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Saladmaster Foodture
You're Invited to a Cooking & Nutrition Class
We are excited that you are going to part of our
Virtual Cooking & Nutrition Class
on a Zoom video call.
  The Checklist:

Cooking Show Ingredients

Hosting a Nutrition & cooking video zoom demo

Here are a few essential ingredients:
  •  Date and time that fits you & your spouse/partners schedule to watch our 1.5-hour class.
  •  1 carrots and a hand grater, 1  half glass of water, fork, small plate.
  •  3 of your favorite pans/pots ready for an educational test. example: stainless steel/ enamel/ nonstick/ cast iron or whatever you use.
  •  4 cups water, 1 glass, 4 teaspoons baking soda
  • We need all guests to watch the entire dinner show, so your friend______ can earn their gift.
  • Please ensure that no television or other audio or video is playing during the live demo—it’s a fun, educational time.
  • If children will be present, we need your help. Please have someone or something entertaining them during the event. We love kids to watch the cooking segment of our demo.
  •  Fill out a short questionnaire on how you liked the event and how the food was cooked & prepared. 
Here's how to prep your pan:
   -Take 1 cup water & 1 heaping tsp baking soda
   - Boil water & baking soda solution for 8-10 mins on high.  
   - When the 1 cup water dissolves into 1/4c.  
   - Then take the pan off of the heat and let the water cool.  
Have one glass of water with a tsp of baking soda and stir.
 Do you want to earn a Gift by Referring 3 Friends/Couples?
 Looking forward to a great  Virtual class,
with your help …
Your Saladmaster Cooking Coach
E-mail me ____ for more info or to book your dinner now!


You can EARN this Saladmaster Machine
Just referring 3 friends (households).

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