A Message About Our Governor's Leadership
First, I hope this email finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. These are challenging times for our state and nation. Like you, we are hunkered down and praying for the very best.
As Georgians, we are fortunate to have a bold leader like Brian Kemp who is on the frontlines of this fight against COVID-19. Thanks to his steady hand, we will overcome the challenges ahead and emerge stronger than ever.
This is a time for Georgians to unite and weather this storm together. Let's do everything we can to support Governor Kemp as he leads us through this healthcare crisis.
Keep Choppin',
Team Kemp 
The Facts: Georgia’s Response to COVID-19 
Since launching the Coronavirus Task Force in February of this year, Governor Kemp has taken measured steps – informed by data, science, and advice from healthcare professionals – to protect Georgians from COVID-19.
Over the past six weeks, Governor Kemp has remained transparent, accessible, and proactive – hosting press conferences, participating in conference calls with government leaders, and conducting interviews with press outlets across the state.
As infection rates increased, the Governor issued additional guidance and orders to safeguard the citizens he is honored to serve. Since the beginning, Governor Kemp has been in constant communication with the White House, CDC, Dr. Kathleen Toomey, and others on the frontlines to make strategic, live-saving decisions in a timely manner.
After closing down schools, bars, nightclubs, large gatherings, and ordering the medically fragile to remain inside, Governor Kemp and the Coronavirus Task Force continued their conversations about Georgia’s next step forward in the battle against COVID-19.
Given the new models that show Georgia will need more time to prepare for hospital surge capacity, the recognition of heightened levels of community transmission, and the recommendation of healthcare experts like Dr. Toomey, Governor Kemp announced that Georgia would be under a Shelter in Place order until April 13.
This decision was not guided by politics, public opinion, or pressure from the media but by data, science, and experts on the state and federal level. Governor Kemp has – and will continue to – put the health and well-being of Georgians first.
Sadly, some want to play politics during this global pandemic – questioning Governor Kemp’s leadership and distorting his words to score cheap political points.
During the Governor’s press conference on Wednesday, April 1, 2020, he announced, “another measured, strategic step forward” and cited multiple reasons for a Shelter in Place order.
In addition to stating that, “new models show that Georgia will need more time to prepare for hospital surge capacity”, Governor Kemp referenced new information provided by the CDC regarding asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic individuals.
Said Kemp, “Over the past forty-eight hours, the modeling and data have dramatically changed for Georgia. The CDC just announced that individuals can be infected and begin to spread coronavirus earlier than previously thought – even if they have no symptoms. From a public health standpoint, this revelation is a gamechanger.”
The “revelation” mentioned is from CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield that upwards of 25% of individuals with COVID-19 are asymptomatic - "a greater number of people than we previously thought" - and “we have individuals who are transmitting 48 hours before they become symptomatic” – contributing to heightened levels of community transmission.
While only one of many factors considered by Kemp and the Coronavirus Task Force, Redfield’s comments were significant. New models would be required to better track and predict the spread of COVID-19 in Georgia. The potential impact is alarming.
The fact that asymptomatic individuals can transmit Coronavirus is well-known. The Governor has mentioned it countless times since launching the Task Force. He is incredibly well versed on this virus and its impact. Assertions to the contrary are completely baseless.
By actively working to discredit Brian Kemp and his Coronavirus Task Force, the fake news media and their friends on the left are attempting to shame our Governor - and those who voted for him. He beat their beloved candidate in the 2018 gubernatorial campaign, and they will stop at nothing to tear him down.
Now is not the time for pandemic politics. It’s time for Georgians to unite together and support Governor Kemp and his team who are using data, science, and experts to chart a measured path forward.
We can’t let the attacks distract us from our efforts to flatten the curve and stop COVID-19 in Georgia. Hunker down and keep choppin'!
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