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Reems Creek Nursery
76 Monticello Rd.       Weaverville, NC        828-645-3937
HOURS: Mon - Sat: 9-6   Closed Sunday
It might feel cold right now, but hold on & don't worry.
Spring is on it's way!
Cute things are coming in to the Garden Shop daily! is time to get your SEEDS and SEED-STARTING SUPPLIES.
Our Garden Shop is well-stocked with veggie seeds, seeds for microgreens, and flower seeds. All of our garden seed companies have taken the Safe Seed Pledge which means their seed is gmo-free. These companies offer a variety of choices including organic, open-pollinated, heirloom, and hybrid seeds.
Stock up on tasty choices for your 2021 garden - shop for Sow True Seeds, Botanical Interests Seeds, High Mowing Organic Seeds, and Livingston Seeds.
Special Finds!
It’s a thrill when harder-to-find houseplants arrive! Calatheas are known for their incredibly showy leaves. Calathea fans will be delighted to know these unusual pretties arrived:
Calathea orbifolia
Calathea vittate
Calathea thrives in medium indirect light, high humidity and warm temps between 65-75 degrees away from drafts. Water regularly (when the top 1 inch of soil is dry) and use a houseplant fertilizer at half strength during the growing season.
Plus...adorable succulents just in time for Valentine’s Day ! 
Anacampseros telephiastrum 'Variegata'
AKA 'Sunrise'
Marimo Mossy Balls for Valentine’s Day!
Or for any day!
MARIMO MOSS BALLS are a beautiful clumping algae, Aegagropla linnaei, naturally found at the bottom of fresh water lakes in Japan and Iceland.
They are symbols of love, affection, and good luck. When given as a gift they are said to help the recipient attain their heart’s desires.
They are the perfect low-maintenance and velvety MOSSY PET!
We have ready-made MOSSY BALL Terrariums, or you can buy the Mossy Balls individually and DIY!
 Winter Observations from Wilma
FROM WILMA:  Around the last week of January there is often a warm spell referred to as “January Thaw”. Traditionally farmers took advantage of this time to plow their fields. We had a bit of “January Thaw” a few days ago. Most of us don’t have fields to plow, but some of us did get a head start on preparing our garden beds.
More seasonal winter weather is predicted for the next few days. This time of year is sometimes called “the dead of winter”. This is an oxymoron as winter is not “dead”. There is a lot going on and being outdoors in winter is a good time to observe nature. 
Hellebores have become one of my favorite “winter” perennials. There is a pretty display at the Garden Center with many of them flowering. They can be planted now - they also make long lasting container garden plants when combined with pansies, etc.
Valentine’s Day is Sunday, Feb. 14. 
Indulge your sweetheart with something green. We have adorable houseplants, succulents, cacti, and bonsai babies. Our Garden Shop has gifts for grownups and kids, or a gift card allows your special someone to pick out exactly what they want!
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Hours & Protocols
Hours: Mon thru Sat: 9-6, Closed Sunday
  • NC Executive Order #169 and #180 require face coverings in public when indoors, and also outdoors when it is not possible to maintain social distancing from non-household members. In Phase 3, this requirement applies to any public place or business, indoor or outdoor." Link to full list of NC Executive Orders.
  • Please help us comply with this Order by wearing a mask while shopping with us.
  • Please keep 6’ away from other customers and staff as much as possible.
  • Please stay home if you have a fever, a cough, or are sick.
  • Please leave dogs home during this time to prevent congestion.
  • Please load your own bagged goods at this time
  • Cashiers are located outdoors and indoors.
We have expanded our cleaning routines and we offer Sanitation Stations near our checkout stands - inside and outside. Our staff arrives prior to opening to allow us time to clean and sanitize before customers arrive.
Thank you for your consideration of other customers and our staff members. We want everyone to feel safe during their visit to Reems Creek Nursery. Our heartfelt thanks for your enthusiasm and support during this challenging time.
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Reems Creek Nursery  •  76 Monticello Rd.  •  Weaverville  •  NC  •  28787

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