Fanning the Flames
Self-Care and Showing Up
If you're like me, sometimes you can't get to your creativity because regular life is wearing you down. Your bills need paying, you have work to do, some of you have kids, our activities require activities... It's a lot. it's very important that we take care of ourselves as well as others so we don't burn out. Sometimes we need to refresh and renew before we can go sit at that desk or at the easel, or take the first dance step, or open our mouth to sing. But what if you're too frazzled to know where to start?
just like with our creativity, start with a tiny first step. Think about what it would be like to take just five minutes only for yourself. What do you imagine yourself doing in those five minutes? What small thing might you need for those five minutes that make you smile?
Indulge your inner child with a treat and a cup of milk or your favorite hot beverage. Doodle with a crayon. Take a nice warm bath and play some comforting music or buy that bath bomb you've always wanted to try. If you prefer showers, how about a special soap or brand new scrubby in your favorite color? Even if you have to schedule in your self-care, YOU ARE WORTH IT. You are a human being, and therefore worthy of love and being treated nicely and being given nice things. Maybe it's just a walk around the block. Maybe it's stopping at the park for five minutes on your way home from work. it could even be five minutes with a meditation app on your phone before bed.
Take care of you and your creativity will thank you. Rejuvenation makes it easier to get out that pencil or type that sentence or even string two beads together. let's you and I take a break together and take a deep breath. Don't worry about your creativity, it'll wait patiently for you.
You're alive right now. You earned this.
Are you having problems with overwhelm or exhaustion and other common creative blocks, or maybe don't know where to start?  Contact me and together we will figure out the method of creativity that works best for YOU.
Around the Hearth
Join a community of co-creatives as we hold an hour for you to get things done. A Kaizen-Museā„¢  tool that makes showing up as easy as pie.
No obligation, try it and see! All you need is an internet connection and a small one-time free Zoom download.
Pull up a seat Around the Hearth:
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Keynote Creativity Coaching
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