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Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse at 0 Cancer:
Deep Currents of Renewal  
Neptune retrograde station + Venus direct station
 "When it rains, it pours." The wisdom of proverbs that arise from lived experience is simple but poignant. It depicts a common occurrence, how challenging experiences tend to happen clustered together. Or perhaps, our capacity to cope tends to decrease, and the rain feels like never-ending. But rain, and water, also brings life, moist the dry soil, fills up the rivers that flow into the ocean, and clear the air. While this year might feel like a downpour to many, it also has the energy of a river that has grown powerful enough to call for attention. It demands respect and change. The river of tears, anger, and call for change is once again at a tipping point to righteously flood our consciousness and awaken many to change the system.
In the spirit of speaking of the invisible, the wisdom of proverbs does not take into consideration privilege by race, gender, sexual orientation, ableism, and class that is embedded in our system. These privileges will make a massive difference in how a downpour will affect each one of us. Generally speaking, white people are likely to have access to more shelter than People of Color. To address this in the stories is an attempt to bring awareness to our current system and elicit reflection and change.
"When it rains, it pours," also has a resonance astrologically as planetary placements that represent great structural changes in our lives often manifests in people's lives multiple ways. Remember the 60s? The Civil Rights Act, (during the Saturn opposition to Uranus-Pluto of 62), the Voting Right Acts,  the anti-Vietnam War movement, the women's movement, the environmental movement, the sexual revolution, the moon landing. It was a long period with chaos and new values during the long cycle of Saturn opposing Uranus-Pluto first, and later the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction.
The current cycle, with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn, as well as the eclipses, constellate a similar cycle, albeit shorter in length and different in qualities. This time is ripe for emerging values to hit like a storm and challenge the existing paradigms dominant in our society.
This year, we cope with fear, anxiety, and uncertainty as the rug of our certainties has been pulled under our feet. We are also called to embrace, to the degree possible, new values to reshape our understanding of what it means to be human.
June 21: Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse at 0 Cancer
This is the last eclipse in Cancer, since the first one back in July  2018. It is also the second eclipse this Summer, followed by a Lunar Eclipse on July 5 at 13 degrees Capricorn. It also happens during a Mercury retrograde cycle, before a Venus and Neptune planetary station.  These alone suggests a few weeks with powerful events, as well as confusion and what is likely to manifest as collective mood swings. To anchor ourselves in compassion and awareness feels critical, as we might imagine powerful waves coming to our shores.  That the Summer solstice, when in the northern hemisphere, we experience the longest day,  coincides with this Cancer solar eclipse suggests a powerful shift in energies. It marks a time of new realizations and understanding of what Cancer means in our personal lives and on a collective level.
The sign of Cancer is a symbol of our capacity to bond and connect with one another. On a personal level, our own ability to be open and receptive to nurturing or nurturing others is affected by our own family history and our race, gender, sexual orientation, class, and ableism. Through these lenses, we might wonder how are our needs for safety, for basic needs, for shelter, for emotional and physical nurturance met? How do we bond and connect with other humans like us but of different cultures, religions, races, genders? I write as a white female, at the intersection of privilege by race, and oppression by gender. To name our privileges when we speak about ourselves, it's to make the narrative of dominance visible and
begin a process of reflection and growth.
In the last 6 months, home and family have become relevant in ways we could not have possibly imagined. When eclipse hit such a critical point, it's possible that events are likely to invite further reflections on what home means for us. We might reflect on how in the context of this pandemic, our house and family have been safe or unsafe? What makes a home a good home for those who are privileged enough to have it? What family really means for us, and what have we realized about our families of origins and choice?
Cancer is the first sign of the element of water. Water brings life as it flows cyclically down from the sky, back into the earth, and again up in the air. Water heals and purifies, such as the water of natural springs, and cleansing rituals. Water that flows like emotions, continually moving and shifting in different states. The energy of this Solar eclipse is to be harnessed in a ritual on June 20. It's an apt time to reflect and set our intentions, and on the seeds, we want to plant and grow as we move into the second part of this year.
June 23 and 24 - Neptune turns retrograde, Venus turns direct.
During planetary stations, the personal and collective fields are saturated with the energies and symbolism of such planets. On June 23, Neptune station at 20 degrees Pisces and turns retrograde until November 29.
The days before the station suggests compelling Neptunian experiences, particularly for those with planets and point near within 2 degrees of 20 Pisces, Gemini, Sag, and Virgo.  Neptune dissolves the boundaries of all it touches, possibly manifesting as a yearning to escape and transcend these chaotic days. Feelings of tiredness, exhaustion, and confusion are possible, as well as a desire to check out. These days, we are also apt to access a pool of creative energies through art-making, walks in nature, meditation, movie watching, music, etc. Like multiple rainbows that appear in the sky after the storms, they might fill our depleted soul with a sense of belief and hope. A strong Neptune can also constellate the archetype of the victim, martyr.  It` s an opportunity to discern if we habitually fall into this pattern in our lives so that we pick our causes from a place of presence. The danger is projecting our own powerlessness outside, and depleting our energies to fight against any perceived oppressors with little awareness of the deeper causes.
Shimmering Venus is re-emerging in the sky as a morning star, shining again before dawn. Venus constellates the experience of love and relationships, which might have returned prominently during this cycle or faded away. Venus also rules values, financial dealings, suggesting that time of reviewing might bring some new realizations. And last, Venus symbolizes pleasure, which makes us feel good and what we like. Often, during Venus retrograde phases, we might question long-held values, experience changing in our tastes. When the planet changes direction, we might literally come to recognize and reflect on what these experiences have brought to us.  We might find new appreciation or clarification on what we like and favor. At times, if one has broken up, one might revise the decision and go back together. Others might have realized the inherent bias of our dominant culture that oppresses those who don't fit the binary gender division and sexual orientation. With Gemini, we might have the opportunity to learn new terms that acknowledge the variety of existing gender identities (man, woman, nonbinary, transgender, agender, genderqueer), expressions of gender, and sexual orientations.
As the eclipses have begun to highlight Gemini and Sagittarius's axis, we are asked to learn and acknowledge our racial and cultural biases (Sag) and how the words we use (Gemini) helps speak about injustices, or continue  to perpetuate prejudices.
June 18 - Mercury Retrograde at 14 Cancer
Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, ruler of Gemini and Virgo, will turn retrograde on June 18. Mercury begins his exploration on June 2 when first passing 5 degrees of Cancer, and will return there near July 12 when he will then move forward again.
Mercury, Hermes for the Greeks, was known as the messenger of the Gods, protector, and guide for travelers, and short trips. He presided over trade, markets, and communication, for he was the only God allowed in the underworld, as well as in the realm of Humans and the Gods. He was also a trickster and protector of thieves. On occasions, Mercury would change the ancient indications on the road to confuse travelers. As changeable as quicksilver, Mercury was also the alchemical spirit that allowed for the transformation of lead into the philosophical stone.
I have come to imagine Mercury retrograde cycles as times when Mercury has some fun playing tricks on us. At best, these days are an invitation to return on our own steps and revise, re-do what we left behind, incomplete tasks, or what needs to be looked at again.  The house in our chart containing Cancer will indicate where we might experience this. We might be able to straighten out misunderstanding and miss-communications, especially in a matter of expression of our feelings, or within our family or home, which are all symbolized by Cancer. At worse, Mercury is like a trickster, particularly as the eclipse of July 5 at 13 Capricorn, will oppose the degree of the station. Such constellation of planets suggests a time of missing information or misinformation. Not only our Lights are out, but the trickster is likely to be playing tricks. Messages might disappear, items get lost at home, mail might come late, or perhaps some will need to stay at home again. As we have gone through such a challenging year, it's hard to navigate more uncertainty. Still, it will be wise to avoid rash decisions if in doubt.  Instead, we might learn a new language, new words to communicate our emotions, and sensations (Cancer). Or we might re-organize our homes given all that has happened since the last eclipse back in January. We'll also need to grow within ourselves our little garden of patience, and with whatever humor we might have left, find the opportunity to laugh with the trickster who teaches us flexibility.
Thank you for reading this astro-report. Please note that this is a general description of the upcoming and unfolding planetary weather.  To know more about yourself and the  ‘seasons’ you are experiencing and what is up for renewal in your own life, you are welcome to reach me at for a personal and more accurate astrological reading based on your natal chart, calculated with your time, place and date of birth. Couples readings are also available. 
Consider giving the gift of astrological insight! Gift certificates are available for astrological readings for your  loved ones. I offer 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 1 hour and 45 minutes for individuals, or couple readings. Happy to provide you with personalized gift certificates and answer your questions.
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Her rich background includes extensive astrological studies in astrology in NY and London, Jungian psychology, dreamwork, focusing, mindfulness, eco-psychology, and nature-bonding practices. 
In 2014 she completed the Master Degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales, and she has achieved Level 3 certification with NCGR. (National Council for Geocosmic Research)
She offers astrological consultations in person in the Santa Cruz Mountains, or via Skype. With her holistic approach to astrology, she provides guidance inspired by the rich symbolism and wisdom of the sky and nature aimed at self-understanding and personal growth.
Gaia is also a photographer exclusively focused on sharing the beauty of Moonrises and Moonsets.
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