CEO Update
State EMS Council
I had the opportunity to spend the first part of the week in Albany at the State EMS Council (SEMSCO) meeting. Alicia, our STEMS coordinator, and Mickey Forness of the Southwestern Region EMS Council (SWREMSCO) also attended these meetings. During the meetings, it was shared that the Statewide Quality Metrics have been completed and will be available shortly to the region to pull reports. This will allow us to strengthen our education around areas where we would like to see improvement.
Also, I am excited to report that a Technical Advisory Group will be formed to address mental health and suicide prevention for EMS providers. A representative from the Code Green campaign was in attendance to hear recommendations and offer insights on how best to accomplish this goal. As we all know, EMS providers often experience vicarious trauma through severe emergencies seen in the field. They sometimes carry these emotional burdens silently until it’s too late. We look forward to helping our lifesavers by continuing work toward solutions and interventions at the regional and state levels.
A Matter of Balance
Our Prevention Coordinator, Jordan Taylor, is now a certified A Matter of Balance instructor. I’m pleased to report she has completed the 9-hour training required to directly administer such trainings for adults 60 and older in our area. On Wednesday, Jordan kicked off the first of eight A Matter of Balance sessions scheduled in our Training Center through early February in partnership with Ardent Solutions. Six individuals are currently signed up to reduce the risks and fears of falling through education, simple exercises and household safety precautions. The curriculum also looks to change biases participants may already have about the causes of age-related falls. 
I’d like to congratulate Jordan on taking this step to support our rural health mission. And once again, I’d also like to thank Ardent Solutions for collaborating on yet another opportunity to promote safety and health for elders within our counties.
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