The Sound Healing Experience


with Judith Grasshopper 
Fri. Jan. 3rd * 7:45 pm - 9:30 pm
* Please arrive by 7:30 pm lobby doors close by 7:45 pm
Location: SFR Soul Haven, 56 West 45th St. Suite 1703, NYC
Cost: $25
We welcome you to come and relax in a Sacred Space of harmonic Sounds with Sacred Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, bells, Chanting  and other instruments. 
Enter and let your Spirit Breathe, Relax, Receive, go into a deep meditative state of relaxation and serenity, which allows healing to come into the Mind, Body and Spirit. 
 As you receive a Gong harmonics activation, your body will allow the waves of vibration and energy to filter and open to a positive change. The vibrations help move blockages or stuck energy within the body, as the sounds flow throughout the Nervous System. The Gong Harmonics bath rejuvenates the child like mind awakening the intuitive self lying in silence when the gongs stop experiencing the Oneness of Om.
Benefits of a Gong harmonics Sound Session: 
•Deep Relaxation•Release of Stress/Tension•Agent of Transformation•Clears the mind.
What to bring:
We recommend you bring water and wear comfortable clothing.
Any questions feel free to email Judith at 
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Shamanic Fire Reiki Soul Haven  •  56 West 45th Street, Suite 1702  •  NY, New York 10036

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