Fanning the Flames
Winding Down The Year
Autumn has hit where I live. The days are still sunny and pleasantly in the 70's, but the chilly mornings mean more cups of hot tea, my favorite socks, and the occasional sight of a hot air balloon if I'm out doing errands. (It's Balloon Fiesta season now.) Evenings mean chili or stew for dinner and putting on a hoodie while I write.
Autumn in temperate climates has always had a tradition of drawing in and moving the focus from outer to inner as we humans protect ourselves from the coming cold. A time of contemplation and hibernation. It's natural for the creative impulse/process to go in cycles. We weren't meant to always be "on." You are allowed to take a break and recharge. Me? I'm gonna have that hot cup of tea and maybe write a little.  Even if it's not something I can immediately work on, I find I often get a lot of ideas during fall and winter. it's like my brain says, "We can't go outside, it's icky out. Let's imagine something instead." This is a great time to create an idea bank in a journal or on a notepad of things that might come to you to save for later. It could be anything from a new recipe for a cold night to doodling the layout of a garden for spring, or even a list of story ideas. Make it your own and feel free to add to it whenever anything pops up in your brain. You can give yourself permission to not act on everything you think of right now.
If you'll excuse me, I need a refill on that hot cup of tea. I just had an idea for a stupidly easy and funny Halloween costume. I need to think about this. And if it doesn't work out for this year? The idea will be in the bank.
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Fanning the Flames, copyright 2019 Meghan O'Connor, all rights reserved.
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