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March 23, 2020
Presenting: A Re-Imagined Spring Session of Music Together!
10 weeks of Musical Fun - Beauty - Family - Structure - Continuity - Community!
Sliding Scale Tuition
Normally, Music Together is quite simply just about making MUSIC, and doing it TOGETHER. Since the *Together* part has to look a little different in the coming weeks, we are adjusting our program accordingly.
Dates: March 31 - June 4, for a total of 10 weeks.
Tuition: $0 - $170
Consisting of: THREE sing-along videos per week, 15-20 minutes each.
If we can meet in person before June 4, one 45-minute class per week will supplement the videos. Those who can’t attend any class will still continue to receive videos. Most videos will be pre-recorded, so you can watch at your convenience! Once I get the hang of the video thing, I will try to Live Stream at least one one video per week. 
Also Includes: Full access to the Maracas music, including mp3 downloads, karaoke versions of the songs (via the “Hello! Everybody” app), a downloadable pdf with the basic musical notation of all the Maracas music, printable song cards and activities, other online resources.
Optional: Maracas CD and full-color illustrated songbook (minimum tuition of $50)
How to Register
Register online under the class time that you are most likely able to attend when we return to the normal class schedule. Enroll all siblings ages 0-5. All siblings are free.
Full tuition is $170 per family.
If you cannot pay the full tuition, create your own Coupon Code for the amount you’d like deducted.
Use LoveSpring as the prefix (case sensitive), then follow with any amount divisible by 5.
If you can pay $80, use Coupon Code LoveSpring90, which will deduct $90 at checkout for a total of $80. If you can pay $135, then use Coupon Code LoveSpring35, which will deduct $35 at checkout. And so on. If you can pay $0, then use Coupon Code LoveSpring170, which will deduct the full tuition amount.
If none of the available class times would work for you once we start meeting in person, remember you’ll still receive a full 10 weeks of 3 videos per week! Please register in the *Proxy* class set for 12:00 AM on Sundays, just so I can have you set up in the system and be able to count you.
Maracas CD and Songbook
Just for this Spring Session 2020, the CDs and Songbook are optional. I strongly suggest you get them if you can.
You must pay at least $50 tuition to have the CD/Songbook included, and you must meet me to pick them up or cover for postage. Even if you opt out of the CD/Songbook, you will still get a code to access the mp3’s and online resources.
Pick-up Times and Dates (I’ll be wearing gloves and staying 10 feet away.):
Monday, March 30, 9 AM - 12 PM, Trinity United Methodist parking lot
Tuesday, March 31, 10 AM - 12 PM, neighborhood street near Brooks Howell Home
Postage - included if you’re paying more than $120. Please factor in $5 to your tuition if paying less than $120.
Family Sing-Along, NOT Screen-Based Babysitting :
The recommended screen-time limits for children under 5 are very low. Some parents feel very strongly about limiting screen time; I know I still do, even though mine are now 9 and 14. These Sing-Along videos are different in that they are basically small chunks of actual Music Together classes. I will be leading exactly the same types of activities that I would in the classroom, and it is crucial - just as it is in class - that parents and caregivers participate! 
What I want everyone to get from these videos is a precious 15-20 minutes of family connection and musical foundation building through singing, chanting, finger-plays, instrument-play, large movement fun, and more. Older siblings are welcome, and sometimes you'll be invited to contribute your names and/or substitution ideas before the video is made!
Proprietary, Not for Sharing
Only folks who register will have access to the videos. The Music Together curriculum and materials are copy-right protected and licensed. Please not share your registration with a friend. You certainly may share the video links/passwords with grandparents, nannies, and other caregivers of your children, with the understanding that they should sing and dance along as they are able!
Hard Work, Not (entirely) a Free Gift
I am working harder on my Music Together lesson plans and presentations than I ever have in the 14+ years I’ve been teaching Music Together! Video takes me completely out of my comfort zone; plus I have to plan and write out every idea in advance. As always, I want this wonderful program to be available all who really value it, and Music Together Worldwide is generously offering unprecedented flexibility to its 3000+ Music Together centers around the world in terms of our fees. Please contribute whatever you can financially.
Community Building
When we are able to come back together face-to-face and give hugs, handshakes, and high fives again (tearing up here - I miss you all!), we are going to be able to look back to the weeks we spent doing Music Together online and realize that we were indeed singing and playing together, even though we weren’t able to see and hear each other in the moment. Not only will you be singing and dancing with families all around the Asheville area, you’ll be singing and dancing with families who are sheltering in their homes in Italy, Spain, Canada, Taiwan, China, Japan, the UK, and many other places. Music Together is a worldwide community, with 3000+ centers!
This is a rare chance to broaden our community to aunts, uncles, friends, cousins who live somewhere that Music Together is not available. If you have nieces or nephews (and sisters/brothers) you’d love to share Music Together with, please invite them, even if they live in Timbuktu!
Register now, and join our online Music Together community, until we can come together face-to-face again! Just hit reply if you have any questions!
Thank you!
Kari Richmond
Asheville Area Music Together

Asheville Area Music Together  •  11 Talmadge St.  •  Asheville, NC 28806

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