Jaguar Warrior, Jaguar Love
with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
May 15th & May 22nd * 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Jaguar Medicine is well known throughout South America but as I always see South America & North America are one in the same One America.
The K'iche' people still refer to the three bright stars in Orion as "the hearth stones", Orion is also called the turtle stars (ak' ek), depicted in the Madrid Codex as a turtle with three tun ("stone") glyphs on its back. Because the sky has not yet been raised, the hearth is a location in both earth and sky. The turtle shell is an earth symbol, we are known as Turtle Island it is here the place of Creation, where the sky will rise and meet the Earth.
The Jaguar's medicine opens up our vision to see clearly the roads of chaos and the patterns within them.  As we open ourselves into the shift as we work with the Cosmos to understand the patterns of chaos of our time and move into the unknown darkness without fear to be able to work with the Jaguar Warrior.
Combined with the deep soul work of personal empowerment and reclaim our power through the power of Jaguar Love.
Reverend Grandmother of the Jaguar feminine energy, known as Jaguar Love & Lady medicine that relates also to the love of the Earth mother of sustenance, who connects us to our familiars that allow us to join into the shifts creating our shields of protection through Love.
We are facing a worldwide calamity and we have come to a standstill point, our body, mind and Spirit trying to remember the sweet harmony within the cosmos within our life.
To be in this world and enter the other worlds in order to transform the heart, mind and spirit working through the powerful being Jaguar.
We begin the first day working with Jaguar warrior, through journey work and retrieving unknown parts of ourselves places of emptiness, loss, fear and blockages. Meditations shared in aligning to the stars for movement and asking for assistance. Chants shared of sustenance to hold the Jaguar medicine within.
On our next class we work with Jaguar Love, Spirit of Grandmother who opens the portal of life and death, movement of the Milky Way and moving within the planets to align us once again. Reminding us to be humble and allow to remember to create your beauty and share it as a gift to the center to the heart of the Sky and the heart of the Earth.
If you never have experienced Jaguar Medicine, I always say the time is now. And if you have participated in a yearly past series of Sun-Eyed Snake Jaguar, Enter the Feminine Jaguar Medicine Wheel, The Caves of Balam Jaguar, One Heart Balam and One Balam Jaguar Spirit and Jaguar Feminine Energy, then we continue within the path of the Jaguar Medicine as we enter to work with the signs of the times.
Cost for Two Day Class: $111
One Day Class: $60
For Information & to Register email Irma at
Or Register & pay via Eventbrite
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Shamanic Fire Reiki Soul Haven  •  56 West 45th Street, Suite 1702  •  NY, New York 10036

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