The Voice Of Our Community
 Unity, love and Peace be with you all. It’s been a long time coming and we come together as one community awareness of all that has been happening within the Black Lives Matter Movement. Through the unity of the community worldwide, voicing their voices and protesting for our rights for justice. The Police Reform legislative package has been signed but we have far to go. The Voice of the people has been present and heard “Enough is Enough”.  It is time to voice our demands for the change of the present and  future to become effective laws that are justified and honored.
We wanted to share the motion of times with our entire community. We have many months suffering with Covid19, followed by the murder of George Floyd, the gathering of like minded people protesting for this to all stop throughout the country. Within all this the violation of our community and businesses and the small businesses hit the hardest. The aftermath of   riots and experiencing the violence between police and protesters has been intense. It is time for healing and time to bring the Law of Love to come back into our planet, nation and people.
We have reached out to our teachers and the community to share some of their thoughts with us all. We want to be able to bring the change of peace and healing that is so needed. We thank those who were able to express their feelings, weather it was outrage, anger, sadness, pain or positive actions and grateful for those that uplifted our hearts with prayers. SFR, is based on community and we needed to collaborate with one another to be able to reach out to all. Judith and I thank you so much for your love and support but this couldn’t be done with us alone, “we are one” and there is not separation.
As a special gift from Judith, Rosangel, LinDel, Fatima and Irma. We have recorded a special Sound Healing Journey for Unity for Justice, Peace and Healing. We hope you enjoy this gift not only from us but for the special involvement of our community. The cry for change to save and protect all black lives has begun but we still have far to go. God is by our side and will never abandon us, as all lives matter, no matter the race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender expression, physical or mental ability, religion or belief system. It is up to all of us and in the heart of every being to make this a better way of life to be able to change and dream of a better world. For this we thank you!
A Sound Healing Gift to the Community
Voice of SFR Teachers
Voice of Our Community
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