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Thank you for your patience as we navigate through our current circumstances. 
Beginning Monday, March 16th, we will pause on our public classes through at least the week of March 30th with online options coming soon - hopefully within this week.  
We want to do what is long term best for our studio, community, the business and the health and safety of everyone from our teachers, staff, students and beyond.  We want to do our part and the right thing to minimize risk for our community and not contribute to making anything worse.

 Yoga is wonderful for all of us:
to boost our immunity, de-stress, cleanse and detox and improve our health mentally, physically and emotionally.

We are working with our teachers to provide some of their classes on our daily schedule during their normal time, type of class online vs at the studio over the next two weeks.  For example, if you usually attend Jen Miller's 4:30 pm Warm Flow - she will teach online 4:30 - 5:30 a Flow and you will have access to log in as members of the studio.
We will work with each teacher to see which classes can be available online so we can keep your consistency with your favorite teachers, classes and time slots as members of In Balance Yoga.  As I am sure you can imagine, just like every other business, we still have all of our expenses to manage during this challenging time.
We will re-evaluate before March 30th and communicate again what we will do moving forward.
Options could include - continued online classes, a reduced schedule with limited capacity, opening back up slowly a few classes at a time.  It will all depend.

- We are trying to find the balance of being cautious and not inciting fear.


- For those that are enrolled in our Yoga Teacher Training Program, we will be moving online as well.  Yoga Alliance approved online curriculum in all five teaching methodologies from today through mid-April already.  We will be in touch with you for our training next weekend.

Please also know - that I am not absent or disconnected.  I was sharing with Keala, Aaron, Jonny and Betsy - when you 100% own your own business - there is no such thing as a maternity leave or the standard American 3 months leave without checking in.  Keala does a seamless job of keeping me in the loop with all texts, emails, comments, thoughts etc, so we can continually address all needs of the studio from both our staff and clients. 

We are going to continue to monitor and check in as the situation continues to develop and communicate with you any changes or updates.


Nicole and Keala
Hope to practice with you soon! Thank You For Your Continued Support!
If you have any questions, please let us know.
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