CEO Update
Care Coordination Essentials
Our STHCS staff members, Toni Cottone and Jordan Taylor have just completed the Care Coordination Essentials program. This program offered by ATHOS, which is a division of the WNY R-AHEC.
This 9-week class focused on care coordination. The care coordination curriculum is designed to train and enhance healthcare providers whose functional responsibility includes care coordination. This class teaches specific techniques to upgrade patient center care to improve the delivery of culturally appropriate health care services and reinforces professional behaviors in the workplace.  I would like to congratulate Toni and Jordan and thank them for devoting time to this project.        

COVID-19 EMS Response
In this very uncertain time during the Coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to show my appreciation for all the healthcare providers for what they are doing to help combat the pandemic.
Providers from all three counties have been preparing for the possible increase of COVID-19 cases that may come to our area. The importance of PPE and sanitizing as well as helping providers to recognize symptoms has been a crucial part in preparation for what may happen.
I want to thank the local hospitals, county offices of emergency services as well as the EMS providers for all of their hard work to continue to keep our communities safe during this time. 
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