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Sagittarius New Moon and  Neptune Station
“Hope” is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops - at all
(Emily Dickinson)
Hope travels further and further distances, guiding us towards new destinations. The journey teaches us that suffering can be transformed into meaningful experiences, that there are always more opportunities for learning, for goodness, for gratefulness and growth. Hope and faith embrace us in a comforting hug, pointing at the road towards a better future, nourishing our spirit in times of disruption and paradigm shifts. This optimistic energy is symbolized by Sagittarius, where a powerful New Moon will rekindle her life-affirming fire on November 26th.
After Scorpio, marking the time of inevitable endings comes Sag time that invites us to revitalize our hopes for the future, as we explore our beliefs and seek new destinations in our life. In Spanish, hope is translated as Esperanza, from the Latin root "spes” and Sanskrit “spa.” They both loosely translate as “moving towards a destination.” Similarly, the centaur, symbol of Sag,  half-animal, and half-human, holds an arrow that gives Sag its name, coming from the  Latin "sagitta.” Curiously, in both translations, the image of the journey towards a destination invites us to explore this powerful archetypal image and envision greater understanding, opportunities, and paths to pursue in our lives.
Envisioning this new journey, to the degree that it feels comfortable, is the opportunity offered by the next New Moon. The Moon and the Sun will meet in the sky, marking a time of ending and propelling us towards a fresh start. The quality of time is going to be rich and complex: it might be sparkled with unpredictability (Mars-Uranus opposition), protected and blessed by the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on November 24th. 
The time is right for exploring our dreams with the help of the station direct of Neptune on November 27th and with Jupiter last days in Sag, his sign of rulership.  This will be the last new Moon in Sag ruled by Jupiter as he has traveled his own sign since November 2018 and won't be there again until 2030. This placement strengthens Sagittarius' values and invites us to recognize all the gifts and opportunities that might have manifested in our lives since November 2018. Jupiter joining Venus in the sky symbolizes a chance for love, luck, and protection from the planets known as the greater benefits, which is particularly helpful in time of collective pressure and struggles where pillars of the world as we knew it are crumbling as represented by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.
This new Moon might ask us to step forward and engage with the boldness of Sag spirit. We might ask ourselves, what is on the other side of fear? Engage with that spirit, as Sag thrive on adventure, on learning, on widening our horizons, our way of seeing, relying on an unshakable trust in a better future. We may also ask ourselves, what have we learned that have changed our beliefs? What ideas are driving our life that we are ready to let go of? What in our life has rekindled our burning embers that it's worth pursuing forward?  The energy of this New Moon tells us there is always another opportunity and a new path to be forged ahead, so don't give up and go for the journey.
Neptune will be stationing direct on the 27th sparkling with magic rainbows or confusing fog those days. During the days preceding the station, the energy of the planet is felt more intensely.  Neptune is the music the touches the soul; it's the experience of accessing transpersonal realms where boundaries and separation dissolve into the pool of oneness. We might feel spaced out when tackling practical matters. Still, we may feel inspired and moved when embracing what Neptune symbolizes:  activities that allow us to access other states of consciousness, magic, rituals, meditation, photography, movie watching, dancing,  writing and reading poetry, shamanic journeys, creative endeavors. We may allow the God energy to seep through us and carry us in that other dimension. We might sense confusion or uncertainty like the fog that comes up suddenly. Still, we might come away profoundly moved and inspired.
Earlier in the month, on November 20th,  Mercury will turn direct in Scorpio, and Mars, co-ruler of Scorpio, will enter the sign. Mercury going direct and over the path for a third time until December 7th, allows for clarifications and for solving the tricks he pulled in the past weeks, such as delaying, canceled or missed appointments, lost messages, etc. All that the retrograde has unearthed belonging to a past long gone might be once more processed and integrated, and acted on, with the assertive and intense energy of Mars moving through Scorpio.
The day preceding the new Moon, shooting stars, and unexpected meteorites are likely to lit up your inner sky as Mars opposes Uranus between November 20th and 24th,  Action-oriented Mars is fueled by Scorpio's intense passion and directness. This time might be well used for focused actions and clarity of intentions. We might all embrace this quality that allows acting from conscious awareness,  particularly as Mars  encounters Uranus,  symbols of revolutions, awakenings,  experiences that might make you say, "I have never felt/thought this before!" Uranian energy is unsettling and disruptive of the established order of things, just as Uranus is the only planet in the solar system that spins on a horizontal axis. As such, it is associated with innovation, revolutions, and accidents. All that comes into contact with this planet, it's very well described as being far away from what's established. We say of such people that "they live on another planet!" or that they are maverick and seers. This transit gives us another opportunity to break away from patterns of behaviors that keep us stuck and blocked. Whatever the case might be, we all go through the window of opportunity that awakes us to collective changes, embracing a new vision of our life, and new values. With Uranus in Taurus, the revolution is about "worth," and what is really worth pursuing. In a time of greater awareness of our human impact on the planet, what is really of value among all that we are told to buy or use? 
Mars-Uranus might also simply cause disruption, accidents, break down, or over-reactivity and violence in world events, or personal lives. Hence, awareness and centeredness are beneficial during those days so that we may act out from awareness and presence,  rather than rebelling without a cause or acting out.
New Moon Ritual
Neptune energy and Sag are like the mist that rises up from the sea, slowly rolling in and blanketing the land, all sounds muffled by puffy clouds. You might harness this new Moon energy to access what the ancient Greeks call "divine madness," the "madness" and inspiration that comes from the gods speaking through you. While in our world, this madness has a connection with mania, we might just take this time to honor our big and small dreams, planting seeds of intentions blessed with the opportunity for growth.
 If you can, perhaps pick a spot where you have a sizeable vast horizon ahead of you, as Sag likes to travel and look forward, always seeing another destination. Or you might also just look for an image within our outside of you that shows a broad perspective and a path ahead. As we sit quietly reflect, we might reflect on what has been unearthed during Mercury retrograde, and what we might feel ready to leave behind. We might then envision the adventure ahead, as we look at the path, or as we draw one. How will going on the journey feel like? How will the road look like? Notice the helpers, the obstacles, and allow yourself to imagine. Maybe this is the first step you take, maybe it's picking up again an intention. Our inner message is that everything that comes is welcome on the shores of our awareness, as we then allow Sagittarius hope and optimism to fill our souls and take us forward. We may also ask for dreams and visions from the spirit world, as Neptune energy will be powerful.
Let your gypsy heart speak to you; it's about the journey, not the destination.
Thank you for reading this astro-report. Please keep in mind that this is a general description of the upcoming and unfolding planetary weather.  To know more about yourself and the  ‘seasons’ you are experiencing and what is up for renewal in your own life, you are welcome to reach me at for a personal and more accurate astrological reading based on your natal chart, calculated with your time, place and date of birth. Couples readings are also available. 
You may also give the gift of self-awareness to friends and family so that they can navigate this season with greater clarity and awareness. Please reach out to for gift certificates.
I refer to the more-than-human species with the pronouns “she” and “he,” rather than “it” as I consider them being equal to humans rather than objects.
Moon pictures by Gaia
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In 2014 she completed the Master Degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales, and she has achieved Level 3 certification with NCGR. (National Council for Geocosmic Research)
She offers astrological consultations in person in the Santa Cruz Mountains, or via Skype. With her holistic approach to astrology, she provides guidance inspired by the rich symbolism and wisdom of the sky and nature aimed at self-understanding and personal growth.
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