Voice of Our Community
Thank you to all who contributed their Voice and Hearts.
Aki B.
This is a moment of reconciliation; just as the tradition suggests, this is a moment when we can learn to embody the true meaning of Ometeotl, harmony through conflict.  For too long, we have used the words such as oneness and harmony to silence the voices of the oppressed, instead of tapping into our true potential by extending our capacity to feel their pain as pain of our own. 
Let us remember, that true liberation is intertwined; that liberation built upon others sufferings are only the illusion of liberation, that the soul redemption of the whites for being assigned as oppressors without their knowing this fact is a huge part of this reconciliation work.  May we create true harmony, so we do not have to waste any more Black, Brown and Indigenous lives.
Alex P.
Inner Reflection:
what type of world do you wish to live in? what role will you play in support of that vision? now is the time to seek those answers...now is the time for action...
but, it must begin within.  
what is your inner world like? how connected are you to it?
how harmonious is it?
are you happy? is it beautiful?!  
we knew 2020 was going to be a year for great vision and clarity,
but it is also a year for rooting and uniting those visions and intentions under the powerful frequencies of love and peace.... 
Barbara M.
In the companionship of spirit,
We pray for justice, peace and healing
For the Highest Good of our families,
Our friends, our nation and our world.
Blessed Be.
Beatrice H.
" As we continue to fight for the safety and protection of black bodies against structural racism and COVID 19, it is inevitable to experience the collective fatigue and overwhelming rage.
We must reach back to our ancestors and lean into the land to replenish our soul for the journey is long and we cannot stop until justice is restored and structural racism is dismantled."
Daria D.
“ We are one race, one human family-remember our oneness! Take care each other and spread love from our hearts. Peace and love will prevail! Aho! ♥️“
Elizabeth A.
To George Floyd and every Black person in the world:
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you
For being blind to your everyday experience of racism
For not listening to your cry and rightful anger 
For being silent about the injustices you experience
For not doing what is needed so you are seen and treated with dignity and respect
For believing I was not your abuser while I was neglectful, which is as hurtful and damaging as abuse
For all what I did and did not do, that has supported your experiencing racism
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you
Gaia S.
"Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future, and renders the present inaccessible." (Maya Angelou)
Once more, when the pain and rage of the oppressed have broken, the deaf walls built by the oppressor, we all have the response-ability to change this system of domination. As we keep our hearts open, we ought to educate ourselves and take stock of our role in restructuring and healing these centuries-long injustices.
I humbly speak as a privileged white and wholeheartedly pledge to do my part.
Leticia C.
Mother Earth has spoken!
Our Ancestors who for centuries have been persecuted are represented!
The Planets have aligned itself for massive impact and we FEEL it.
Enough is Enough!
Pause allowed us to Breathe & Think without much distractions.
Acknowledgement and Change will lead the world to a better humanity,”
Jae W.
I pray for unity, for people to pause and reflect before acting on impulse, to have compassion and to reconnect with mother earth.  
I pray for more peaceful marches so that the people's voices are heard again and heard again and heard again until the people in power hear and act in the interest of the people over their pocketbooks.
We are far more alike than we are different.  I pray for empathy and unity, Together, we can effect change.  We cannot lose momentum.  We need to continue to use our collective voice to effect change. Stay educated and vigilant.
This country has been built on stolen land and slavery.  There has never been reparations like in South Africa.  we need to unity so that we can heal and all live free with the same rights and liberties.  I believe that aligning with out brothers and sisters who are guardians and protectors of the earth, we are aligning with the universe. We cannot be distracted.
I pray for community and change. No more business as usual. The time is right for change. 
Julissa L.
Black Lives Matter: mean it, and embody it in every space you are in. Our hearts feel broken when our family is torn apart and murdered, but know and FEEL that our power shines above all of this. Solidarity & community & coalition building & healing circles & ceremonies & our spirits SHINE BRIGHTLY above all of this.
Assata said it best: "It is our duty to fight for our freedom -- It is our duty to win -- We must love and protect each other -- We have nothing to lose but our chains."
I see you.. I see that you are racist but that does not bother me for when we interact you don't throw it in my face yet I see it in your eyes
When asked to take a knee you refused...you then put on an imaginary red cape as though you were Superman, you are not. You are just a coward. 
Taking a knee just meant that it it was a horrid way for a man to die and that just because it was a brother in blue does not make it right. 
It is about being a man who would not want his own family or friends to die in such a horrid way. 
It was about letting community know that you agree he was wrong in putting a knee to his throat. 
It was about building and bonding with community...
I see you and so does God .. Do you believe in Karma?
Sara S.
A tide changed to reveal
the depths of how rage, fire is sacred.
Igniting a wave of mass awakening
to see that what's true, has always been.
George Floyd,
Breonna Taylor,
Tony McDade,
Nina Pop,
Ahmaud Arbery,
and the infinite list of beloved lives lost.
We will never, not ever forget.
Twanda F.
A house divided within itself cannot stand!
Our hearts is a house for love, together we can lay a new foundation built on togetherness bridging the gaps because we are all part of one collective.
 Yellow Wolf Nieves 
 My Dearest Community,
A few days ago, I witnessed the murder of George Floyd.  Never before have I witnessed the taking of a sacred life.  Never before have I heard the cries for sacred breath, as this man struggled to breath.  Never before have I witnessed the cries of a man struggling for his life, as he called out to his mother for help!   Pinned down like an animal, with a knee to his neck, George Floyd struggled for his life.  
Watching helplessly, in rage I cried out “Let Him Go!”  “You’re Killing him!”  but my words could do no good.  His sacred breath was denied.   His life was being taking from him because his skin color was black!  To my horror, I was witnessing a modern-day lynching.  There on YouTube, for the world to see, I witness his death!  
Words do not come easy now.   How can I talk about love and peace when we live in a world that does not valve life?   How can I share words of compassion & love when all I feel inside is rage?   George was someone’s son, brother, father, lover and friend.   His life was sacred!   He was loved!  George’s life mattered!
I could not believe what I had just experienced.  I went totally numb: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.   As rage took over and I questioned everything I had been taught.   Soon my rage turned into a need for action, turning to ceremony, stood under the light of la Luna and I prayed.   I prayed for George Floyd and a gentle crossing.   I prayer for his family and all who were hurting.   I prayed for the healing of our beloved mother and all her children.   As I prayed, my voice joined in circle with countless praying circles throughout the world, I prayed.   I prayed for clarity and direction.   I prayed to remove the numbness in my body and replace it with action.   I prayed.    
As I slept that night, I was reminded of a teaching I had received many years ago.   When I first began working with the elders, they spoke about a time of great changes.   A time that would coincide with the end of the Mayan Calendar.   These great Earth changes were necessary they would say.   The Earth was out of balance, her children have lost their way.   Darkness in the hearts and souls of too many where dominating the world.   Great change was needed and many would die.   It would be up to those who had eyes to see and the hearts to heal, to live through the dark times ahead.  
And so, here we are.   We are living in the times of the great earth changes and sadly there is more to come.   But do not despair, we are here for a reason!  We have chosen to incarnate upon the earth at this very time to “Be the Change We Have been Waiting For”.  
On the day George was murdered a shock wave ripped throughout the world and touched the souls of all good people everywhere, trigging their remembering.   We are here for a reason, we are here to remember our sacred purpose, to protect life, the earth and all her children. No longer can we stand by and witness helplessly the injustices that are happening around us.   We have a voice, we can take action, we can manifest justice & change!    
We are the divine children of the sun.  Raise your voices, use your tools, stand up and be counted in whichever way you can.  Let us create a world of equality, peace and love for our children and the next seven generation. 
Remember your sacred purpose, the time is now, show-up and be counted!
Y Que Siempre Haga Luz, Paz, Amor, Conciencia, y Harmonia.
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