CEO Update
NYS Paramedic Practical Skills Exam Held
Our Regional Paramedic Program came to a close last Saturday with our trainees taking the NYS Practical Skills Exam. The 14-month program utilized a combination of classroom sessions and practical training to advance participants’ skills to the highest certification of Paramedic. It culminated in 19 students taking the comprehensive final skills exam here at our Training Center.  It’s a rigorous curriculum, and I commend all those who made it to the end. Everyone put in 100% effort. 

I’d like to thank instructors Rob Prichard and Mickey Forness for organizing the practical. We had multiple instructors and volunteers leading the trainees through each of the 12 stations. We couldn't have done it without everyone's help.
Olean High School Community Resources Project
I will be meeting with Olean High School health class students this semester as a partner in their Community Resources Project. I’m pleased to say the first handful of students have already walked through our doors to interview me about STHCS and our programs, partners and community initiatives. I appreciate the opportunity to listen to the students’ questions and mentor them through projects highlighting our organization among the fantastic public health resources in Olean. It gives us an opportunity to promote our mission and perhaps have a strong impact on a few young minds. Who knows? Some of them might make great health professionals someday!
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