
Native Plants at 10 am and Kokedama at 1 pm.

Sat. Sept. 14 at 10 am
Native Plants & the Vital Landscape
With Chris Davenport
Join us to explore the many layers of a garden all aflush with native plants – a garden that is pleasing to the human eye but also serves to support our native fauna like birds and pollinators.
Chris will lead us through the beautiful plant palette that natives offer - from the tree canopy and small flowering trees to shrubs, perennials and ground covers. Come prepared to share ideas and ask questions. Free, but please pre-register at the Garden Center or call 828-645-3937.
Sat. Sept. 14 at 1 pm
Kokedama Workshop – Make & Take
With Treasure Smith
Create a lush addition to your indoor plant collection. In this workshop, Treasure Smith will lead you - step by step - through the artful process of crafting your own beautiful Kokedama moss ball garden to take home.
Kokedama is a traditional Japanese bonsai technique where the plant’s roots are encased in a soil and sphagnum moss ball held together with sheet moss and bound with string. Also called “string gardens”, Kokedama can be hung, or placed in a decorative container.
It’s fun and easy! The workshop fee covers the instruction and all materials needed to design your Kokedama - your choice of a 2-4” tropical plant, soil, sphagnum & sheet moss, string, and macramé hanger. Reserve your spot on Eventbrite. $24.99 plus tax. Limited to 10 participants.
This workshop kicks off National Indoor Plant Week, Sept. 15-21 The oxygen doesn't arrive until the plants do!
National Indoor Plant Week
Sept. 15-21
The oxygen doesn't arrive until the plants do!

Beautiful shipment arriving Friday:
- Lush Houseplants 
- Adorable Succulents 
- Art-y Cacti
 Close Your Eyes and Wander
“A gardener is never shut out from his garden, wherever he may be. Though the city may close about him, he can still wander in his garden, does he but close his eyes.”  - Beverley Nichols
This quote reminds me a conversation I recently had with a gentlemen who was choosing plants for the garden at his Asheville home. His career in the entertainment business takes him around the globe. He made the comment that he could be in a far-away city and his thoughts would go back to his garden and especially to his favorite plants - conifers. 
Matt and Bret spent time in July touring nurseries in Oregon where many species and cultivars of conifers and other plants are grown. Shipments of some of these plants are beginning to arrive at the Garden Center. Fall is a great time to add trees, shrubs, and perennials to your landscape! Photo - Iseli Nursery during Matt & Bret's Trip
Fall Mums - Instant Fall Color
Big, fat beauties!
$6.99 each - 8" Pot
$5.99 each when you buy 5 or more
Visit Weaverville Tailgate Market every Wednesday from 2:30 - 6 pm at Reems Creek Nursery.

Parking for the Weaverville Tailgate Market is located in the gravel parking lot to the right of our entrance. PLEASE USE CAUTION in the parking lot - drive carefully and thoughtfully. Thanks! Find out more on their website or their Facebook Page.
MON-SAT: 8-6
SUN: 10-5
Sunday Hours thru Christmas
Join us on:
New Fall Shipments
Conifer lovers alert!
Iseli Nursery Specialty Conifers just arrived with lots of beauties - many hand-picked by Matt and Bret during their trip to Oregon.
Plus... Beautiful trees and shrubs for fall planting… like Japanese Maples, Dove Tree, Flowering Dogwoods, Red Maples, Magnolia, Redbuds and more.
Arriving late Friday:
Encore Azaleas, Sunshine Ligustrum, Beautyberry, Green Giant Arborvitae, Abelia, Pawpaw and more!
Beautiful New FISH
Koi, Butterfly Koi, Comets and Shubunkins
Fall VEGGIE Transplants
Sustainably-raised on our Farm and yummy!


Upcoming Workshops & Events
Sat. Sept. 14
10 AM: Native Plants & the Vital Landscape
1 PM: Kokedama Workshop - Make & Take  Get a Ticket
Sat. Sept. 21
10 AM: Growing  Fruit Organically in WNC
With Andrew Goodheart Brown
With a permaculture twist, Andrew Goodheart Brown will discuss the secrets of successfully growing organic fruit in WNC including choosing your fruit trees, siting your fruit for disease resistance and increased yield, recommended planting methods, and a bit about critter management.
Andrew Goodheart Brown, a.k.a. the Urban Orchardist, has taught permaculture classes around the world, and he brings his wealth of knowledge to this class - including decades of personal experience with growing fruit organically in Western North Carolina. His own yard is a paradise of fruit and edibles. Free, but please pre-register at the Garden Shop or call 828-645-3937.
11 AM to 2 PM: Apple Tasting at Reems Creek Nursery
Compare apple flavors and enjoy this delicious fall fruit in its prime.
Sat. Sept. 28
1-3 PM: 40th Anniversary FALL Celebration – Join us for refreshments and more!
2 PM:  Pollinator Garden Dedication to Gerri  Neville Cole, a cherished long-time employee of Reems Creek.
Tips For
Beautiful Living
Beauty is a well placed line!
One of the most important foundations of any garden is the bed line. It creates the pleasing curves and the call and response of the positive and negative spaces between those lines.
As fall approaches, the weeds are creeping into the once well placed lines leaving a hazy hint of the original sweeping curves in my garden...It is time to bring out my trusty spade and trench my bed lines!
What is a trenched bed edge? It is a simple "V" dug into the ground at the edge of the bed that keeps the mulch in and grass out.
DIY: First, refresh your original bed line, and then turn around and cut a second line that is 3-4" back from your original line and points diagonally toward your original line, creating a "v" shape. Remove the "v" shaped debris from the middle and Voila!… a perfectly edged bed. Your garden is now ready for fall leaf removal and fresh mulch.
Reems Creek Nursery & Landscaping • 70 Monticello Rd. • Weaverville, NC 28787
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