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May 18, 2020 Newsletter 
Welcome my friends wherever you are. 
Stay Safe and Spread Love.
Shamanic wisdom teaches us that we are all connected in invisible translucent filaments. That is The Web-of-Life. Each action and every thought we take reverberates and causes a reaction in the fabric of the whole universe. We are one family on this Earth, which includes humans, animals, plants, elements, minerals, and the cosmos. Embodying that knowledge obliges us to live in greater awareness and take more personal responsibility, as we are all shamans. 
I invite you to expand your consciousness through the following teachings.
At this time of the Coronavirus pandemic I only provide an online, Zoom, Skype or phone sessions.

1.Personal Shamanic Healing - 90 minutes Healing session
On Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. (See availability)

2. Shamanic Counseling - 40 minutes Counseling session
Mondays, and Wednesdays. 3:00; 4:00 and 5:00 pm (EST) (See availability)

3. Free Global Shamanic Healing Support Group - 90 minutes sessions
Tuesdays & Fridays at 11 am -12:30 (New York-EST) - email If interested 
Claim Your Free Pass my talk is on Tuesday, May 19 at 9 AM (EST)
[FREE SUMMIT] Join Dr. Zaino, CEO George Shepherd, and 20+ other experts, including me, as we offer to coach you during this live event, along with the TOP community leaders.
Turn Your Anxiousness, Depression, and Burn Out into Success, Happiness, And a Life Of Purpose.
Discover how to stare into the face of adversity to find your heroic purpose in life, eliminate your anxiety, find a job that inspires you, leave a living legacy, remove negative relationships that no longer support your genius, and so much more!
Register Now And Claim Your Free Pass For This Life-Changing Summit! Please click and join in.
EXPERIENCE THE GIFT OF DYING - Journey to the underworld & back

In this experiential webinar, we will be navigating through our current cosmic tides, which are fundamentally dominated by Pluto, the god of the underworld. Pluto has just crossed the plane of the ecliptic (last time was 1930) and is powerfully aligning with Saturn and Jupiter, ending and opening new historical cycles. This is the deep catharsis we all feel, the ‘metabolic' acceleration of change in the world and our souls.

Pluto reflects the deepest core of our psyche, the shadows of our inner underworld. It is the power of transformation, the primordial pain, and ecstasy of dying and giving birth. The Plutonian archetype holds the essence of shamanic power, the initiation journey of confronting one's mortality, and the deepest fears–and desires–attached to it. Pluto teaches us to die for us to live fully. He teaches us to let go of the old, cleanses our deepest wounds, transforms, and heals from the roots up.
Connect to Pluto’s powers, along with those of Saturn and Jupiter, to consciously participate and navigate through his current decrees, to experience his inner strength, which, if used right, can heal any wound and turn any lead into gold.
The webinar integrates the knowledge of astrology with the use of shamanic tools and perspectives, to engage wholeheartedly with the prevailing powers at work, to increase and accelerate healing, creative potential, and inner growth.
The event start at 1pm EST, 6pm UK time, 7pm CEST. The recording will be available for all ticket holders for 14 days.

on Saturday, May 23 and meet my friend Susana Mama (who is one of the 10 shamans/teachers at The Andes Summit) for powerful workshop that will open your heart wide.
Anyone is welcomed, no experience is needed. 
Email us if you like to participate.

Free Summit- Sign up and hear my discussion on Wed. May 20th 
Catch me and 21 other top astrologers and shamanic teachers on this FREE summit starting May 4. My friend Suzanne Gerber has gathered a veritable tribe of experts and way-showers (Including my friend the great Israeli astrologer Michael Ofek) to teach you how to use the wisdom of the stars and ancient practices to attract love and career success and live in alignment with your soul’s purpose.
Sign up for free

The Open Center is offering this intensive foundational apprenticeship for the first time as a cohesive training for novices, shamanic practitioners, energy healers, counselors, and anyone interested in understanding the perspectives and practices of shamanic healing. In these trainings, we will perform hands-on practices with classmates and others.
Reschedule to June 26-28 2020 (Please check)
Join don Miguel Ruiz and me in Sedona!  Dear friends, I am so pleased to announce that I am teaching at the upcoming Gathering of the Shamans in end of June 2020 with don Miguel Ruiz and other leading shamanic teachers. Please click here now to learn all about this event and reserve your spot early. When you join us at this Gathering of the Shamans, you will have the opportunity to have embodied experiences that can produce lasting change after you return home.
The Beauty in Shamanism - Join me in Colorado

September 4-7, 2020
Itzhak brings wisdom from the Ecuadorian Andes & The Brazilian Amazon to us.
Our past events with him have been filled with joy and wonder.
* * * 
Guayusa Amazonian Dream Tea and Rapé Ceremony
September 4 at 7pm -10pm
* * * 
The Gift in Trauma: Realizing Soul-led Life Purpose
September 5-6 10am-4pm daily
* * * 
La Limpia -The Andes energy purification ceremony 
Private Healing Ceremonies 
September 7 by appointment (register ear
* * * 
Where: The Sacred Earth Sanctuary
(See more weekly events at The NY Shamanic Circle - which I co-founded)

April 28-May 25, 2020 ​- Reclaim Your Hero Summit - 360Summits's webinar. Listen to my talk on Tue., May 19 at 9 AM (EST).
May 4 - 22- The Astrology & Shamanism Summit - Free Webinar host by Suzanne Gerber -My talk is on Wed. May 20
May 12; 19; 26 -  Discover Your Life Purpose & Life Lessons: Hand Analysis & Shamanism Online Zoom Webinar with Richard Unger and Itzhak Beery
Part II Certificate Training at the NY Open Center - Mini apprenticeship program (6-9pm)
May 7 - La Limpia: Andean Energy Cleansing & Rejuvenation - Free Intro. 6pm
May 14- Jun. 4 -  La Limpia: Andean Energy Cleansing & Rejuvenation - 4 classes
May 27 - THE HEALING GIFTS OF DYING: Pluto - Journeys into the underworld
Astrology Magic and Ancestral Shamanism
 with Michael Ofek
June 1 - “Establish Self Love. Reduce the Inner Critic, Reclaim Your Body and
Find the Real You.”
 Free Online. Host Tricia Reid. 

June 26-28 - The Gathering of the Shamans - Insights Events- Sedona, Arizona
Part III Certificate Training at the NY Open Center - Mini apprenticeship program (6-9pm)
July 2 - Soul Mending: How to Heal Traumas with Soul Retrieval - Free Intro 6pm
Jul 16-Aug 6 - Soul Mending: How to Heal Traumas with Soul Retrieval - 4 classes 
Aug. 7-31- OFF
​Sep. 4 - Guayusa Dream Tea & Rapee Ceremony -The SacredEarth Foundation, Florissant CO.
Sep. 5 -6 - The Gift in Trauma: discover your Life Purpose The Sacred Earth Foundation, Florissant CO. (Private healing available)
Nov. 15-20 - IFS and Shamanism for Healing Traumas and Personal Growth - Kripalu Center. MA
Special Notes:
- Do you know of a kind hearted WordPress maverick with lots of experience to build a site with extensive database & a store, let me know.
- I need a new healing/treatment space. Let me know if you have/know of a space that can be soundproof, and I can burn sage and candles. Big enough for 15-20 to sit in a circle. I must complete the move on May 30.
- If you are a shamanic artist (photo, visual), and want to be featured at SPQR (Shaman Portal Literary Magazine, send me an email.
- Please submit your shamanic Journeying stories for a new book I am working on how to decipher them
Thrive Inside with host Bill Eager- COVID-19

Shamanic grounding technique and practical
advice about connecting with nature, aligning
your energy with the cosmos and the power
of dreaming. (27:38)
Here is the link to this interview:
The Spiritual Warrior:

Become Your Truest Self by
Transforming your Past into
Power and Wisdom”
Hosted by Elizabeth Osmer.
I was honored to joined 21 speakers
for this powerful masterclass.
Or click on the image
Please take some time to listen to our panel. Kelsey Consciousness, Alison Yendell, Kevin Walton, and me. Hosted beautifully by Kai Cole and Dell.
It was such a great honor to share with these wonderful souls.
Thank You, Kai Cole, and Dell for the opportunity to share some of my thoughts about the shamanic teaching at this time of Coronvirus pandemic. For those of you who missed this passionate live discussion, here is the recording. I would love to hear your feedback.
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“A beautifully crafted and inspiring work. Beery is a modern-day shaman who reveals to us the landscape of the soul in a profound and deeply transformative way. Read this book!” 

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., author of Shaman, Healer, Sage and One Spirit Medicine
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"The healing has been so helpful. I haven’t had a migraine all week, which is rare."
"My session today was a true blessing. I feel alive and awakened in a way that is difficult to explain. I’m so grateful to have found you."
"it was one of the most profound experiences and set of insights I have ever had!!!!!!!!! So rich and so surprising!…I am very grateful for and appreciative of your help for me."
Learn more: The NY Shamanic Circle & Shaman Portal
For more shamanic teaching and events check out the group I co-founded in 1997 - We hold different Online (Now) FREE circles: General Open Center, Women's Circle, each month, We also have a monthly workshops by visiting shamans from around the world and other community events.
Shaman Portal, the site I founded in 2007 is perhaps the most visited and informative shamanic website today. It serve ALL Shamanic practitioners from every tradition and for those who are interested in walking on the shamanic Path.

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