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A Look into Whistler's Real Estate Market

Real estate markets in the first quarter of 2020 in Whistler and Pemberton followed trends experienced throughout southwestern BC with a strong and improving marketplace during January and February, followed by a significant slow down in March as result of a global and local shutdown of most parts of the economy and society due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The numbers for the quarter are as follows; in Whistler, 110 new firm transactions were reported as compared to 151 in the previous quarter and 131 for the same quarter in 2019. This as largely a result of a 50% drop in activity during the month of March as compared to the previous month or March 2019.
Despite these lower levels of activity, values either remained steady or increased slightly. The overall average transaction value in the first quarter was $1,482,000 as compared to $1,247,000 at the end of 2019. Dollar per square foot sales value has also remained...
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Pemberton Businesses OPEN During COVID-19
During these times it is important to show our support by shopping and buying locally as much as possible. We are so proud and honoured to live in such an innovative, creative community who are doing everything they can to keep open during such unique times.
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House Searching During COVID-19
House searching during COVID-19 is a little different from your typical day-to-day house hunting. Here are a few changes and creative ideas that can help you be prepared when it comes to looking for a house with your realtor!
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House Search From Your Couch with Virtual Tours!
Whistler may be doing its part to stop the curve, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop shopping for your dream home! There are plenty of Whistler and
Pemberton properties you can view all from the comfort (and safety!) of your couch.
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We're Still Working...From Home!
Now more than ever it is important to speak to your Whistler Real Estate advisor to help you navigate through our specialized and dynamic marketplace as we work through the coming months.
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Together as a team, we wanted to show our appreciation to all the dedicated, front line workers that are out there keeping our community safe and strong during this time.
This Thank You Video of our realtors and their families shows physical distancing, working from home and giving thanks with a little fun and creativity. 
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