New Thought Center of Hawaii
Peace Letter Special
March 21, 2020
In the field of infinite possibilities - we have a choice??
Let's come together like never before!
All "in person" events at the Center are suspended until further notice
Effective Today, March 21, 2020 all in person events are suspended until further notice.  You will be notified when all services resume!
We are instead offering you wonderful, stay at home options to bring more peace and love into your lives.
Please share these with others and let's heal the planet together.
Sheila Gallien's daily sunrise service
on Facebook Live. (to watch live you have to "friend" her)
Todays offering is below.
Day 5: Tuning into that "Little Voice," and the Hidden Power of Laughter of the 30 Day Sunrise HighVibin Service!  This is on YouTube recorded.
Trish Regan
is offering
How to Fearlessly & Joyfully Navigate These Changing Times
***This is a FREE gift for you!!!***
Three ~90 minute Teleseminar classes
(including 9 audio tools for you)
Contact at
Global Days of Unity
Check out is offering a wide array of spiritual, musical, powerful events. 
Spiritual leaders from around the world are offering beautiful happenings (who knew this week was the beginning of a month of Global Days of Unity?)
Warrior Breath
Sunday, March 22, 2020 from 2:00 pm HST to 3:30 pm
Michael Hemmat and Shawna Smith are offering a live streaming of this powerful class for free.
The Great Awakening
Free Live Docu-Series:  The Great Awakening with David Wilcock
Juhl says "Fantastic"
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