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 Zersetzung is Alive and Well in America
The German people stormed the Stasi Headquarters in 1989.
The Stasi tried to destroy their written stories, which are now being put back together.
 Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter
March 1, 2020
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Loss of Another TI - Sigrid Bailey
Sigrid M. Bailey, 57, a resident of Cleveland, NY, passes away Thursday, February 6, 2020, at the Oneida Health Center. She was born in Syracuse, the daughter of Luitgard (Leipold) Bailey, and the late Calvin Bailey.
     She had been employed as a chemical engineer.
     She is survived by her mother, Luitgard Bailey of Oswego.
     Services are private. Spring burial will be in Rural Cemetery.
     Arrangements are in care of the Dain-Cullinan Funeral Home.112 East 2nd St., Oswego, New York 13126, Phone:  315-343-5120.
Sigrid was a TI who was badly tortured and had to stay out of the limelight for the sake of her employment. She was a professional and participated in some technical group calls. She suffered badly from directed energy attacks, along with her mother who is also a Targeted Individual. God bless Sigrid and keep her in our hearts with all the other suffering souls on this planet.  We will miss her dearly.  57 is too young to experience death. TI's have a heavy burden placed upon them.  Pray for one another.
 "The Disintegration Directive" is the missive of Gangstalking on how to destroy Targeted Individuals - America's Shame
STASI ~ The Disintegration Directive
"We're dealing with a government agency so naturally there is a directive for this.
Directive 1, in 1976, called the Disintegration Directive. In 60 odd pages, it lays out in detail appropriate measures on how to disintegrate someone. Disintegrating someone means engineering personal and job-related misfortunes to destroy the subject's self-esteem without them finding out who is turning the screw. In view of this, it is a mistake to think East Germany was going in a more humane."

Hubertus Knabe: The dark secrets of a surveillance state

Germany inherited the archives of the East German police known as the Stasi.  Historians began to study these document to learn more about how the state functioned.  The Lives of Others (Watch on Netflix for free) made the Stasi known worldwide.  Its origins were in Russia. Terrorizing the population and execution of its enemies. 

Stasi Files: The Lives of Others | Journal Reporter


People and Politics | A Right to Forget? How former Stasi agents continue to harass their victims

Secret Files: How shredded Stasi files are reconstructed

Stasi Training Video: Clandestine Apartment Search


The Decomposition of the Soul / Zersetzung der Seele / La décomposition de l'âme (2002)
Zersetzung in Germany is the same in America in 2020 on Steroids with Microwaving, Burning, Torturing, Suiciding
AN INTERVIEW WITH Any Targeted Individual:
Zersetzung (pronounced [t͡sɛɐ̯ˈzɛt͡sʊŋ], German for "decomposition") is a psychological warfare technique used by the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) to repress political opponents in East Germany during the 1970s and 1980s. - Wiki
Have you ever done a political thing in your life?  NO.
Have you ever spoken against the government? NO!
I spoke out against abuse of the elderly, police, firemen and medics dealing drugs, meth labs, sexual harassment, theft of personal property, abuse of children, rape etc. Then I had overwhelming gangstalking, alienation from job, family and children and I lost everything. I was implanted with electronic devices and tracked like an animal. 
Zersetzung served to combat alleged and actual dissidents through covert means, using secret methods of abusive control and psychological manipulation to prevent anti-government activities.
Have you ever been a government dissident or associated with dissidents?  NO.
Have you had abusive control and psychological manipulation used on you?  YES!
Zersetzung was informally used in East Germany since the 1950s with General Secretary Walter Ulbricht's use of regular law enforcement and judiciary against dissidents.
Has law enforcement performed illegal acts against you?  YES.
Have you had law enforcement refuse to make reports you try to file?  YES.
Have judges ever acted against you?  YES.
In 1971, Erich Honecker's appointment as General Secretary saw reform of "operational procedures" (Operative Vorgänge) away from the overt terror [to covert terror] of Ulbricht towards Zersetzung, formalized in 1976 after the issue of Directive No. 1/76 on the Development and Revision of Operational Procedures.[1]
Have you had overt terror acted out on you?  Yes, By gangstalkers performing out in front of me and people using phones - placing themselves in places where you can't miss seeing them. Their posture tells you "this stalker is for me." This is overt stalking.
Have you had covert as opposed to overt terror acts against you?  YES, Stalkers enter my home when I'm not there and sabotage the home, or steal what they want or play games.
The Stasi used operational psychology and its extensive network of informal collaborators (inoffizielle Mitarbeiter) to launch personalized psychological attacks against targets to damage their mental health and lower chances of a "hostile action" against the state.[2]
Have you had someone damge you with psychological terror?  YES
Have you had your neighbors, neighborhood volunteers stalk you?  YES
Have you been arrested for a psych evaluation and humiliated with adverse labels?  YES
The use of Zersetzung is well documented due to Stasi files published after East Germany's Wende, with several thousands or up to 10,000 individuals estimated to have become victims,[3]:217 and 5,000 of whom sustained irreversible damage.[4] Special pensions for restitution have been created for Zersetzung victims.
Note that the victims of Zersetzung in Germany now are recognized for their suffering and have restitution given to them. How do give restitution on those who have been killed in Zersetzung? 
Many Targeted Individuals have died indirectly and directly with microwave weapons and DEWs or they have been suicided (killed and made to look like they committed suicide).
You could never perform enough restitution for those living or no longer living because this is the most wicked, wasteful, anti-human, debased, depraved, villainous, debauched program ever carried out on humans.  Yet, it is being carried out very well in America and the House of Representatives and Senate and the President - Yes, Mr. Trump - ignores all our requests.
ARE YOU AN ENEMY OF THE United States of America?  Absolutely Not
The Body Area Network, Heart monitor, insulin pump, baby monitor can be hacked!

THREAT CON 2019 - Hacking Human Lives via Body Area Network by Vignesh C

Presenter: Vignesh C Body Area Network is a network of wearable computing device. People today prefer smart devices not only for their home, but also for their body. Body Area Network comprises of devices such as, advanced pacemakers, ECG, monitoring sensors, motion detectors. These devices communicate through RF such as Bluetooth, WiFi and Zigbee protocol. The devices using these protocols has a wireless range of more than 20 meters and some devices can be accessed even beyond. Anyone within this proximity can launch attacks on the BAN devices and read the data since these protocols are vulnerable for a lot of existing vulnerabilities. Considerable amounts of personally identifiable information are transmitted unencrypted over wireless and wired networks by these devices. Research estimates that 25 percent of healthcare cyber attacks will originate from IoT devices by 2020 . Now that several devices such as smart watches are able to communicate with pacemakers and ICD, this makes the BAN more vulnerable.
Dissent management through decomposition and division
Dissent management through decomposition and division
Dezember 2018 Rainer Mausfeld
(translated from German)
Already over 250 years ago, the great Scottish philosopher David Hume expressed his amazement at the ease with which a minority of owners can rule over the majority of non-owners. According to Hume, it is only through mastery of opinion that such a situation can arise.
To date, this insight has lost none of its validity. Because democratic forms of society are only acceptable to the actual centers of power if they can be designed in such a way that they are risk-free for those exercising power. This presupposes that they can control public opinion in all politically relevant areas. As a result, opinion management in capitalist democracies, which empirical studies show are actually election oligarchies, is one of the most important techniques of rule, says Prof. Rainer Mausfeld in his comment. More on this in his new book "Why are the lambs silent?".
Now there can be situations in which opinion management alone is no longer sufficient to make democracy risk-free for the real centers of power. Therefore, since the beginning of the last century, efforts have been made with great effort and with the substantial participation of psychology and social sciences to develop techniques that can also influence and control other psychological areas. [Mind Control]
It was recognized early on that despite systematic manipulation of opinions, a need for political change can build up in the population, which threatens to discharge itself against the centers of power. Therefore, technologies had to be developed that neutralize such an energy of change, even better: split and decompose. [isolate and disintegrate]
Such techniques were already used very successfully in the 1920s to socially split the working class and to destroy unions. A systematic creation of false identities is particularly effective in creating social divisions. For example, sophisticated methods were developed at the time that served to ensure that workers no longer identify with their social class but with their employer. Since then, these psychological techniques have been continually expanded and refined - a development that has reached a new peak in neoliberalism.
An extremely effective method of neutralizing emancipatory change potential through division is based on a fairly simple method of bracketing. If measures and goals associated with moral and humanitarian values ​​are appropriately bracketed with measures that serve imperial or economic interests, then humanitarian measures [sustainability, equal economic status, equal education for all] can be used as Trojan horses to enforce measures in an almost invisible manner who would otherwise not find public approval. ["War on Terror" is a bracket meant to seduce you into conforming to their agenda]
Examples of such a bracketing method are the "fight for democracy and human rights", the "fight against terror" or the "right of humanitarian interventions". What these examples have in common is that they are, as it were, humanitarian bogus packs. They cling to current serious humanitarian concerns with longer-term imperial or economic interests in a package of measures that can hardly be broken down. [Packet:  Patriot Act, Agenda 21, FISA court[
The public is then fooled into believing that both aspects are inextricably linked and that the humanitarian goals can only be achieved at the price that they accept the overall package. Since humanitarian concerns can be of considerable public attractiveness, legitimate humanitarian concerns can be misused in this way in order to assert economic or imperial interests with their help. [If you want equality, good health and education and a clean environmrnt, you accept globalism/Agenda 21]
The neoliberal conception of globalization is also such a package, with which humanitarian aspects and human rights can be misused as authorizing norms for the implementation of a policy that serves economic or imperial interests. Bracketing urgent humanitarian concerns with the interests of powerful economic and political actors - such as the interest of large global corporations for "flexible" and inexpensive "human capital" - now often leads to internal tensions and conflicts in emancipatory movements that can be used very successfully for divisions.
In addition, the centuries-old struggle against democracy can be conducted particularly effectively by bracketing humanitarian concerns with the interests of neoliberal globalization. Since neoliberalism sees democracy as a kind of market disruption, it is the most vehement opponent of democratic forms of organization worldwide. For the neoliberal fight against democracy, issues that are connected with the alleged constraints of so-called globalization have proven to be particularly suitable because, for fundamental reasons, there can be no globalized forms of democracy. [The Bush Presidents set up the globalists agenda in America by-passing the courts.]
Indeed, as Ingeborg Maus particularly pointed out, it is not possible to apply the modern concept of constitution to a global society, since there are no global "demos" and thus no global carrier of democratic legislative sovereignty. There can be no public debate space at the level of the global community in which different particular interests for political action could be reconciled. As a result, there can be no procedures for democratic consensus building and peacekeeping at the global level. [A constitution cannot exist in America as long as it is part of the globalist society, so forget your equal rights or any rights at all.]
The idea of ​​a democratic shaping of a political community inevitably becomes completely empty on a global level. This is all the more true since the centers of internationally operating economic power are now organized in such a way that they actually write the laws to which they are subject and are not subject to any form of democratic control and accountability. Democracy and the civilization achievements it has struggled to achieve - such as the welfare state and the associated mechanisms for limiting excesses of capitalist accumulation - depend on the level of national forms of organization. Democratic forms of legitimation are impossible on a global level. [Democracy and globalism can't exist together.]
This is, of course, precisely what the powerful economic players are very aware of. So if these - as in the UN migration pact, which aims to manage migration and not really combat migration causes - cling to global neoliberal interests with justified humanitarian concerns, they can kill two annoying flies with one stone with such humanitarian tricks. On the one hand, democratic forms of organization can be deprived of their basis in the long term. On the other hand, these brackets are particularly well suited due to the tensions that they create in emancipatory movements, to contain dissent through division and to divert change energies that are directed against the centers of power to other goals and thus render them politically ineffective. [Redirect your attention=no success.]
I am tortured with V2K weapons
 Targeted individual: spectrum ANALYZER
Vote is on March 15 to revise FISA Court - Now is the time to contact your Representatives and Senators about what the FISA court has done to you.  The FISA court officially places TI's in this program.

Trump Admin Drafting Major FISA Reform ahead of March Expiration

The White House is pondering a serious overhaul to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act as President Trump continues to rail against the way the surveillance powers were used against his 2016 campaign.
The plan, which would prioritize transparency, is likely to draw resistance from the National Security Council, according to the Wall Street Journal. A potential option, per sources, is that those subject to a FISA warrant could later be notified that they had been surveilled — a disclosure associated with criminal wiretap law and supported by the American Civil Liberties Union.
Trump has consistently criticized FISA in the fallout of the FBI’s operation Crossfire Hurricane, which used FISA warrants to spy on members of his campaign. “We were seriously abused by the FISA process; there’s no question about it,” the president said earlier this month. 
Department of Justice inspector general Michael Horowitz released a report in December detailing “at least 17” abuses in the FBI investigation of the 2016 Trump campaign, which has led to increased scrutiny on the process as a whole. With some of FISA’s powers set to expire in March, the White House reportedly wants to take advantage of the reauthorization deadline in order to implement reforms. 3
The experience of the 2016 Trump campaign has prompted calls for FISA process reform among congressional Republicans. Representative Mike Lee (R., Utah) told National Review in December that Republicans were planning on “major reforms to be introduced and hopefully incorporated into the program before it expires in March.”
“There’s got to be major reform,” Senator Josh Hawley (R., Mo.) told Tucker Carlson in December. “We cannot allow this to keep happening.
Bushes Illegally went around the FISA Court
Debate over the Secret Court That Approves Surveillance
Do these Reps and Sens know you are being tortured? Why not? You didn't contact them!

Congress set for clash over surveillance reforms

By Jordain Carney - 02/24/20 06:00 AM EST
Congress is gearing up for a high-profile fight over reauthorizing a handful of controversial surveillance programs months before the 2020 elections.
After punting late last year to give themselves more time to negotiate, lawmakers now have 15 working days to figure out whether and how to reauthorize expiring provisions of the USA Freedom Act by the March 15 deadline. 
“Reauthorization of these certain programs is a priority for both Leader McConnell and AG Barr,” a source said, referring to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). 
Among the expiring provisions that Congress needs to make decisions on is a controversial records program, known as Section 215, that gathered metadata on domestic text messages and phone calls. 
They'll also need to make decisions on two other provisions — one authorizing “roving” wiretaps and the other on lone wolf surveillance authority. 
"However, as technology changes, our adversaries’ tradecraft and communications habits will continue to evolve and adapt," he added. "In light of this dynamic environment, the Administration supports reauthorization of this provision."
But Sens. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.), respectively the chairman and vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, quietly introduced legislation that would end the phone metadata program — going against the administration’s request. 
In addition to terminating that program as soon as the bill is enacted, it would provide an eight-year reauthorization of the other two programs. 
As Republicans are set to meet with Barr, the House Judiciary Committee has put reauthorization of the USA Freedom provisions on its business meeting agenda for Wednesday. 
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) hasn’t yet unveiled what the committee will be voting on, and spokesmen didn't respond to multiple requests for comment. But a House Intelligence Committee aide noted that staff on the two panels are continuing to work on potential legislation. 
"Any meaningful reform must repeal the [call detail records] program, which is an unnecessary violation of the rights of people in the United States and a threat to our democracy," the lawmakers wrote. 
Further complicating calculations for passing a bill in roughly two weeks, some Republicans are saying they want to use the reauthorization debate to work in changes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court. 
The court, authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, is made up of 11 judges who serve seven-year terms and are selected by the chief justice of the Supreme Court. The judges are responsible for signing off on or rejecting warrant applications submitted as part of intelligence gathering and national security operations.
FISA Court Research:  Resource Page

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA Section 702, Executive Order 12333, and Section 215 of the Patriot Act): A Resource Page

What is the Watchlisting Advisory Council (WLAC)?
Shadowy Watchlisting Council Has Control Over Your Legal Rights - And it Does Note Really Exist
Janet Phelan, February 26, 2020
By all commonly accepted standards, the Watchlisting Advisory Council (WLAC) does not exist. It has no physical offices, no employees and was not established under any discernible legal authority. Yet this Council, which meets quarterly to advise the National Security Council, has the power to decide if you have legal rights or not.
Disclosures in recent legal cases have resulted  in the WLAC emerging partially from the shadows. It has been determined, through legal depositions of FBI employees conducted by the Muslim civil rights organization, CAIR, that the following agencies have a representative on the WLAC: the FBI, TSA, CBP, the NCTC and the Department of Homeland Security. It appears that the WLAC was formed somewhere around 2008. According to the government lawyer, Amy Powell, representing FBI Special Agent Matthew DeSarno during his CAIR deposition, the “law enforcement privilege and state secrets privilege” prohibited DeSarno from revealing if the State Department and the CIA were represented on the WLAC.
Throughout the deposition, Powell repeatedly challenged the questions tendered by CAIR lawyer Gadeir Abbas, and instructed DeSarno not to answer the questions. Nevertheless, a picture is coalescing of a supra-organizational group, which has no legal accountability written into its apparently non-existent charter, and which has the potential and power to simply devastate an individual’s constitutional rights.  [Please read the entire article here.]
BS:  DOD Adopts Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence
Feb. 24, 2020
"The United States, together with our allies and partners, must accelerate the adoption of AI and lead in its national security applications to maintain our strategic position, prevail on future battlefields, and safeguard the rules-based international order," said Secretary Esper. "AI technology will change much about the battlefield of the future, but nothing will change America's steadfast commitment to responsible and lawful behavior. The adoption of AI ethical principles will enhance the department's commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards as outlined in the DOD AI Strategy, while embracing the U.S. military's strong history of applying rigorous testing and fielding standards for technology innovations."
These principles align closely with ongoing Trump Administration efforts to advance trustworthy AI technologies. Last year, President Trump launched the American AI Initiative, the U.S. national strategy for leadership in artificial intelligence, which promotes innovative uses of AI while protecting civil liberties, privacy and American values. [What civil liberties?  What privacy?  What values?  TI's have none of these already and they are connected to a brain/radio computer AI delivered hell?]
US Biowarfare Act Author:  Studies confirm Coronavirus Weaponized
Spiro Skouras Interviews Professor Francis Boyle
February 22, 2020, 
By Spiro Skouras

In this interview, the author of the US Biowarfare Act, Professor Francis Boyle, uncovers four separate studies which he claims confirm as ‘smoking gun’ evidence the Wuhan coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, was in fact weaponized.
Professor Boyle also discloses where he believes the true origin of the virus originated and the extent that the US government was involved.
This is a must-see interview as Professor Boyle also reveals never before disclosed information.
P7 NWO Agendas Accompanying the Coronavirus Outbreak
February 21, 2020

1. Centralized Control of Information, i.e. Censorship and Narrative Control

2. The Cashless Agenda

3. Martial Law Quarantines

4. Mandatory Vaccination

5. Bill Gates’ ID2020: Digital Identification via Microchipping

6. Agenda 2030: Wuhan Slated to be one of China’s Smart Cities

7. Is the Coronavirus Epidemic a Race-Based Bioweapon?

Conclusion: Coronavirus Epidemic Being Used to Push NWO Agendas

A screenshot of the opening ceremony of the Wuhan Military Games proclaiming a New World.
Interestingly, the opening ceremony of the Military World Games in Wuhan declared a “New World” (see image of a screenshot from the opening ceremony) which suggests the phrase New World Order and also suggests societal transformation – yet another clue that this entire event was pre-planned. Whatever the truth turns out to be about the origin of the virus itself, who created it, how it was released and whether it is really as dangerous as is hyped, there can be no doubt that the entire coronavirus epidemic phenomenon is being used to accelerate several NWO agendas in typical problem-reaction-solution style.
Greffex Lab in Texas to create vaccine

The Forensic Nurse Corona virus bioweapon update

Police now 'see' through walls and know if you're home
Technically Incorrect: The Range-R is a piece of military equipment that police are using now to check if there's someone in a building.
January 20, 2015 10:59 AM PST
Police forces increasingly are taking advantage of the technology behind military equipment initially designed for combat.
Sometimes, though, the police might be coy about which of these gadgets they use to protect and serve.
USA Today reports that, for a couple of years now, some police forces have been using a device that can determine whether a building is occupied -- without having to enter the premises. However, this information only came to light when a police officer at a suppression hearing in a Denver court said that he'd used a Range-R.
He described the Range-R as a "hand-held Doppler radar device." He added: "It picks up breathing, human breathing and movement within a house." In the Denver case, police were trying to apprehend someone who allegedly had violated his parole.
TMIT researchers develop AI for tracking sensors inside the body with wireless signals

MIT researchers are developing AI for tracking sensors inside the body with wireless signals

Khari Johnson@kharijohnson
Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science AI Lab (CSAIL) are developing methods for using wireless radio signals to detect sensors inside the human body. The ReMix system could be used to find ingestible microchip implants, a technique its creators hope can someday assist in medical imaging, delivering drugs to specific parts of the body, or tracking the movement of tumors.
A study detailing the team‘s findings is being presented this week at the SIGCOMM international conference in Budapest, Hungary.
Today ReMix is able to detect the location of a microchip with 1.4 centimeter accuracy, though Katabi believes the AI needs to be accurate within millimeters to be considered in a clinical setting.
CSAIL’s work is the latest development in a series of efforts exploring how potential applications of radio waves with implantable devices could help people. In June, researchers at MIT announced the creation of the In Vivo Networking (IVN) system, a wireless system to power devices implanted in the human body.
Also in June, Caltech researchers debuted a sensor that rests in a person’s eye for years at a time to transit data about pressure buildup, which is an indication a person may have glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness.
In other recent examples of researchers advancing health care tech to pass clinical thresholds and gain wide availability, last week Google’s DeepMind Health — together with ophthalmologists and researchers from Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College London — published a paper claiming its AI can recommend treatment for more than 50 eye diseases at a rate of 94 percent accuracy.
China's Social Credit System - Rates All Actions

A Look Inside China’s Social Credit System | NBC News Now

I was hit in the groin by a painful DEW. :( 
It left a chunk of hardened skin in my thigh area. Terribly painful but "plausible deniability" bc hardened mass looks like ingrown hair. It isnt!! Theres a huge bruise that was colorful for 2 weeks. The mass of hardened tissue is still there.
I saw the perp holding one of these and shooting at me from a red truck. A yellow light appeared.
The rheumatologist thought that I had lupus. My hair has been falling out in droves. My teeth are loose from the sockets from the constant EMF attacks.
-Anonymous TI
My name is Donna Joy Plattner. I am a Widow (DIC Award)...a wife of a Veteran who was a Marine. I am a single woman who lives in Omaha Nebraska. I have four beautiful children and two step children and nine sweet grandchildren. Family is number one to me and I cherish every minute and every day with them. I am a christian and I thank God for all that he has given me. I am a human subject to " Covert Electronic Harassment and Surveillance and and Gang Stalking " Me and my family are being attacked daily by NSA Government Direct Energy Magnetic Electronic Weapons known as (DEW's).  I am the first born of twin's, Donna' Joy' and Darrell 'John' Swanson is our birth name.
Free Press
We just got word that Attorney General Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell are threatening to reauthorize the Patriot Act without much-needed reforms — and certain members of Congress are going along with it.
NSA's Bulk Collection Of Americans' Phone Data Is Illegal, Appeals Court Rules
That’s right. Congress could reauthorize the draconian surveillance powers embedded in the Patriot Act for the Trump administration. Worse still, some Democrats have joined Republicans in this effort. They want to give invasive spying powers that endanger vulnerable communities — like people of color, trans folks, activists and journalists — to a president they just impeached for abuse of power.

But you can stop this madness: Call Congress right now and tell members that reauthorizing the Patriot Act without any reforms is unacceptable. All you have to do is dial (202) 919-7073 and our call tool will connect you with your lawmakers. Here’s what you can say:
“I’m a constituent, and I’m calling to say that reauthorizing the Patriot Act, and the invasive spying powers within it, is unacceptable. I need my elected officials to stand up for my privacy rights. Congress should not give President Trump even more power to spy on people like me.”
Targeted Individual Needs Help - Please donate
Dear CitizensAHT,
The court case didnt go well. I tried to get adjournment but judge defaulted with a warrant of eviction. I'm very stressed out over this. I started calling tv news stations and newspapers about the landlord, who is a corporation, and breached my lease allowing neighbors to make noise daily night causing more health, pain problems and sleep loss.  
Thank you for writing the letter to my landlord a year ago. I sent it to the human rights division nys to help open a discrimination case vs landlord based on him, not doing disability accommodation with a doctor's letter. It's not resolved yet. I'm asking for another apt at their new bldg on the same grounds. I hope they accept the request and open a new lease. Sheriff will be posting any day soon. I have no help, not enough money to afford storage unit, or movers. 
I'm stressed out neighbors are criminals and assaulting me so bad and electronic rapes and weakness in hands arms fingers extreme pain in tight hand intentionally squeezing and holding my hands arms to try and stop me writing to people for help! They are doing burns to breasts,stomach, burn sores to face, body,  chokeholds to throat and other horrifying things.
I will use the go fund me money also for movers( and storage unit if needed) and shielding material, microwave scanning being done on victims in USA, and food, travel costs. I don't eat 3 meals a day, due to trauma, sometimes I don't eat for days because they try to take over me and they also drug my delivered food. I don't want to eat and they choke me to try and force me too. 
My PayPal is the
Thank You, 
VIDEO:  Karen Stewart Interview

KAREN STEWART : NSA WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS  Karen Stewart Exposes Biggest False Flag Operation In History

Veritas Radio - Karen Stewart
Treasonous policies have been put in place by the DOJ, FBI, law enforcement, Fusion Centers to legally permit covert use of radiation weapons and neuroweapons in Vendetta, Surveillance, non-consensual experimentation, electronic warfare field weapons testing on citizens. Are we in the middle of a cold civil war? Do we still have a Fourth Amendment and is the United States being run by an unconstitutional secret government?
Katherine Horton's Court Case-Fighting the World on our Behalf

Court case against electromagnetic harassment filed by Katherine Horton Ph.D. (Oxford), former CERN scientist, Court date: 12 December 2019 | Location: Royal Courts of Justice, London - Court 37 | Note: Day of the UK general election

Court Hearing Report! (Stop007)

VIDEO: The Plan for 2019 (Stop 007)

Results of the Global Affidavit Survey

Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

There are 182,894 signatories from 207 nations and territories as of December 1st, 2019

To the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe
and governments of all nations

We the undersigned scientists, doctors, environmental organizations and citizens from (__) countries, urgently call for a halt to the deployment of the 5G (fifth generation) wireless network, including 5G from space satellites. 5G will massively increase exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation on top of the 2G, 3G and 4G networks for telecommunications already in place. RF radiation has been proven harmful for humans and the environment. The deployment of 5G constitutes an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law.
Rallies Encouraged All Over the World
Harassment, Job Mobbing & Bullying
Targeted individual Utah
Targeted Individuals day UK protest 2019 Loud speaker speech outside BBC broadcasting house
Paris Targeted Individual rally day 29/08/2019 Place de la République Paris
Phoenix Targeted Individual Rally
Phoenix Targeted Individual Rally
Every Saturday
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Central and Washington, across from Urban Outfitters
We have flyers, microphone, gazebo tent with table.
Please come join us to promote public awareness.
Targeted Individual NJ Activism Schedule
From: ikqbot <>
Just letting you know I have a monthly public outreach and awareness campaign going. It's every monday starting in Oct - Aug in Nj. Please let people know if they are interested.
Best Regards, Krissy
Targeted Individual NJ Activism Schedule

Starting in October the first Monday of every month we will be spreading awareness in the most populated cities in NJ. This is an eleven month campaign leading to next years annual Targeted Individual day. On August 28, 2020 we will hold a protest/ rally in Trenton, NJ at the capitol and attend the NYC rally the next day. 
  1. Mar. 2 - 11am - 7pm - Clifton City Hall, 900 Clifton Ave, Clifton, NJ 07013
  2. April. 6 - 11am - 7pm - Trenton City Offices, 319 E State St, Trenton, NJ 08608
  3. May. 4 - 11am - 7pm - City Hall - Train Station, Camden, NJ 08102
  4. Jun. 1 - 11am - 7pm - Passaic City Hall - 330 Passaic St, Passaic, NJ 07055
  5. Jul. 6 - 11am - 7pm - City Hall Union City - 3715 Palisade Ave # 2, Union City, NJ 07087, NJ
  6. Aug. 3 - 11am - 7pm - Cherry Hill Mall - 2000 NJ-38, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
*** Aug. 28 - Capital Building - Trenton, NJ Targeted Individual Rally ***
*** Aug. 29 - Targeted Individual Day - NYC ***
Twitter: @soundenemyx
*** Join for support and discussion, 24/7/365 ***
TI News and Information
Get a free booklet and Press Release with a hat.

$75 with shipping. Protect your brain! Cap with 4 layers of metal and one layer of blackout rubber fabric, two magnets and grounding strap and rubber mouse pad comes with hat.

The new cap has a tab connected to the metal fabric for grounding. You can put a grounding clip on this and the other end on a magnet or a piece of carbon and it is grounded. You can use it without a grounding strap. You can put more magnets on it and move them around to where your implants are or over your ears. If you get hot, you can put an ice pack inside. The head is the best place to cool the body. It comes with a large round rubber mouse pad you can take out if you want. The shielding works best if it blocks EMF and sound, so you need metal and rubber.
This is not guaranteed to stop V2K. If you hear voices, you may have a radio connection, a real radio connected to your brain and it is always connected. A hat will probably not stop that, but it may reduce the feedback they get.
Email:  CitizensAHT@protonmail to order if overseas because extra shipping is incurred for tracking overseas and going through customs. Overseaes tracked and insured through customs is about $35-54. Uninsured is $24-27.

Uni-Sex Newsboy Hat  $110.00
INSERT 4 layers metal, 1 layer light blockerUnisex Hats:  Black, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Khaki

M size best fit for 58-59cm 22.8-23.2in 7 1/4-7 3/8;
L size best fit for 60-61cm 23.6-24in 7 1/2-7 5/8


This hat has been chosen for shielding because it is large enough to come down over your ears to cover ear implants.
Protect your brain, wear shielding on your head and cover your cochlear implants. Metal fabrics block tuning of implants and return signals. Has been noted to stop subliminal intrusion and electronic dreams.
Removable insert is 4 layers metallic fabric, one layer light-blocking rubber and a layer of broadcloth to protect the metal. 2 removable magnets, grounding strap, tracked shipping included, $110, except overseas (calculated by post office $17-$50).  
INSERT ONLY: $95, shipping included, except overseas has an added fee. 4 layers of metal and light and sound blocker + protective cover

Order on CAHT website or by emailing We will send you an invoice.
Pay to paypal email: Please make sure we have an email for you and a shipping address.
None Available at this time:  NEW BOOKLET:  "How Are You Being Targeted?"  Comes with free copy of WBAN press release

Booklet is $8.00 + $2.00 shipping.
Overseas is $7.00 for shipping total $15.00. You will also receive a copy of the Press Release on the Body Area Network. You can support our organization's activities by ordering by email. We will send you an invoice. Pay by Paypal or debit/credit card at
Linqstat - available on website now
or email
Linqstat is available packaged in 3 different lengths.
Package 3 feet x 6 feet
Package 3 feet x 12 feet
Package 3 feet x 24 feet
3' x 6' 8 ml (twice as thick as LessEMF's)
(Shipping, tracking & insurance is included in the price except if you are out of the US).
LINQSTAT (≤50,000 ohms/sq) Electrically Conductive Film.
Product Part Number: LINQSTAT MVCF S-Series
New Call:  Targeted and Trafficked
Saturdays 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Phone:  425-436-6200
Access Code:  128788
How to Fight Back

Established in December 2018 in the State of Arizona.  Targeted Justice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.Our Goal.

To stop the global use of Directed Energy Weapons against civilians, illegal surveillance, and organized stalking.
Greetings to the Illegally Targeted Community!
We focus on education/raising public awareness about the RICO crimes of organized stalking, directed energy torture and other violations of physical/mental sovereignty and actions you can take to help win this war.
Hope Franklin, Research and Communications Director
Jack Christiana, Legal Director
Karen Stewart, Adviser
Targeting Awareness of Central Oregon
TICO (Targeted Individuals of Central Oregon)
Tobin Blake
Ella Free Channel
"Please join us every Tuesday & Thursday on Free Conference Call
 515-606-5187, ID 400014#
Online Meeting ID: Tiangel2016
Freedom Fighters for America
Freedom Fighters For America Newsletter
optional link
VIDEO on 2019 Rally: 
Second Annual Targeted Individual Day, a Global Event (Full-Length Documentary)
Stop Gangstalking Crimes Newsletter
Sign up for Stop Gangstalking Newsletter
ACTIVIST:  Dr. Millicent Black

SoundEnemy via <>
Come out to the second Targeted Activism NJ meeting at Barnes & Nobles in Paramus, NJ on Feb. 18. Please come out meet others and join in the the discussion. We can only make a difference with numbers and actions.
Below is a link to the details - Please RSVP -
If you can't make it, but still would like to contribute make a donation using links at the bottom.
** Please Join Us **
[ soundenemy ]
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 3:00 PM
Denny's Restaurant
23515 El Toro Road
Lake Forest, CA
The Organizer is Tricia!
(Note:  Denny's restaurant discount coupons are available online)
When: First Saturday of the month.
Saturdays, 11:00 am till 1:00 pm in the group study room
Lakewood Public Library
15425 Detroit AVE
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
Phone:  (216)527-8346
Details, Contact The Organizer:
If you would like to be added to list, please email
For more information, please contact Armin Aryan
​Phone:  602-563-4750

​For more information, please contact Constance Rose.
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 3:00 PM
Denny's Restaurant
23515 El Toro Road
Lake Forest, CA
The Organizer is Tricia!
(Note:  Denny's restaurant discount coupons are available online)
When: Every Thursday at 6:00pm EST
Call-in number: 1-515-739-6265 (FreeConferenceCall)
Access code: 272676#
For questions or topic suggestions, contact Vickie at (346) 410-7047.
When: Wednesdays at 6:30pm Central Time
Call-in number:
1-724-444-7444 (Talkshoe)

Access code: 136067#
Location:  TICO's Launch Meeting:  Wednesday, April 17, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pmHollywood
Downtown Bend Library, Hutchinson Room
601 NW Wall Street, Bend, Oregon 97703
The West Coast Society For All Victims Of Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment, PO Box 534, Heriot Bay, British Columbia V0P 1H0, Canada
Support Society
Mary Lamont, Registered Mental Health Crisis Counsellor
Book: No Ordinary Stalking: a look at organized stalking and electronic harassment by June Ti
Targeted NJ Activism Network
Sunday, March 15th, 2020
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Carnegie Mellon Library
Oakland District
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
For details, please contact the organizer:
Location: Hollywood District Public Library,

4040 NE Tillamook Street, Portland, OR 97212
When: Saturdays from 3:30pm - 5:30pm
NEXT MEETING:  March 7, 2020
*An optional inexpensive restaurant gathering follows the meeting.

For more information, please contact Amy at 1-971-207-3401
Location: Montlake Library Meeting Room, 2401 24th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112
When: Sundays from 1:00pm - 3:00 pm
For more information, please contact Curtis at 1-817-901-8720.

Connect with this group by joining the Targeted Individuals Sacramento Meetup.
For information, please contact Justin at

Connect with this group by contacting Julie at
Vancouver Public Library
1428 Cedar Cottage Mews, V5N 5Z1
350 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 6B1
contact:  Genet -
Conference Calls for TI's
If you would like to be added to list, please email
Sunday at 8:30 P.M. E. Coast, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 W. Coast

The new call in # is (605) 475-4779, Access Code: 607080#
Moderator: Neal, Call ID:  Electricrose222
Moderator:  Julia
Engage in Prayer
Time:  9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/
7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
Call-in number: (515) 739-1405

Call ID: 141476
Access Code: 381878
Moderator Denise
Time 7:30 PM Every Monday night
Call In 1-867-292-3030 Access # 522 5726
Moderator:  Derrick of PACTS Int'l
Time:  9:00 EST
Call-In #:  1-319-527-2701
Access Code:  248671

Targeted Massachusetts North East Conference
9:00 PM Eastern
8:00 PM Central
7:00 PM Mountain
6:00 PM Pacific
Call-in Number; (515) 604-9715
Access Code: 708922
Join By Computer;
Moderator Frank
Freedom For Targeted Individuals
Time: 9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/
7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
 Call-in number: 515-606-5187
Access Code:  400014#
Moderator: Ella
Moderator:  Kate Ryan
New England Support Group
Time: 7:00 p.m. EST
Call-In Number:(605) 562-0444
Access Code:  133472#, Pin:  #1
Pastor Chief Daymond Jones
Time:  9:00 PM Eastern
Call-in number: 605-313-5111
Access code: 712679#
Moderator:   Chief Daymond Jones
Targeted Massachusetts - STARS, International
Time: 9:00 pm Eastern
Call-in Number: 515-604-9715
Access Code: 708922
Moderator:  Frank
FFTI & Targeted Justice Open Support Call
Time:  Begins at 9pm EST / 6pm PST every Thursday
Call In #:  1-515-739-1285
Call ID:   400014#
Targeted Massachusetts - STARS, International
Time: 9:00 pm Eastern
Call-in Number: 515-604-9715
Access Code: 708922
Moderator:  Frank
Church Conference Call
Pastor: Dr. Millicent Black
Time: 6 pm Eastern/ 5 pm Central/
4 pm Mountain/ 3 pm Pacific
Call-in number: 605-562-0444
Call ID: 140567
Pin number: 1#
Moderator:  Derrick Robinson
Time:  9:00 EST
Call-In #:  1-319-527-2701
Access Code:  248671

Moderator: Amy

Time 12:30 PM Pacific
Call-in number: 515-739-6045
Access code number 874647
On Free Conference Call.
Amy 971-207-3401
Moderator:  Janey
Time 8:00 PM EST
Call-In number: 605-313-5569
Access code number 516-586
On Free Conference Call
ID:  janeyw
Sunday Service with Rev. Dr. Ralph and Catherine Sept
Time: 4 PM Eastern/ 3 PM Central/ 2 PM Mountain/ 1 PM Pacific
Call-in number: (605) 313-5111
Access code: 403529#
Moderators: Rev. Dr. Ralph and Catherine Sept
Citizens Against Harmful Technology
We have no P.O. Box right now.

Make checks payable to CAHT, ask for a physical address by writing an email to

Membership is $30.00, comes with 60 page free booklet “How Are you BeingTargeted?”, directed energy brochure, psychiatric living will, Press Release on BAN, membership card.
Booklet: $10 includes $2 shipping. We have a supply of the newly edited 60 page booklet. Order one and receive a free copy of the Press Release on the Body Area Network.

It will be provided free to any who ask, however, if you wish to contribute for its printing, paper, ink, etc. please go to the store on our website to donate. thank you 
If you donate, please request the IRS Tax Number.
If you are having problems receiving your newsletter, try submitting another email address. Also, look in spam or trash folders or change settings in your email. 

Please print a copy of this newsletter and any newsletters you wish to maintain.  Just having them in your email won't save them. You can also copy them into a Word Document with .2 margins.  

This is an internet reference newsletter. A link to the original article is provided in the colored title line. Articles are referenced based on the subject matter that may be of interest to victims of civil rights abuses, including electronic harassment and stalking. We claim no authorship, of these references, they are presented for your education and consideration of the information. The purpose is for TI education only. The reference may contain only part of the original article due to space limitations here. CAHT neither agrees with nor disagrees with any opinions or information contained herein. Please go to the link to read the complete article. Thank you.
The information provided on this web site and those it links to, including embedded videos and other content from other web sites, is for educational purposes only. The information and products made available through this web site are not intended to provide medical advice, diagnose, treat, or cure any health conditions, or be construed as a therapeutic recommendation or prescription for any disease or symptom. The US Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated products or statements about specific products, health topics, or any suggested methods presented. Viewers should not attempt self-diagnosis or self-treatment of any kind, and should not discontinue any medication or therapy or make any health-related decisions without the advice of a licensed medical physician. You should consult with a physician or healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise, or supplementation program, before taking any medication or nutritional supplement, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. Each person is different, and the way you react to a particular product may be significantly different from the way other people react to such product. You should consult your physician or healthcare professional regarding any potential adverse interactions between medication you are currently taking and nutritional supplements before taking any such supplements. Citizens Against Harmful Technology disclaim any liability, loss, or risk incurred, directly or indirectly, as a result of the use and application of the contents of this site. If you are unwilling to be bound by this disclaimer, you should not view this site or newsletter. All content posted on this site is commentary or opinion and is protected under Free Speech. We are not responsible for content written by and hosted on third-party websites. The information on this site is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice of any kind. We assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of this material. All trademarks, registered trademarks and servicemarks mentioned on this site are the property of their respective owners. 
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