Fanning the Flames
Picking It Back Up
Not all projects have to be finished in one go.
Let me rephrase that. Not all projects have to be finished right away.
I don't crochet during the summer. It's too hot, I can't get interested or finish anything, and I certainly don't want blankets on my lap.  But you know what? It's okay.
It's perfectly fine to put a creation away for a little while for any reason. Whether it's just not the season, or you're getting bored, or you need more supplies, the reason doesn't matter. There's nothing wrong with letting it sit.
This is a blanket project I started last winter. it's about half-done because it's a complicated pattern that I have to follow one row around at a time from a long series of YouTube videos. But I love it because I can stop at any point if I'm getting bored or overwhelmed and get back to it later. I look forward to finishing it this winter. (Partially because it's now big enough to cover my lap and keep me warm.) I also have other crochet projects in progress, such as a gift blanket, a cardigan, a scarf, and I'm thinking about making a warm winter hat. They're all varying levels of skill so when I feel overwhelmed or frustrated on things like this blanket, I can go do something mindless and pretty like a scarf or shawl. My best friend usually has several screenplays and stories he's writing at a time and goes back and forth between them when he gets ideas. Many painters will have paintings in various stages and work on them depending on their inspiration and the stage it's in. The current project you're working on might even give you ideas about another!
This method might not work for everyone. Some people just work better by focusing on and finishing one thing at a time. That's normal, too. The key is finding out YOUR best creative method and running with it. If you'll excuse me, I just had an idea. I've gotta go write that down before I do a few rows on the other blanket.
Are you feeling overwhelmed or maybe don't know where to start or what to do with all your choices?  I can help you with that. Contact me and together we will figure out the method of creativity that works best for YOU.
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