Three key points when dealing with kids’ medical conditions and other challenges.
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We often hear from parents of kids who have diabetes, food allergies, and other challenges. We hear how these conditions make it difficult for parents to balance keeping their kids safe and empowering them while resisting urges to take over.
Let’s be perfectly clear – sometimes we must absolutely take over. If we need to save a child’s life, we don’t worry that we are micromanaging. We take over a situation when we must for safety reasons and do not look back.
For the rest of the time, Dr. Charles Fay offers some key points to stay on track when dealing with our kids’ medical conditions and other challenges:
1.   Err on the side of high expectations
It’s often easy to focus on limitations, but kids thrive when we focus on what they CAN do. Even kids with more severe disabilities can find ways to contribute and help others. When we keep expectations for our kids high, they can be inspired to find creative ways to do more things for themselves.

2.   Teach them skills to navigate the problem
We can ask questions like, “How will you handle it if…?” This might also include how to speak politely when reminding others about a serious allergy or other condition. For example, teaching them to say, “I have some serious food allergies. May I please review the ingredients to make sure it’s safe for me?”

3.   Let your hopefulness and positivity rub off on them
Pessimism doesn’t do kids much good. Avoid being sad about things our kids have to miss or enjoy in modified ways. Instead, allow them to hear us express optimism about their health and capabilities.
Dr. Fay often reminds us that kids take their emotional cues from us. They will greatly benefit from observing us being more grateful and less ‘guilt-ful’.
Let’s enjoy our times together and celebrate things we can do rather than spending too much time mourning and lamenting our limitations.
Jedd HaferThanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.
Jedd Hafer


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