CEO Update
Community Health Assessment-Community Health Improvement Plan
The 2019-21 Community Health Assessment-Community Health Improvement Plan (CHA-CHIP) for Cattaraugus County is completed and published. The process, administered by Olean General Hospital and the Cattaraugus County Health Department, brought together entire communities of health care stakeholders, care recipients and consumers to identify needs and solutions in alignment with the New York State Prevention Agenda. It was an honor to once again serve on the CHA-CHIP Steering Committee, which comprised several dozen leaders in the county including chief executives of health organizations, elected officials and community-service providers. Each brought local experience and expertise in public health and chronic illness, program management, and underserved and low-income populations. The process also engaged average citizens through interviews, surveys and focus groups to collect insights on how we may best serve their needs.
Our CHA-CHIP arrived at two Prevention Agenda priority areas: 1.) prevent chronic diseases and 2.) promote well-being and prevent mental health and substance use disorders. Both highly emphasize the negative impacts of poverty. The results will enable health officials and other community partners to develop interventions and provide necessary resources. We look forward to collaborating with our partners to address these priorities and improve the health and wellness of our rural communities. You can view the full CHA-CHIP report here.
Nonprofit Photo Contest
I’m happy to say we’ve entered the 2020 Annual Nonprofit Photo Contest by the Nonprofit Insurance Alliance. Your vote could boost our chances to earn a cash prize supporting our nonprofit mission. We submitted this excellent photo, which many of you have seen before. It shows EMS providers Abbe Mostowy and Geoffrey Broadbent and EMS instructor Tim Richardson practicing skills in the new Walter L. Reisner Memorial Ambulance Simulator. Entering this contest for the first year, we were encouraged to select a photo that best depicts our nonprofit impact on the communities we serve. We felt this professional photo of EMS training truly captures the spirit of Southern Tier Emergency Medical System (STEMS), which supports each of the professional and volunteer agencies in our counties. 

You can vote for our entry between now and midnight this Sunday, Jan. 12. Each person may vote only once during the contest period. I appreciate the support, as always!
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