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76 Monticello Road    Weaverville, NC    828-645-3937
Jump Into January
1. Befriend the birds with food and shelter. Check out our fun selection of bird feeders, bird houses and premium bird seed.
2. Create a terrarium for winter indoor beauty that lasts all year. We have adorable baby plants and containers, plus pretty additions including fairy gardening supplies!

Upcoming Workshops
Sat. Jan. 18 from 10 – 11 am
Basic Houseplant Care Workshop
With Treasure Smith
Keep your jungle happy & healthy!
Whether you have a single houseplant or a jungle, you want them to thrive. Treasure will lead you through the basics of keeping your houseplants and succulents happy and healthy. Demos on repotting, plant grooming, how & when to water, preventing & removing pests, and more.
Free, but please pre-register at the Garden Shop or call us at 828-645-3937 to register.
Sat. Jan. 25 from 10-11:30
Seed Starting Workshop
With Susan Penland Reavis & Ruth Gonzalez
Seeds are magic! Growing your own seedlings is fun and economical AND gives you a jump-start on the gardening season!
Our workshop will demonstrate successful seed starting methods - including tips on appropriate soil, temperature, lighting, watering, timing, and more. These techniques work for both vegetables and flowers and will help new and experienced gardeners.
Free, but please pre-register at the Garden Shop or call us at 828-645-3937 to register.
 Happy Plants for Winter Color
FROM WILMA: Do you keep your Christmas poinsettia well into the New Year, try to save it for next year, or do as my neighbor does and toss it the day after Christmas? Last year I had a beautiful pink poinsettia that I kept over the summer and now it has a few pink tips – not gorgeous but interesting. The Thanksgiving cactus I inherited from my mother bloomed for several weeks. I have it in a sunny spot and will move it outside to a semi-shady spot next summer. It usually sets buds in late summer and I will then move it back inside. Susan also has a cutting from this same Thanksgiving cactus...heirloom plant!
Cyclamen, Kalanchoe, and Begonias provide cheery color in the winter months. Most prefer a cool, bright room. Like foliage tropicals, it is best to water them thoroughly (don’t let them stand in water) and then dry slightly between waterings. Succulents need plenty of light and less water - fun houseplants!  
Stop by and browse through our well-stocked greenhouses for wintertime inspiration! 

Wilma's Mother with her Thanksgiving cactus, and Wilma with the same (inherited) cactus about 10 years later.

Venus Flytrap
NC License Plates
The North Carolina Botanical Garden and the Friends of Plant Conservation are teaming up to offer a new North Carolina Specialty license plate featuring the Venus Flytrap.
Did you know that the Venus Flytrap is only native to a 90-mile inland area around Wilmington, North Carolina? Habitat loss and poaching are making this carnivorous plant harder to find.
All proceeds from this license plate will support the NCBG AND FPC teams' efforts to conserve native plants and promote the restoration of healthy landscapes across North Carolina.
They need 500 paid applications by Feb. 15, 2020 for the license plate to be produced. More info and apply HERE.
January 10th is
National Houseplant Appreciation Day!
Get your jungle vibe going and brighten your world with an indoor plant!
Great spots to add houseplants:
  • By the kitchen sink
  • Bathroom
  • Bedside table
  • Living room – you can go big!
  • Dining table centerpiece
  • Heated Sunporch
Most houseplants love bright indirect light. Most succulents love very bright light. Water regularly, but don’t overwater. Wait until march to fertilize. Some “hard to kill” favorites for new plant parents include pathos, peace lily, schefflera, heart-leaf philodendron, and zz plant.
Sign up for our Basic Houseplant Care Workshop on Sat. Jan. 18th!
Holiday Sale Continues
50% OFF Holiday/Christmas items! Beautiful holiday ornaments and décor are still available. At half price! next Christmas will be here before you know it!
70% Off Select Perennials - Plant now, enjoy in spring.

More Spring Seeds Arrived!
Our Seed Department is packed with fresh spring seeds for vegetables, flowers, herbs and more. This year we have added another seed company called Botanical Interests. The seed pack artwork is beautiful with many interesting selections.
Join us for our Seed Starting Workshop on Sat. Jan. 25 at 10 am. See details at left.
Weaverville Tailgate Winter Market is every Wednesday at Honey & the Hive, 23 Merrimon Avenue in Weaverville. Find out more on their website or their Facebook Page.
MON-SAT: 8-6
Closed Sunday
thru March
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Reems Creek Nursery  •  70 Monticello Rd.  •  Weaverville, NC 28787

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