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November Neck Wrap
Neck Warmer
My November knit is this small wrap.
Yarn: wool
Colours: green, hand-dyed and soft red
Needles: #8
Stockinette Stitch and Crochet Edges
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This neck warmer is another short trip knit.
When you travel with carry-on only,
you don't take much with you. 
I had some leftover yarn -
light, fluffy, cozy, and 100% natural.
I didn't have any specific project in mind, but when I saw the magnificent trees of Muir Woods (San Francisco, California), I knew what I wanted to use my yarn for.
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November Gorgeous Autumn Newsletter
Knitting in the Woodland
So the beautiful redwood forest inspired me to knit something trees-related, something to cuddle up with and keep out the cold :-)
I started the project in California ...
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Nice and Warm
... and finished it in Toronto. 
It really came in handy!!
When I came back to Toronto, it was a lot colder than I thought it would be.
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Bye, autumn
Hello, winter!!
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Dec 2015
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