Adventure Center of Asheville is
NOW OPEN 7 days a week!

All of our activities are open with amended attendance and schedules, extensive COVID-19 protocols (face coverings required), and new social distancing and cleaning procedures. You can find the latest information here.
As industry leaders in safety, service and risk management, we are carefully following the plans of Buncombe County and North Carolina regulators. Safety continues to be our main focus for all who work and visit the Adventure Center. Therefore, our daily safety training and protocols now include public health considerations brought about by COVID-19.

RESERVATIONS ARE SUGGESTED for all guests! or 877.247.5539
Epic Summer Day Camp Experiences at the Adventure Center of Asheville!

Our Summer Day Camps opened this week with extensive COVID-19 protocols in place provided by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Buncombe County, the CDC, industry guidance, and our own site and activity specific protocols.  
At Adventure Camp, campers get to zipline, climb our Treetops Park, ride Kolo bike park, white water raft, and climb TreeQuest for a daily adventure.  Then add environmental education programs and interpretations, team building games and experiments to make this summer camp more than just a day camp but an opportunity for challenge and growth!
At Kolo Bike Camp, bike experts coach campers daily on skills, techniques and bike maintenance on our four miles of trails, pump tracks, skills areas, and jump lines. Then more activities like climbing the Treetops Park, bike races and fun games make this an exciting learning experience for all campers.  Your kids can get stoked to shred with us this summer.
Outdoor fun!

Especially this year, we intend to fully use our on-site 100 acres for camp fun!  Being outdoors in the fresh air has many positive effects on general health including boosting creativity, energy, and your immune system while lowering stress.  Research also shows that outdoor air is a natural disinfectant. Fresh air can kill the flu virus and other harmful germs. Equally, sunlight is germicidal and there is now evidence it can kill the flu virus. 
Therefore, we are proactively creating new protocols and procedures to create a sustainable outdoor camp environment full of adventure. Nothing can change our commitment to adventure, growth, challenge, and FUN!! That is what we do. That is what we love.  That is what we share. We are planning new challenges, games, exploring, and discoveries. Every day will be a new adventure with counselors and staff full of energy and excitement. Our goal is to have your camper feel accomplished every night and excited every morning. Campers will run, ride, swim, climb, zip, paddle and hoist themselves throughout the trees, trails, and rivers we explore. 
Adventure Campers will enjoy a full week of Adventure Center and Wildwater adventure activities including zipping, climbing the Treetops Park and Tree Quest, biking, and rafting with our current ACA and Wildwater COVID-19 response plan operating procedures in place.
Kolo Bike Campers will learn bike skills, climb the Treetops Park and swim with our current ACA COVID-19 response plan operating procedures in place. 
For more information please check out our camp page on the website.
Private Zipline Canopy Tours offered all summer!

This summer, our urban zipline canopy tours are available for private trips with two options.  The Full Tour is a trip with 11 ziplines and 3 sky bridges in treetop platforms on several large adventure towers with mountain and skyline views of Asheville. It includes the Skyline zip where you fly side-by-side with a friend for 1,200 feet. The three sky bridges are opportunities to slow down and look around in our largest trees to learn about the history of the city and the trees.  Our Express Tour is just a shorter version with 7 ziplines and 1 skybridge. 
Currently, we are booking up to 8 people on each of our canopy tour trip times.  However, if you would like a private tour, let us know.  Private tours are a great way to celebrate with friends or family or to offer more social distancing with other guests.
A private canopy Full Tour for up to 6 people is $450.  A private Express Tour for up to 6 people is $350.
Check out a virtual Zipline tour at the Adventure Center of Asheville with our owner. For more information, rules and regulations and a map of our Asheville Zipline trips.  And for our current COVID-19 operating procedures, click here.
Reservations are suggested as we have scheduled trip times.  For private tours, they can be made at 828.225.2921 or at 877.247.5539. 
Why you should visit the Adventure Center
- from our STAFF

At the Adventure Center of Asheville, we work hard all year long to offer a fun and adventurous experience for all our Guests.  To be able to offer a great experience to all of our Guests at all of these times, we focus on our staff.  We are constantly training and re-training all of our staff. We regularly create new ways to streamline our operating procedures from our ground schools to our office check-ins.  We frequently invest in and daily inspect our equipment.  And our managers offer daily hands-on coaching and seasonal feedback sessions. 
In return, our Zipline Rangers work tirelessly to teach, monitor and coach Guests through the entire Zipline Canopy Tour.  Our Treetops and KidZip Rangers constantly explain, monitor and advise Guests on their progress through our adventure park aerial trails.  Our Kolo Bike Park staff not only physically build and maintain our trails and features, but coach, teach, and guide camps and groups on how to best ride them.  Our office staff greets all guests with a smile while explaining all the adventure options there are at our one location.  And our camp counselors climb, bike, zip, raft, guide and mentor young campers all summer long. 
If you read our reviews on Facebook or Google, you will see that our awesome staff work very hard! We are proud of our staff and the comments and Guest feedback that we receive. And we use these as rewards and teaching tools on a regular basis. 
But what does out staff think about ACA?  We asked them why our Guests should choose an adventure at ACA. 
  • ACA is an awesome place to experience the outdoors in a new way, to challenge yourself and to connect with nature!
  • I think people should visit ACA because it’s a very unique experience to participate in with family, friends or by yourself. All of our activities encourage communication, listening to one another and pushing yourself out of the everyday comfort zone. Also you’re outside so it’s a win, win situation.
  • Because so few activities these days foster connection, when you come to ACA you and your friends or family get to challenge yourselves in an environment that promotes communication and interaction.
  • It’s a beautiful organization to work for/with and they are always safe with their guidelines to ensure that while having fun everybody is safe as well.
  • It is a fun, energetic atmosphere with kind, friendly, and educated staff.
  • Fun outdoor adventures with friends & family!
  • It’s a way to challenge yourself and have fun together!
  • Different levels of activities for all ages and right downtown. So there is the ability to come play with us then go do something else in Asheville.
  • To breathe some fresh mountain air while also getting a bit of exercise in a fun way.
  • We are family focused offering a good healthy fun/adventure. It is a great place for personal challenges.
Come choose your next Adventure with us.  And meet our awesome staff  !!!!
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Adventure Center of Asheville  •  85 Expo Drive  •  Asheville, NC 28806

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