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Orion as Expressed through Elisabeth Y Fitzhugh
as Expressed Through
Elisabeth Y Fitzhugh
Unity Is
Orion on These Challenging Times - 2020 - C19
Dear Ones, We are reaching out to you today as we all find ourselves in a new territory, another time, another place. Your old inner maps now require frequent updating and what is still familiar is from a different perspective. Our inner maps now asks for a 'Second Attention' as the teacher Don Miguel speaks of. That first impulse to reach out to a friend, now asks you to pause, to recognize what is the truly best option for right here and now. Our pace has altered and we are asked by reality, to pay a close attention, to make a space - literally and physically; to think it through.
We are asked by reality to pace ourselves, to stop and listen, to know that our intuitions may be flowing from a different perspective and what would have felt the 'natural' thing to do a few weeks ago, now needs to be tempered; another choice may need to be made.
Many of you may come to different understandings of what is important and essential; what is truly valued. You may discover how you can allow yourself to make different choices, feel differently about things, now based on necessity in this reality that has occurred. And this is the learning that each of you can explore and take away to understand even further later when life shifts once again.
To us, what is most relevant now is how you respond to and work with this reality that has occurred and that your are part of. Acknowledgment of the actuality of now is the foundation of forging your responses and understandings. It can be easy for our philosophies to lead us to feel an ongoing independence from the world, and in that sense of independence, we can think that we alone in ourselves can reshape the events in our lives. It can become possible for us to not recognize that we are interwoven with and embedded in the era of our lives. We are impacted by the times we live in. Even those who live in isolation from 'culture' are part of the energetic dance that is Life.
Unity, the interconnection of all things, flows and moves in so many aspects and difficult, challenging events do occur in this movement. Individuals such as yourself are left with finding how do they cope with, manage and be with the actuality that occurs. Unity is often felt as a lovely unifying element and is one of solace and comfort. But within the dancing energy of Unity are all the life-changing events of life - volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, war, humankind being cruel to humankind and yes, bacteria, viruses and illness.
These 'negative' emergences do not negate the beauty and power of recognizing oneself within Unity; of knowing with deep sensing-awareness that life is interconnected - that always endures. At the same time, our sense of wonder and joy within Unity, does not negate or protect us from challenge, difficulty and disruption. Rather, it gives us strength, insight and clarity to be with what comes to us.
We will offer no mythos of the 'whys' of this challenging time. Again, we stress that the most relevant thing is how we 'be with' that which is here, as it is, down on the ground. One can take learnings from the events, systems and nations can take learnings from this event as you are now part of this great swoop of history. 'Taking' meaning, 'making' meaning, 'finding' meaning in our understandings, choices and actions is the option we are most interested in supporting you with.
Embrace the 'Second Attention'- consider and reconsider. We join you in what you already know and are saying to each other. Reach out. Offer help. Ask for help. When fears arise, let them have a voice. Today's situation may bring echoes of other difficult times; of times when you felt or were powerless and not in control. Allow those voices to speak; by listening and acknowledging them, you can find a way to stand aside them. Let concern and fear have an acknowledged seat at the table. But other guests at the table are strength and wisdom. Hold optimism. Share beauty. Share scenes of nature and babies and animals who make us smile. Share silly jokes and angry tirades if that arises.
As always, we have to let all aspects have a seat at the table, but in the end we choose to listen more clearly to and act upon those 'speakers' who hold messages that move us in supportive ways. This is the choice to make - that which supports - us and others. And further, it is fully aligned and required for balance, to stop untruths, to declare errors are made, to correct that which has failed or causes failures.
We see the radiating beauty of people standing in connection and courage during this time. It is like a luminous aura extending over the globe. Small and large acts. Hand in hand while we cannot hold hands. There is challenge, there is difficulty but the aura above it all is beauty. We know you sense it too.
With deep love, Take good care.
 Image by Deb Booth - Different Light Studio
Dear Friends, Let me join Orion in wishing you all great, good care. 
Orion says we always speak and share for each other and now we are 
speaking, sharing and also caring for each other. 
Most Fondly, Elisabeth
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