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May 2020 Newsletter

This month's header image courtesy of Karen Bexfield and Winterowd Fine Art

A Note from Harry and Brian

The Board has voted to extend all memberships by six months, reflecting the necessary lack of activity during the pandemic crisis and our appreciation for everyone’s choice to be a member and support glass art in New Mexico.

It has been two months since our last newsletter and in that short time the whole world has changed. It has become clear that GANM needs to expand its efforts in new directions to help our galleries, artists, collectors and members meet the goals we all share. We know, more than ever, that art—including glass art—has a significant role to play in helping people appreciate the boundless creativity and energy of the human spirit.

Undeterred by the virus, we recently awarded a scholarship to Steffen Plistermann, who works out of Prairie Dog Glass and Liquid Light Glass. The Scholarship Committee and the Board were impressed with Steffen’s past and current glass work, and his detailed plans for artistic growth. Up until now, Steffen has always worked solo, but with this scholarship money he will be able to hire an assistant to help him create larger and more complex pieces, as creating larger pieces is physically and sometimes technically impossible without assistance. We look forward to following Steffen in his endeavors and seeing the results of his efforts. See the two following images of Steffen’s recent work.

Glass art from Steffen Plistermann, from the Topaz series (l) and the Pink Sandstonr series (r)

Our Facebook presence is becoming more important by providing a path for timely communication. We are hopeful that our Maestro program will soon restart, albeit with tweaks to our format to allow for more space to make attendees feel comfortable. Our use of new and/or different ways to communicate and be helpful are also being considered.

This Newsletter contains a listing of current happenings at our member galleries and their contact information. We have also listed a number of artist resources that can hopefully be useful. Keeping up with our artist and gallery members is most important, whether through their websites and gallery affiliations or other means of communication.

The Board invites your input, thoughts, and suggestions on how GANM can better serve its members. Please direct ideas and inquiries to; they will be shared with all board members.

Be safe and well,

Harry and Brian

Video Interview with Brian Weiss

Click on this picture to view the video on YouTube!

Brian Weiss is vice-president of the GANM board of directors. He and his wife Joan and their golden retriever Abby have lived in Santa Fe since 2018. Their previously-limited glass collection is rapidly expanding.

Brian Weiss

Brian is a non-fiction writer, former college professor (UCLA and the University of Michigan), and was one of the original members of Angel Flight, an organization that provides free transportation in private aircraft for people without the means to reach needed medical care. He holds a master’s degree in anthropology from UNM, and did a year-and-a-half of doctoral fieldwork on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua with the Miskito Indians, where he made two films that were in distribution for almost 40 years. His anthropology background and general curiosity created an interest in how glass has been a medium for both artistic expression and practical use in cultures around the globe for thousands of years.

Brian Weiss art

Thank you to New and Renewing Members!
  • Hall Acuff and Gail Samota
  • Carol Lujan
  • Paul Messink
  • Darlene Moore
  • Jayne Nordstrom
  • Steffen Plistermann
  • Gaye and Harry Pollitt
  • Enid Tidwell
Let us know of any events or volunteering opportunities that can make your membership more enjoyable!

If you are not yet a member and want to join GANM, please go to our website:

Gallery Member News

This and the next section (Artist Resources) are devoted to the backbone of GANM: Our gallery and artist members. We encourage staying supportive in any way possible. In the case of the galleries, most have worked very hard on their websites, and along with other communications, showcase beautiful works that are available. Most galleries represent art beyond glass, but our focus remains glass for purposes of our listings. Please note that our galleries are complying with guidelines and regulations relating to COVID-19 precautions. Check with the galleries for current status of events, classes and/or access.

Blue Rain Gallery, Works by Preston Singletary (including collaborations with Dante Marioni and Jody Naranjo), Shelley Muzylowski Allen, Rik Allen, Dan Friday, Ethan Stern, Nancy Callan, Benjamin Cobb and Leroy Garcia. A highlight event at the gallery will be an invitational glass show curated by Shelly Muzylowski Allen, to be held June 11—July 4. It will feature 22 artists. There will be a robust schedule of special events starting with the opening on June 11 and including an afternoon panel discussion prior to the opening, as well as glass blowing and flame working demonstrations Friday and Saturday. Go to the Blue Rain website to be kept advised on these activities.

Bullseye Santa Fe,, supplies glass for art and architecture. In addition, Bullseye has available a wide range of videos, from introductions to glass to artist demonstrations and publications. Glass classes are regularly available. Bullseye has convenient online and phone ordering available, as well as contactless pickup, given the current environment.

Gerald Peters Contemporary, In addition to representing Karen LaMonte, just arriving in inventory is a 1988 Dale Chihuly Macchia Series piece titled Cerulean Blue Macchia with Ultramarine Lip Wrap. This series ushered in a new era of engagement, showing Chihuly’s mastery of color. See image below.

Glass art from Gerald Peters Contemporary Gallery

Globe Fine Art,, represents Curt Sullan, Tim Stover, Bruce Pizzichillo, Ruben Fasani, Gerry Newcomb, Laura Goodwin, Brian Russell, Alice Gebhardt, Kit Karbler and Peter Zelle.

Kenn Holsten Galleries,, is a virtual gallery. Recent featured artists include: Lino Tagliapietra, Ross Richmond, Preston Singletary, and Dale Chihuly.

LewAllen Galleries,, represents Latchezar Boyadjiev, Peter Bremers, Matthew Curtis, John Kiley, Steve Klein, Lucy Lyon, Carmen Vetter, Hiroshi Yamano and Veruska Vagen.

Liquid Light Glass,, represents Elodie Holmes (including collaborative work with Enrico Embroil), Jannine Cabossel, Cia Thorne, Al Leedom, Steffen Plistermann, Sabina Holloway, and Tony Weber. Glass classes and demonstrations are regularly available.

Lujan Glass Studio, represents Chris Bogle, Shelby Kaye, Kacey McCreery and Ira Lujan.

Palette Contemporary Art & Craft,, 505-855-7777, Beginning May 5th and extending thru July 4th, 2020, Palette will offer a 20% price discount on works by the following glass artists: Lynne Rachel-Altman, Renato Foti, Asot Haas, Wendy Hannam, Jamie Harris, Katrina Hude, K.Hyewook-Huh, Jesper Johansen, and Sarah Nelson. This is a Special Sale for Glass Alliance - New Mexico members only and is not posted on Palette's website. Please contact Palette with any questions or to purchase pieces from this fine group of international artists. Palette represents a large number of glass artists in addition to the above (see website for images).

Prairie Dog Glass,, is a glass blowing studio and gallery, which represents Patrick Morrissey, Mary Elsesser, Margo Nieman, Robert (Spooner) Marcus, Steffen Plistermann, Laura Goodwin, and Ira Lujan. Glass classes are regularly available, as well as demonstrations.

Tesuque Glass Works, shows work by Charlie Miner, David J. Shanfeld, Sabina Holloway, Jaira Avila, George O’Grady, Terry Baker, Adam Herrera and Greg Barringer. Glass classes and demonstrations are regularly available.

Winterowd Fine Art,, and Kay Contemporary Art,, represent Alex Gabriel Bernstein, Karen Bexfield, Dylan Martinez and Mark Leputa. Artist videos and gallery tours are on both websites.

Artist Resources
In this difficult time, there seem to be increased sources for artists. The following sites should serve as initial steps to locate opportunities.

In this issue:
   1. A Note from Harry and Brian
   2. Video Interview with Brian Weiss
   3. Thank You to Members
   4. Gallery Member News
   5. Artist Resources
   6. Glass Events to Know About
   7. Call For Artists
   8. Board and Committee Listing

Glass Events to Know About

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

Ongoing on Fridays

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass is hosting an every Friday meet-up via Zoom focusing on artists, museums and collectors. The next one, on Friday May 8 will feature Aaron Schey of Habatat Galleries giving a preview of the Glass 48 Direct exhibition that launches that day. Stay in touch by tuning in to this regular event.

Go to for details.

Corning Museum of Glass


Corning Museum of Glass has started a “Watch the Artist” series to keep interactions between those interested in the glass arts and artists moving ahead during this difficult time. They also offer “Top 10 ways to experience the museum digitally” and virtual tours of the galleries.

Go to for details.

The Getty Museum


The Getty Museum is offering digital access to the 5000+ glass pieces in its collection online. Digitized books on glass art are also available.

Go to for details.

The Glass Art Society

May 21-23

The Glass Art Society is hosting the GAS 2020 Virtual Conference, free, starting Thursday, May 21 and going through May 23. It will feature live and prerecorded presentations, lectures. tours and happy hours.

Go to for details.

Call For Artists

Solstice: Create Art for Earth Exhibition at Turner Carroll Gallery in Santa Fe, in partnership with Judy Chicago. For discussion and more information, download the full submission guidelines.


To reach the GANM Board, please email

Harry L. Miller
President, Newsletter Editor

Brian Weiss
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Steve Harris

Tom Murdock

Eileen Miles Biggs

Susan A. Hancock

Willi Haye
Scholarship/Grants Chair

Lucy Lyon

Sarah Nelson
Communications Chair

Ellen Premack
Fundraising Chair

Jerry Silverstein
Maestro Chair

Leslie Walker-Hirsch
Membership Chair

Marianne Bjelke
Newsletter Publisher

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