Fanning the Flames
Are You In Your Element?
If you're like me, your environment plays a big part in your creativity. Some people love being outdoors, some people need a studio filled with music, and others might need the interaction of a live audience. Sometimes, you might need to stop the input from the outside world and find your zone in the stillness. Finding out what best facilitates your creativity will open all kinds of doors for you. (Or keep them shut, if that's your preference)
I set up at the art show Saturday. While I had a good time networking and all, I actually ended up selling only two sketches. The concept was good. The execution left something to be desired. People don't want to enter a bar to buy things (that aren't nibbles and drinks), and the music was so loud that you couldn't discuss anything with any of the sellers. But on a positive note, I did get to meet another crafter who follows my art business Instagram. (@chollaflowerstudios) it's always good to put a face and a handshake to fellow artists and business folk. So while I enjoyed it, it was a learning experience that it was not the best environment for me to sell my artwork.
Trial and error is the best way to find out what does work best. If something doesn't facilitate your creativity, try something else and know you've at least eliminated that which doesn't help. It's all a part of the process.
Are you having problems with perfectionism, unrealistic standards and other common creative blocks, or maybe don't know where to start?  Contact me and together we will figure out the method of creativity that works best for YOU.
Around the Hearth
Join a community of co-creatives as we hold an hour for you to get things done. A Kaizen-Museā„¢  tool that makes showing up as easy as pie.
No obligation, try it and see! All you need is an internet connection and a small one-time free Zoom download.
Pull up a seat Around the Hearth:
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Keynote Creativity Coaching
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Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash
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