We are back in Business!  And VERY EXCITED to get back on the Road! 
EDI Contract Update
State Testing Updates
Update - Will EDI be Allowed to Provide Road Tests? 
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We are back in Business!  And VERY EXCITED to get back on the Road! 
Adam Newbloom
Founder of EDI
Thank you for your patience these last couple of months.  We got word from the State that we can resume driving lessons starting May 18th.  This is great news for our Staff and Students as we are all ready for sunshine and normalcy.  Unfortunately we won’t be 100% normal at this point as we do still have to follow a couple of state guidelines. 
1)  Students must show up healthy and well rested for their lesson.
2)  Students are required to bring and wear a mask during driving lessons (Instructors will be as well).  EDI does not have masks available so be prepared and bring one.
3)  Our training vehicles will be wiped down between each lesson. 
We are providing LIVE ONLINE classes through June.  We hope to resume "in-class" after that.  So please pass the word to anyone looking for driver's ed this summer.  We are very excited to be able to continue moving forward with our Training.  We need your help and patience to keep within the restrictions and continue to do what we do with safety in mind.  We are taking one step at a time to make sure everyone is safe and educated.  We just added over 350 time slots from May 18th to June 30th.  Please log in asap to get your training restarted!   We look forward to seeing you soon! 
Thank you
 Adam Newbloom
EDI Contract Update
In the Months April and May,  we had a full Behind-the-Wheel schedule that had to cancel due to the State Shutdown.  A good number of those were signed up to complete their final driving lesson.   At this time,  we are extending those students who had their final lesson scheduled and cancelled by us due to the shutdown (to July 30th).  For other students who weren't able to get their Lesson 3 done in April or May, we will be extending your contract through July 30th. Thank you so much for your understanding and for not trying to take advantage of the situation.  I appreciate you! 

We look at three things when it comes to reviewing an Extension request:
1)  Have you followed or attempted to follow our Recommended Training Schedule?
2)  Did EDI cancel a driving lesson which prohibited you from completing?
3)  Did a complication arise (injury or illness) AND EDI was informed at the time of the issue (notes added to your account for future review for possible extension need).  Contacting us near the expiration or after the expiration of your contract stating the student was injured or ill 5 months ago does not apply.   We need to be kept in the loop during the contract period or the fee must be paid.  
I hope that helps explain a bit more about how we navigate contract issues.  
EDI has taken a tremendous hit during this shutdown.  A few classes have had to be cancelled, and enrollment dropped to zero. Despite being closed for 6 weeks, we are not able to Extend All Contracts for an additional 6 weeks as our entire system rotation would get flooded.  We leave room for situations like this in our contract as the requirement is three lessons during a 9 month period, minimum of 30 days between lessons.   This gives plenty of wiggle room as long as proper planning and sticking to our recommended schedule is followed.  
We hope for the understanding from parents and teens regarding this.  The extension fee is $75, while it's not much, but it does help in this situation to keep us running at 100% and cover the additional costs that are incurred after your contract has expired. 

Our goal is to come back stronger and ready to get these Teens back on the roads.  
State Testing Updates
A limited number of exam stations will reopen on Monday, May 18, 2020, at 12:00pm for knowledge testing only.  They will be running limited services, and have a safety plan established for all customers that will need to be adhered to.  Only the following will open on the 18th. 
Arden Hills           Anoka                                   Eagan
Plymouth         Rochester                           Mankato
Marshall          Willmar                                 Detroit Lakes
St. Cloud             Brainerd                               Duluth
Grand Rapids        Bemidji       St. Paul (knowledge testing only)
Road tests will resume on Tuesday, May 18, 2020, by appointment only.  Anyone without an appointment will be turned away.  Once again there will be safety precautions put in place for those taking the road test that need to be followed.  All appointments that were cancelled during the closure of exam stations will be notified through e-mail and text message on how to reschedule.  They will have priority when re-scheduling their appointment, but will have to go to one of the above mentioned exam stations for the road test.
click here for updates from this point forward. 
Update - Will EDI be Allowed to Provide Road Tests? 
I have often thought about Running for some kind of Office.  Being part of the solution at a higher level, yet seeing how the State Operates has been a disappointment.  It makes me wonder how anything gets done "Politically" without taking 6 months and costing taxpayers 10x what it should.  Okay, my Rant is over.
I have emailed every MN State Official regarding our willingness to help take some of the burden off the State and provide Road Testing.  I had one get back to me to discuss, and another postpone a phone meeting.  I hope to hear something soon as the State reopens, but after reading This Article it seems unlikely things will happen anytime soon.  

I think our Only Option at this point is to Flood the State with emails/letters explaining how frustrated we are as a community in the State's inability to meet the demand of New Driver's who are ready to obtain a license.  Now we cannot just complain, we have to also offer a solution.  EDI is willing to take some of the strain off the system as we have the most qualified and trained Driving Instructors in the business.  Some Officials might have concerns about a conflict of interest so it might help for our parents/students to express the level of training we provide and there is not a chance EDI would pass one driver who is not ready to go solo.  We care too much about our students.  

These seem to be the best contacts at this point:
I have reached out to all three with no return phone call or email.  We must voice our frustrations or this could take 6 months for them to decide anything.  Please touch base with any questions.  
Senator Karin Housley (sponsored bill to allow 3rd party companies to do testing)
Senator Scott Newman (chair of transportation committee) 
Senator John Marty - APPOSED to allowing anyone other than State Testers do perform road test.  

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