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Virtual Event
I am happy to share we have been awarded a mini-grant from Safe Kids Worldwide to host a “virtual” baby shower. We were looking forward to bringing this to our rural catchment.  The community baby shower is designed to support mothers living in financial hardship by delivering education that would benefit both the baby and family.
Allyson and Jordan have been working to recruit speakers and record videos that will be a part of this event. Topics will include ABCs of Safe Sleep, Medication Safety, Kinship Services, Postpartum Depression, Fire Safety, and Birth Control. We are still seeking speakers to record short 2-3 minute videos to be used for our virtual event. If you would like to get involved with this event, please contact Allyson at
Mercy Flight Open House
We  partnered with Mercy Flight to support their "socially distant open house" at their Olean hangar. This event allowed us to provide educational materials to all attendees, including infant safe sleep, medication safety and health insurance enrollment information. In addition to the educational materials, we were able to provide File of Life (FOL).  In emergency situation EMS is able to obtain medical information from the FOL that can mean the difference between life and death. I would like to thank Mercy Flight for partnering with us on this event to provide important information and resources to our community!
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