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We're back!  Finally!!!
So much has happened since our last newsletter, it is difficult to enumerate all of it here.  But I can assure you that the most important and distressing part was our move from Maryland to Delaware which involved so much, I won't go into many details.  But it included having to change the address of my non-profit Fur Free Society, Inc from the very bureaucratic Maryland and register it in Delaware. And so much more. But slowly things are calming down, and I am re-starting on the daily grind. Still, we never stopped with our efforts to liberate as many animals as possible, not only the victims of the fur industry but other causes as well. The latest project is fighting the cat meat trade in China which has been one of my projects for many years. My objective is to end the cat meat trade simply by ending the source: The proliferation of stray cats!
Cats are one of the most prolific animals on the planet and they comprise a tragic network of the fur and meat trade in China. Nanjing is a transport hub of this trade.

Dr. Methvin, a professor of anthropology in Portland, Oregon, has been working directly with the caregivers in that city where she spends a few months each year. They are mostly students and elderly Chinese who faithfully feed established cat communities, even bringing home cooked meals to cats daily. But they can not afford sterilizing them. The Nanjing TNR group is comprised of college student activists, caregivers and veterinarians who have entered a two year contract with the Ruipeng Clinic group, the best Vet Clinic in the area, to introduce the first systematic TNR program for mainland China (photos on our website). The project introduces modern, international sterilization practices, and educational resource platforms. This is huge for China and we hope it will become a model for other Chinese cities. The normal sterilization cost of  US$150 will be greatly subsidized by Ruipeng to reduce our costs to US$50 dollars for females and US$25 for males (including bloodwork, absorbable stiches, and international drugs). All photos on our website.

We have done over 200 cats so far since we kicked off the program in June. Caregivers are lined up, waiting each month for our TNR coupons that are released on the first day of each month. Our goal is to double the number of cats we sterilize to 100 cats per month, or even more depending on the help we can get from supporters. Your US$50 dollars will help us sterilize one more female. Our main goal is to end this most hideous business by stopping the supply of the innocent victims. 

This project is VERY IMPORTANT for me, personally, as I have dedicated over 10 years of my time and resources to help animal groups in China. I cannot wait to see the end of this horrific trade, therefore I am matching donations up to US$5000!  I am hoping that I will be able to match this amount in NO time because I can't wait to see the end of the supply of innocent cats to be boiled, roasted or skinned alive for their meat and their skins which by the way, still infiltrates markets around the globe, including the US, in forms of gloves, hats, handbags, shoes, etc.
Please donate whatever possible @ We appreciate your generosity, and the cats will appreciate it even more than you can imagine. All the info is on our dedicated website:
This was the best news we have ever had about our efforts against the bloody fur trade. California is the first state in the US to ban not only fur farms but also the fur trade. It's an amazing accomplishment and we are hoping that many more states will join the cruelty free world. We foresee one more coming up next year: Hawaii! The Fur Free Society's public relation has been working with Hawaii's legislators, and there is a fabulous chance the ban will be happening as early as next year. Hawaii is too hot for fur, but they do sell lots of it to Japanese tourists  whose main sunny vacation stop is in Hawaii! Newsletter: Hawaii's anti-fur bill was postponed to next year as they had a number of other animal related bills ahead of it, but the anti-fur bill is to be revived next year. After so many years fighting for the animals, we are seeing amazing results in so many levels worldwide so much so, it gives us the energy to keep on working as much as possible towards a compassionate world for all living beings.
We are VERY active on our FB pages where we have over 1 million followers. We post daily about all there is to know on the fur trade & other animal rights issues.  Follow us on our social media because as much as we'd like to write biweekly newsletters, we have absolutely no time: Our main page where we post daily. Much is happening in the anti-fur activism world. It seems that almost every day, we hear some good news about one shop or another going fur free.  As we "speak" we just got the good news that Macy's and Bloomingdale are going fur free. To follow all the good news (and bad unfortunately) follow us on our page where we post daily all there is to know about the cause:  <>
For all our other pages and to take action, click on this link: where you may find one or more pages that might interest you! 
We spend a lot of our resources publicizing the cause. Be it online, billboards or other adverts -- essentially to reach the public any way possible. Last Spring we had this 10ft tall billboard for a couple of months in NJ near the bridge towards Manhattan. We'd love to have one in downtown Manhattan, but NOT one bit affordable. See billboards on this page:  FurFreeSociety/BillBoardFundRaiser.html
ADVERT in the Washingtonian Magazine
The Washingtonian magazine is read/seen by millions of people since it is one of those found on airplanes. It's one of those that people like to read leisurely but it also carries interesting articles. They have a section about pets where I publish a poster whenever possible. Last spring I had this one 1/4 page poster and would very much like to continue affording one at least around this time of the year when people are getting ready to go shopping and hopefully see this first:  
One of our past billboards
This was one of the past 10 ft. tall billboards run for 3 full months. We always pick this location because 1) it is affordable;  2) because it is near a bridge towards Manhattan. If we could afford to have them in areas such I-95 not far from NYC, we would certainly do that or in downtown Manhattan, but we do what we can.
We exhibited at the A.R.Conference in DC 
We exhibited for the full 3 days at the Animal Rights Conference in the Washington DC area. - As usual,meeting people, attracting them to the cause since we really are the only registered non-profit dedicated specifically to the anti-fur cause.  As usual lots of our tee shirts and my children books are sold.  Meeting new and old friends is always so delightful. The two new tabling students were a lovely addition to our display. We had a great time! 
College credits for internship in our non-profit.
The Fur Free Society had a Towson University student intern for one entire semester as she was learning how to manage a pro-animal non-profit organization. A young woman, vegan, smart and extremely organized.  She was of great help during her internship, very interested in all aspects of what entailed to run a successful operation.  She was also being supervised by her mentor at the university and  at the end of the semester, with our approval she received 3 credits, the same as any course she would have taken at the university.  We were so proud  and honored of our very first college level intern.

Ingrid Newkirk, who everyone knows, came by my table at the AR Conference last July. We chatted since I was a PETA activist way back during the Silver Spring monkeys scandal.  Was any of you there or remember it?  She became interested in my children's book because it is fully illustrated, and of good quality.  Also, because it is bilingual in English & 6 foreign languages, including Chinese. So, I ended up donating a few for their Children's library.  Later, I received a card from their librarian saying my book is on their children's book list:
(this link is set up on the right page already):

WOW!  I felt honored!  :) 
The book is available for sale on Amazon. All info on its website:
Thank you for reading our newsletter!
It is always a pleasure hearing from you. Now that things are calming down a bit on my end, I will do my best to keep in touch. But do follow us on Facebook to keep informed of all that's going on. Lots are going on, many very positive which are fruits of our hard work and dedication, but lots more still need to be done. Together we can save all the beautiful creations on this planet!
Rosa Close
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