Fanning the Flames
Using Anticipation to Your Advantage
a blank spiral notebook, unlined, lies next to a pile of paintbrushes and a used watercolor set on a wood table
Well, we made it through the beginning of the holiday season in the USA. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Online Sunday, Cyber Monday.... I'm sick of the shopping ads! How am I going to detox?
By making things to sell. Actually, I've been doing that for  several weeks now. I decided to enter a pop-up vendor show, so I've been sketching and painting like crazy. This coming Saturday, I will officially sell my art at a vendor show for the first time. You're probably wondering how I'm not going crazy with stress.
Small steps. First, I made a list of what I might need. Then I thought about how it would feel to succeed at it. Then I did one sketch. The momentum took me. Now, I have artist cards, the sketches are in nice bags with bio sheets, I have a cash box, tablecloth, table, baskets to hold the art... I'm ready. But for some people, the anticipation can be scary. I focused on one thing at a time, one step at a time. I intentionally told myself that if it works out, great, and if it doesn't, I'm okay. There are a ton of other opportunities this time of year, it's all good practice, and it's good experience. It's okay to start small.
I've also had to tell myself that it will be just fine if I don't sell stuff or people don't like it. Not everyone is going to be a fan of my work. The best way I have to work with that fear is to remember that I sketch and paint because I enjoy it. I don't do it to make money. Even if I never sell a single card or larger piece, I will not stop doing it because it's something I enjoy. And who knows? Maybe I'll make connections with some of the other artists, or a customer. It's not just about the pieces of paper. There's a local embroidery artist I see all the time at farmer's markets whose stuff I love. I haven't found the right piece to buy yet, but I support her by telling others about her work so they can go check it out.
So I'm using my anticipation by retaining realistic expectations and reminding myself why I love making art. It's a little less paralyzing now. I got this.
Are you having problems with expectations, negative self-talk, and other common creative blocks, or maybe don't know where to start?  Contact me and together we will figure out the method of creativity that works best for YOU.
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