Fanning the Flames
Basic Black
I am fascinated by color. All the nuances, meanings, shades and hues, etc. Few colors, though, have the impact or history of associations as black.
In light theory, black is the absence of light. It absorbs all light and puts nothing out. It is considered the absence of color. Which I never personally understood, because if you mix your entire paint palette together, you're certainly not going to get white! (ha ha) But I get the science behind it. What about the art?
Some artists work solely in a black and white medium. They show amazing detail and shading and highlights, all by using only shades of black. (I'm including gray here because gray is simply less black.) Black has connotations in Western history of negativity, unfortunately. Yet many artists of all kinds use black. Black defines. Black is our outlines, our edges, our shadows. It hides things and plays up the things we want to bring forward. As you can see in the gorgeous and simple photo above, the black cat wouldn't be as artistically effective on any other background.
Maybe you're like I used to be and thing black is boring or unimaginative. I encourage you (or challenge, if that works for you) to look at things differently for a short amount of time, just to see what's out there. Maybe check out things like, a genius in black and white photography. If you like that kind of things, black and gray tattoos can even be photo realistic when done well. There is everything out there from black Native American pottery to high fashion to black art cars.
How do you use black in your creativity? If you currently don't, can you imagine what that might look like?
(Post note: Don't forget the classic songs "Black is Black" by Los Bravos, and "Paint It Black" by the Rolling Stones!)
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