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Namaste, September.
September is my favourite month, and I bow to its beauty, colours and weather...
... and I do it not  barehanded  :-)
I present to you my new project -  multicoloured gloves!
Yarn and Chakra Colors
As usual, for my small knits, I used yarn leftovers of different colours.
What kind of Chi (life energy) can these rainbow-coloured balls bring?
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Colourful September
So many flowers are still blossoming in September !!
My gloves have all the flowers' colours too :-)
I also added green bubbles and some ornaments.
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It is too early to wear wool gloves of course, but they are so  'flowerly' colourful ... :-)
That is why they are in the September newsletter.
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I used a lot of green (the colour of the heart chakra;
it is connected with love, integration, compassion.)
Great for Christmas too!
"Knitting is an education in mindfulness.
It teaches focus on breath, taking time, slowing down to reconnect with the present moment."
If you want to enter a happier state of mind, find your nirvana in knitting :-)
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Is knitting the new yoga? 
Melange Knitting
I made this small shawl - baktus - in the summer. It's good to have all the chakra colours on you in one knit :-)
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I knitted the wrist part from what was left after the shawl was finished.
I should have used more blue yarn - the main energy of blue is communication, and it is the colour used to soothe the soul.
The rest was crocheted from the previous knits leftover yarn - that is why all fingers are different.
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New Yoga?
Knitting is a source of relaxation,
self-confidence. Because of its benefits, it's often called the
"new yoga".
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Sunny September
This mellow yellow looks a bit faded,
but it is still the colour of sunshine :-)
The main energy of yellow is intellect.
It is still warm, but fall is around the corner.
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t for Namaste
Namaste, September. 
Happy knitting!!
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T for September newsletter
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