Creating Your Medicine Spirit Smudge Feather 
with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman 
Sun. Feb. 16th * 12:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Smudging is the act of purifying one's body or space to cleanse the air and offer smoke and prayers in the manner of ancient Native American ceremonies. Medicinepeople and elders perform ceremonies to Mother Earth and Father Sky, to bless the land where they live, and to send prayer to the Creator, The Great Spirit. Traditional smudging fans are often the entire wing of a bird.
This workshop is a hands on class wish you will be creating your personal medicine smudge fan with a simple woven technique, they may also be used also as talking feathers within circles. Stories will be shared about types of feathers and their medicine as you construct your smudge fans.
They are made with simple tools and materials, you can bring feathers that you own.  I will provide turkey feathers or macaw wing feathers and materials for each participant. 
The smudge fan will consist of 2 to 3 turkey feathers as shown above in the picture.
This is a very simple technique and accomplished within a few hours.
There will be an extra charge of $35, if you would like to use three x-tra long 14 -16 inch Macaw tail feathers to use for you fan. These types of fans are used for sound healing and awakening people who are in deep journey, they sound like birds flying.

Cost $150
Location: SFR Soul Haven
56 West 45th St., Suite 1703
Btw 5th Ave & 6th Ave
Midtown, Manhattan 
Space Limited to the First 12 Paid Registrants
To Register Email:
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Shamanic Fire Reiki Soul Haven  •  56 West 45th Street, Suite 1702  •  NY, New York 10036

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