Targeted Individual: #MeToo-Electronic Sexual Slavery (Rape With Targeted Energy Weapons) – One Woman’s Story
By Sophia Cruickshank
eBook (PDF), 263 Pages
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The world we see is not the real world. The real world is closer than you think, but darker and farther from the understanding of the average person than you want to believe. It is unseen, but felt by many – not by all. In this age of advanced technology, technology that can seem alien at times, sexual slavery and sex trafficking are happening in an advanced form. Women are suffering with rape and torture in their homes, workplaces, in line ups at the supermarket and in every walk of life and in every thing they do. The perpetrators could be anyone, male or female. The victims have no idea. This story is of one such victim, validated with testimonials from other victims. It is shocking, terrifying, painful, psychologically traumatizing and very real. These victims do not have the luxury of Post traumatic stress disorder. Their traumatic stress is moment to moment, 24-hours per-day, each and every day, right there beside you. Educate yourselves, read it, believe it, stand against it!