CEO Update
Blood Drive at STHCS
I’m pleased to report we hosted a ConnectLife blood drive Thursday here at our 150 North Union Street offices. In organizing this event, we learned there is a significant shortage of emergency blood supplies -- all blood types. Throughout the day, 41 people visited to give blood to hopefully save lives. The blood given is enough to save over 100 lives. Several of our staff members also took time from their day to donate. 

Coordinating this event and drawing a good number of participants took some special consideration in the current climate of social distancing. I’d like to thank ConnectLife and everyone who participated in the drive for selflessly giving to this important cause. If you couldn’t make it Thursday and would still like to give blood, click here to schedule an appointment or locate the next drive nearest you.
New Distance-Learning Equipment Installed
We recently completed the installation of new distance-learning (DL) equipment at STHCS. Over several days last week, staff from Solutionz performed the install to upgrade the DL devices and software in our conference room and Training Center. This latest upgrade is thanks to funding from the USDA Rural Utilities Service, which has allowed us to build our network and enhance our capacities here in Olean and at end-user sites throughout the catchment.

The new equipment here at STHCS is truly amazing. It includes two 70-inch monitors, a motion-sensitive camera and a soundbar speaker/microphone in our Conference Room and two 55-inch monitors for the back wall of the Training Center. We also purchased additional wireless connectivity options. In today’s health care world, it’s vital to be able to meet, share ideas and provide instruction without distance and travel barriers. We’re happy to provide that infrastructure. If you’re interested in utilizing these facilities, contact me at or (716) 372-0614.
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