MedicineWay Crystal Healing Certification Program
(Beginners Level) with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
The Beginners Level Crystal Healing Certification Course
Starts Sept. 10th 2020 - May 13th 2021
This course will be an introductory to crystals, chakra systems & using crystals for divination. The ancient technique of the laying of the stones and protective crystal shields will be practiced on each other also included we will be working with pendulums and creating crystal grids for the ones healing intention, long distant healing, business & home protection.
Indigenous theories and ancient practices using crystals are discussed and practiced.  Meditations with the crystals accompanied with journey work and laying of stones healing techniques.  The last month we will incorporate all the teachings into a crystal healing session offered to the community in order to complete the beginners program.

This is a 3 Module Certification Program, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, at the completion of the 1st level you will receive a Crystal Healer's Beginners Crystal Healing Certificate Level I from Shamanic Fire Reiki, LLC.
Classes will be for 3 hours once a month for 9 months to complete each level.  Within the Beginners level we will learn the chakra system and relations to the crystal body layouts. How to clear, charge and amplifying crystal energy as you can also use them your energy, shamanic and reiki practices.
Dates for Classes & Payment Plans
Starts on Sept.  10th, 2020 - May 13th, 2021
Usually the second Thursday of the month at SFR Soul Haven, 56 West 45th Street, Suite 1702, Midtown, Manhattan.
Dates as follows: Sept. 10th, Oct. 8th, Nov. 12th, Dec. 3rd, Jan. 14, Feb. 11 , March 11th, April 8th & May 18th
Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Cost: $1444
A Registration Deposit of $722 is due by June 1st, followed by 3 payments at $240.67 due in Nov. Feb. & April
Please Note * If your really interested we can also work out individual payment plans just contact me directly to
You must take all the classes and assignments must be completed one month prior the last month and date of class in order to receive your Beginners Level Crystal Certification
Important: Make up classes will be available for an extra charge of $185.00 you must let me know in advance. (*Note only 3 makeup classes allowed).
No Refunds for Deposit,  Payments or for the Crystal Healing Beginners Course.
To Register: email Irma at
Note from Irma
I want to take this time to thank All my MedicineWay Apprenticeship students for asking for me to do more advance work and for those who have been participating in crystal classes that want to go into the crystals within a deeper level.

As a Medicine Woman/Karuna/Reiki Master/Crystal Energy Healer I love using crystals within ALL my work, now it's time to expand it for others to really take their passions of crystals to a deeper healing level.

Are You Ready, to move forward and explore the world of the Crystal Realm?
Blessings and love to all for also encouraging me to move forward with my work.
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Shamanic Fire Reiki Soul Haven  •  56 West 45th Street, Suite 1702  •  NY, New York 10036

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