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October Bobble Hat
Animal Scarf
Around this time last year, I made a "fox scarf" for Amelia.
Knitted animal scarves for kids are very popular. 
I picked a Fox Scarf.
It is very easy to knit - a two-three- hour project.

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October FOX Scarf Newsletter
This year - it's a hat.
The yarn is the same -
two shades of coral for the hat
and some grey for bobbles.
100% Wool. Soft touch ultra.
Made in Canada (bought at Toronto Knitters Guild meeting for $1 !!)
100% Fine Merino Superwash Wool
Spun in Peru.
The yarn is amazing -
soft and very easy to knit.
Stitch: basic Stockinette 
The hat is seamless.
You won't find a seam in this hat - I was knitting in the round using five double pointed needles :-)
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Bobbles are really cute. They add some texture, colour and fun to the hat.

Click on image to see some more bobbles
Earflaps are also cute and stylish, and keep the ears warm :-)
Stitch: Basic Garter
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All Orange
In addition to the scarf and hat set, Amelia wears hear another
'fall-coloured' accessory -
leg warmers.
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Gorgeous Ginger Autumn Newsletter
Leg Warmers
These leg warmers are also wrist warmers, and they were made about 10 years ago

Wrist Warmers
These wrist warmers are just two knitted blocks.
One is Double Seed Stitch
Row 1 (right side) *Knit one, purl one; repeat from * to end.
Row 2 Repeat row 1.
Row 3 *Purl one, knit one; repeat from * to end.
Row 4 Repeat row 3.
Repeat rows 1 through 4.
For the other you just knit every row: Garter Stitch.
Click on image to see more knitted blocks.
Then you knit a few rows in the Stockinette Stitch with a different yarn (a soft colourful Alpaca and Merino blend) which will fold nicely and you will see the purl stitch inside.
Anastasia is modelling some of my knits at Work of Our Hands Show, 2011
Toronto Knitters Guild
Foxie and the Fall
"I love my foxie and little boobles"
Fall, stay fabulous! 
Happy knitting!! 
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