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** SPECIAL ISSUE - March 2020 **
How You Can Protect Yourself & Others From Viruses
•  Sue's March 13 Video: COVID-19 Updates, & Support Your Immune System
•  NEW: 8-pack of Remote M.I. Group Healing Sessions Begins this week! 
•  What TWTB is Doing to Protect Your Health - and How You Can Help
•  How to Build Your Healthy Immunity Kit 
NEW VIDEO (March 13) by Sue Singleton:
COVID-19 Updates, Supporting Your Immune System, and More!
In her second video update (recorded on March 13) regarding COVID-19 and supporting your immune system, Medical Intuitive Sue Singleton shares that COVID-19 is highly likely a cross-breed of a particular Coronavirus and a SARS virus, and assures that not acting out of fear, but rather using common sense measures to cooperate all across the USA and the world will help contain COVID-19 more quickly.
The most important suggestions are the same suggested protocols as for Influenza, bronchitis or pneumonia but these practical tips are worth hearing on this new video message!
Now Available:
8-pack of Remote Medical Intuitive Group Healing Sessions
with Sue & Aaron Singleton begins the week of March 16
This week, Aaron and Sue Singleton will begin offering a package of EIGHT Remote Medical Intuitive Group Healings, ONE PER WEEK, for the next 8 weeks, ending in approximately mid-May. If necessary, it will be repeated thereafter. These half-hour remotes will be provided similarly to other remote healing sessions, in that there is no call in or webinar log-in; registrants must simply be open to the healing.
This series will specifically focus on supporting the respiratory system, boosting the immune system, and addressing potential virus, bacteria, fungus and mycoplasma exposures or illnesses.
Because the Singletons are offering these sessions in between their other events and maintaining prior commitments to their clients, exact dates and times will be posted as soon as available. Most will take place on weekends; some may be on weekday evenings. Every effort will be made to post the date of each week's healing on TWTB’s Facebook page.
This 8-session package is being offered for just $160 per person ($20 per session).
DEADLINE to REGISTER: Friday, March 20, 2020 at 4:00 PM, U.S. EST. The Remote Healings will happen once weekly for the next eight weeks. In the event you miss this deadline, the next opportunity to register for this healing series will be in approximately two weeks.
This healing opportunity is available for both
PEOPLE AND THEIR PETS, and is open to all.
What TWTB is Doing to Protect Your Health
and How You Can Help . . .
In order to maintain the health and safety of us and TWTB, as well as all of YOU, we will be doing all private sessions as DISTANT/PHONE sessions for at least two weeks. We will be at TWTB Center, so you will call on the appropriate phone line, depending on whether your appointment is with Sue or Aaron.
On WEDNESDAY of this week, we will decide whether the 3/21/20 Rings of Oden Workshop (Amesbury) and the 3/22/20 MI Group Healing (at Yoga Barn in Holderness, NH) will be held as scheduled, or postponed. We are choosing to pro-actively help flatten the curve of viral infections and help in the containment process. We’re all in this together, let’s be a great team!
All rooms at TWTB Center in Amesbury, MA have been sanitized with both an ozone generator machine, and manual sanitizing of all surfaces and doorknobs. These will be continued on a very frequent basis. Surface cleaning will be daily.
Anyone who has a cough, runny nose, fever, or feels slightly off is requested to convert his/her private healing session to a Distant Healing. Simply call the office at 978-834-0341 to convert your session. The phones have been very busy, so please leave a voicemail if no one can pick up. NOTE: the main number just listed is the only phone line that has voicemail.
Anyone who has flown on an airplane in the past 3 weeks is asked to convert to Distant Healing.
Anyone who has been potentially exposed to someone with COVID-19 or other respiratory infection, please convert to Distant Healing.
Anyone arriving for in-person events or in-person healing sessions is requested to arrive 15-20 minutes early, to sanitize his/her hands upon entry at our sanitizing station across from the front desk, then proceed to the waiting room, where a variety of immune-boosting healing tools have been set up. These include the brand-new Singleton Germ-inator, several Rings of Oden configurations focused on the immune system and various pathogens, and stress-relief/stress management.
At this time, TWTB will maintain its scheduled events at our own Amesbury Center. This will be re-assessed on a regular basis. Most events already have a Remote option. Off-site events are being re-evaluated at this time.
If we all work together and remain positively-focused, we can help squelch this virus more quickly across the USA and the world, so that the peak is more like a lower hill, instead of a giant high-peaked mountain of millions more cases. Consider Italy’s delay in responding more aggressively to the situation and how they are now needing to decide NOT to treat anyone with additional pre-existing health conditions.
How to Build Your Healthy Immunity Kit
Below for your reference and use is a list of the many products we offer to support your health and immune system. Build your Healthy Immunity Kit by visiting our website and to view or order these products, listed in the Healing Products section.
•  EOL Sinus & Bronchial Rescue
•  EOL Fire-Light Patho-Clear Serum
•  EOL Patho-Clear Liquid
•  EOL 12-Element Patho-Clear Crystals
•  EOL Patho-Clear Pendant
•  Super-Charged Quartz Matrix + Crystals
•  EOL Colloidal Silver
•  EOL Singleton Negative Ion Shower
•  EOL Singleton 7 Rays Water
•  EOL “Spring Cleaning” Detox Bath Salts (while supplies last)
•  Near Infra-Red frequency w/ EOL Ionic Gold
•  Rings of Oden formations
•  SP Immuplex
•  SP Epimune Complex
•  SP Cataplex-C
•  MH Andrographis Complex
•  MH Viranon
•  DesBio Influenza Plus/Remedy or Virus Plus
•  Wear your BMG Oxy-Kat shirt daily to enhance oxygenation of the body
•  As a bonus, your BMG Oxy-Press cards help drive oxygen deeper into the cells

The Way To Balance

Center For Advanced Healing & Training

21 Water Street

Amesbury, MA 01913


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