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 Mystery Figure on Skin After Covid Shot
Was this a treatment or a vaccine?  Patient was not informed.
 Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter
July 26, 2020
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by Matthew HartJan 24 2020 • 4:31 PM
A group of MIT researchers funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation says that invisible tattoos may be the best way to deal with this tracking issue, although there are some ethical concerns with their proposed solution.
In a paper recently published in the journal Science Translational Medicine (via Futurism), the group of researchers, led by Kevin J. McHugh et al., says that it is exploring a novel approach for maintaining accurate vaccination records by testing the implantation of “near-infrared quantum dots,” or NIR QDs, into pig skin, rat skin, cadaver flesh, and synthetic human skin. NIR QDs are water-soluable, biocompatible fluorescent nanocrystals—with diameters ranging from 2 to 10 nanometers—that emit near-infrared light and are safe for deep tissue insertion. As of right now, researchers are exploring NIR QDs for numerous medical uses, including, most notably, in vivo tumor imagining.
Some may already be getting tattooed.
Email to Citizens:  "A guy I know was jailed in Idaho. it was during this time he contracted covid 19 supposedly. He was never transported to a hospital,yet treated in the jail. The jail treated him with an injection which I find strange. A few months have passed. He recently went camping. He took some selfies with his girlfriend and was shocked by what came out in the photo... What do you suggest? Do you have any thoughts as to what this might be?
Thank you, TI Colorado sent Friday July 24,2020"
A copper colored object looks like it is at the center of the figure. We have not seen anything like this in the media. We Google searched the image and found nothing. If there is a chip here, it could include all this person's medical information and arrest record, family, work history, and may be read remotely. 
Perhaps law enforcement is already using some type of vaccine or treatment and injecting an RFID chip which can be tracked and contains information about what type of record the person has.  A picture of this figure and the young man's arm is the header of this week's newsletter. 
Please let us know if you find any information on this or learn of any other technology which may be being used without full disclosure to COVID patients.
5G Induces Coronaviruses:  New Study Models Millimeter Wave Influence on DNA

Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells

  • Department of Nuclear, Sub-nuclear and Radiation Physics, G. Marconi University, Rome, Italy.
  • Central Michigan Saginaw, Michigan, USA.
  • Department of Dermatology and Venereology, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow, Russia.


In this research, we show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells. DNA is built from charged electrons and atoms and has an inductor-like structure. This structure could be divided into linear, toroid and round inductors. Inductors interact with external electromagnetic waves, move and produce some extra waves within the cells. The shapes of these waves are similar to shapes of hexagonal and pentagonal bases of their DNA source. These waves produce some holes in liquids within the nucleus. To fill these holes, some extra hexagonal and pentagonal bases are produced. These bases could join to each other and form virus-like structures such as Coronavirus. To produce these viruses within a cell, it is necessary that the wavelength of external waves be shorter than the size of the cell. Thus 5G millimeter waves could be good candidates for applying in constructing virus-like structures such as Coronaviruses (COVID-19) within cells.
This article has been retracted from PubMed. (no longer on internet).
COVID fovid bo bovid, banana bana bo bovid fe fi fo fovid COVID info
COVID-19 Research Study Shows SARS-COVID 2 infections cause dysregulation of numerous host cellular processes
FDA Recalls 75 Hand Sanitizer Brands for Being Potentially Toxic and Deadly (list included)
July 23, 2020
The FDA’s latest warning to consumers and health care providers involves hand sanitizers labeled as containing ethanol, but tested positive for methanol. Also known as wood alcohol, methanol can be toxic when absorbed through the skin and deadly if swallowed.
The regulatory agency has expanded to 75 its list of sanitizers for consumers to avoid — some of which have already been recalled and some the FDA is recommending be recalled — for containing the potentially fatal substance.
“The agency is aware of adults and children ingesting hand sanitizer products contaminated with methanol that has led to recent adverse events including blindness, hospitalizations and death,” the FDA stated.
Young children who accidentally ingest these products, as well as adolescents and adults who drink them as an alcohol substitute, are most at risk of methanol poisoning, according to the agency.
DO NOT Get Tested - Worse Than You Can Possibly Imagine  MsCeleste Solum Validated Again
State-by-State breakdown of federal aid per COVID-19 case
Ayla Ellison (Twitter) -
HHS recently began distributing the first $30 billion of emergency funding designated for hospitals in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. Some of the states hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic will receive less funding than states touched relatively lightly, according to an analysis by Kaiser Health News
Below is a breakdown of how much funding per COVID-19 case each state will receive from the first $30 billion in aid. Kaiser Health News used a state breakdown provided to the House Ways and Means Committee by HHS along with COVID-19 cases tabulated by The New York Times for its analysis. 
Masks and Respirators do NOT Prevent Transmission of Viruses
The Science is Conclusive:  Masks and Respirators do NOT Prevent Transmission of Viruses
Dr. Denis G Rancourt, PhD,
Mon, 20 Apr 2020 20:47 UTC

Masks and respirators do not work. There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles.

Furthermore, the relevant known physics and biology, which I review, are such that masks and respirators should not work. It would be a paradox if masks and respirators worked, given what we know about viral respiratory diseases: The main transmission path is long-residence-time aerosol particles (< 2.5 μm), which are too fine to be blocked, and the minimum-infective-dose is smaller than one aerosol particle.

The present paper about masks illustrates the degree to which governments, the mainstream media, and institutional propagandists can decide to operate in a science vacuum, or select only incomplete science that serves their interests. Such recklessness is also certainly the case with the current global lockdown of over 1 billion people, an unprecedented experiment in medical and political history.
Killer COVID-19 Masks? The Truth About Trapped Carbon Dioxide
June 22, 2020
COVID-19 can kill. Now, according to a misguided Internet-fueled theory, masks can kill, too.
All it takes is a mask-wearer who inhales freshly exhaled carbon dioxide repeatedly until dizzy, unconscious or dead. That, no doubt, would be a shocking development. In the real world, the average mask user without preexisting respiratory illness has nothing to worry about — except COVID-19.
John Xu, a research scientist at Stanford University, is developing a modified N95 mask with his colleagues that includes a small box worn at the waist with a tube extending to the mask. The box, through an electrochemical process, produces pure oxygen to compensate for the loss of oxygen caused by the mask. The researchers started their project with the assumption that an N95 mask reduces oxygen intake by anywhere from 5 percent to 20 percent.
An N95 mask could possibly cause:
Hypoxia: When body tissue does not get enough oxygen.
Hypercapnia: Elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the blood that can cause dizziness, shortness of breath, headache and, in extreme cases, hyperventilation, seizures and possible death.
But even an N95 mask is unlikely to produce such extreme reactions. A respiratory illness such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, can cause both hypoxia and hypercapnia. Those with a preexisting condition who experience breathing difficulties, of course, would almost certainly remove the mask.
People Tracking Technologies - Are you struck with DEW's in stores? 

17 Technologies of People Tracking

Published by Ronny Max on
Regardless of how you track people, the location position and time-based data quantify the In-Store Customer’s Journey in retail stores, shopping malls, airports, stadiums, and smart cities.

Technologies deployed to track people behaviors include:

  • (AI Deep Learning) Vision
  • (Biometrics) Facial Recognition
  • (Biometrics) Facial Demographics
  • (Biometrics) Eye-Tracking
  • 3D Spatial Learning (Augmented Reality)
  • 3D Stereo Video Analytics
  • 2D Monocular & Fisheye Video Analytics
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Time of Flight (ToF)
  • Structured Light 3D Scanner
  • Lidar 3D Laser Scanning
  • Open Source Raspberry Pi
  • WiFi (Wide Area Network) Location Tracking
  • UWB (Ultra Wide Band) Radar Imaging
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacons
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) Personal Trackers
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tags & Tracking
People Tracking Technologies quantify human behaviors by location, time, and activity.
The tracking solution can be interactive or anonymous. It could track objects, devices, or any “things” to capture the behaviors of a real person.
The complexity of the tracking system depends on location positioning, recognition attributes, and precision parameters.
Air Force special Operations Surveillance Plan Over Portland
July 23, 2020 Sam Biddle
While anonymous federal agents have thrown protesters into unmarked vans and fired tear gas at Portland’s mayor in recent days, an Air Force surveillance plane designed to carry state-of-the-art sensors typically reserved for war zones has circled the Oregon city’s outskirts from above.
The plane, a DO-328 “Cougar,” was spotted via the open source flight tracking website ADS-B Exchange, allowing the public to monitor its course. The Intercept reviewed this flight data, confirming tight, circular flights consistent with surveillance operations in and around Portland.
The vast array of power surveillance gear this plane potentially could be carrying on these flights is cause for concerns over privacy and political expression. “These aircraft are believed to carry SIGINT [signals intelligence] sensors; if that is the case, then circling at that distance would probably (depending on the altitude) allow the sensors to collect data,” David Cenciotti, a retired Italian Air Force officer and aerospace journalist, told The Intercept, though he noted that he could only speculate without knowing the Cougar’s actual payload.
Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield:  
The Realities and Risks of Neuroweapons / CGSR Seminar

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Center for Global Security Research (CGSR) sponsored this talk entitled "Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield: The Realities – and Risks – of Neuroweapons” by Dr. James Giordano on June 12, 2017.
Discourse at the 2017 Biological, Toxin, and Weapons Convention (BTWC), and ongoing efforts of a Working Group of the European Union Human Brain Project reinforced the need to more rigorously address research and use of weaponizable brain science.
In this briefing, neuroscientist and neuroethicist Dr. James Giordano of Georgetown University Medical Center discusses how new developments in brain science afford potential utility in military, intelligence and warfare operations, addresses implications of neuroweapons, and details the need for improved identification, surveillance, guidance and governance of brain science that can be used in military and warfare applications, and thus pose defined risk and threat to security interests.
Dr. James Giordano is Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Biochemistry, Chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program, and Co-director of the O'Neill-Pellegrino Program in Brain Science and Global Health Law and Policy at the Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC. He is a Senior Researcher and Task Leader of the Working Group on Dual-Use of the EU Human Brain Project, and has served as a Senior Science Advisory Fellow of the Strategic Multilayer Assessment group of the Joint Staff of the Pentagon
You might want to put a call in to this fellow and let him know that you, a peaceful citizen, are being attacked with the military technology he described.
Professor, Clinical Educator Track, Departments of Neurology and Biochemistry
Chief, Neuroethics Studies Program, Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics

Georgetown University Medical Center, 4000 Reservoir Rd, Washington, DC, 20057
Office: (202) 687-1160
Department of Neurology, Pasquerilla Healthcare Center (PHC), 7th Floor
3800 Reservoir Road, N.W.m Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 444-8525, Fax: (877) 245-1499
Russia tests anti-satellite weapon

The US says Russia just tested an “anti-satellite weapon” in orbit

The new report by the US Space Command reignites concerns over Russia's shady "inspector satellite" program.
The US spotted Russian satellite Kosmos 2543 operating “abnormally close” to a US government satellite in low Earth orbit. At some point, Kosmos 2543 quickly maneuvered away and rendezvoused with another Russian satellite. Kosmos 2543 then released a small object within its own orbit that came in very close proximity to the Russian target satellite. This test, SpaceCom says, is “inconsistent” with Kosmos 2543’s stated purpose as an “inspector satellite,” and is actually a demonstration of anti-satellite weaponry.
5G "Living Lab"?

U.S. Marine Corps Partners with Verizon to Launch “Living Lab” to Test 5G Despite Expert Warnings

July 23, 2020
U.S. Marine Corps, Verizon Launch ‘Living Lab’ to Test 5G
Officials will explore defense applications of the maturing technology on a military base in California.
A “living lab” for exploring 5G-enabled defense applications and use cases is set in motion at the San Diego military base Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.
Verizon and the Marine Corps revealed Wednesday they’ve linked up and launched the testbed to strategically investigate fifth generation wireless technologies’ potential to facilitate and secure smart bases of the future, promote autonomous transport for Pentagon purposes—and more. The effort is underpinned by Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband service, marking the first time it’s deployed at a military base.
Smart Phones and Fractal Antennas
Your cell phone has a handful of RF devices: WiFi, Bluetooth and a cellular transceiver to name a few. Most phones do not have individual antenna for each radio. The single antenna in your cell phone is what is known as a Sierpinski Carpet fractal. It turns out this style of antenna is the most efficient way of receiving signals for differing frequency bands, and works for all radios in the device.
In 1982, a renegade mathematician by the name of Benoit Mandelbrot published a book entitled “The Fractal Geometry of Nature”.  It was a revision of his previous work, “Fractals: Form, Chance and Dimension” which was published a few years before. Today, they are regarded as one of the ten most influential scientific essays of the 20th century. Fractals and the Hidden Dimentsiona;
Mandelbrot coined the term “Fractal,” which is derived from the Latin word fractus, which means irregular or broken. He called himself a “fractalist,” and often referred to his work as “the study of roughness.”
A fractal technique called the Koch Curve, is seen on the left. Let us imagine an equilateral triangle. Take each side of the triangle and put another little triangle on it. And now take each side of the little triangles and do the same. This iterative process creates what is known as a mathematical “monster,” and is a paradox. The equation produces an infinite and therefore unmeasurable curve. But if you graph out the set of points the equation produces, you find a closed finite shape sometimes called a Koch Snowflake. The image on the left represents one side of our equilateral triangle.
This relates to a coastline measurement problem. The length of the coastline grows to infinite as we make the measurement device smaller, but there is clearly a closed shape to measure. Mandelbrot recognized [Source via Southeastern Edu] this connection, and developed a measurement method that, instead of measuring the length of the coastline, measures the “roughness” of it. To understand this, we need to tweak our understanding of dimension.
A straight line is one dimension. A triangle is two dimensions. If we think of the Koch Curve lying somewhere in between the two, we can see that as we iterate, we increase the roughness. In the image on the left, E is “rougher” than C. And if we think of a coastline like the outer parts of our Koch Curve, we can measure this roughness in terms of the number of iterations of the fractal. This insight would catapult Mandelbrot’s notoriety within the scientific community.
VIDEO:  Eye of the Universe - Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom
VIDEO:  Fractals:
MIMO Virtual Antenna Arrays transmit data to Phone (sink)
A Cooperative Beamforming Technique for Body Area Networks
December 2014
We consider an indoor environment with multiple Body Area Networks (BANs) that have to transmit data towards specific sinks, located in fixed positions. Nodes deployed on the same body may cooperate in order to form Virtual Antenna Arrays (VAAs) and transmit data towards one of the available sinks (cell phone or computer). Sinks are also equipped with multiple antennas, such that a virtual Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) channel is established. Beamforming is used as a cooperation technique on both transmitter and receiver sides. A simple technique, consisting of decimating the number of cooperating nodes in the VAA with the aim of reducing energy consumption as well as interference, is presented. Results show that the proposed technique improves the performance in terms of energy efficiency, and also in terms of block error rate when the system is interference-limited. Performance is evaluated by applying different well-known scheduling strategies.
Virtual MIMO for UltraWideband based Body Area Networks
Performance evaluation of virtual MIMO for UWB based body area networks
February 2013
Conference: Medical Information and Communication Technology (ISMICT), 2013 7th International
International Symposium on Medical Information and Communication Technology
Jie Ding, Eryk Dutkiewicz, Xiaojing Huang
Enabling Transformative Changes in Remote Monitoring
Remote monitoring of medical technology is poised to undergo a revolution. New applications and innovative business models are now possible through the Internet of Things, emerging connectivity services such as 5G, and the use of sophisticated analytics and artificial intelligence.

Salvatore Salamone, Editor-in-Chief, RTInsights hosts an interactive discussion with Dr. Jörg Traub, CEO of Forum Medtech Pharma and René Zoelfl, Chairman of the PTC Healthcare Executive Advisory Council. They will discuss the keys to realizing the benefits of remote monitoring and predictive service and the effects they have on the medical device industry today.

Attend this 30-minute webinar on July 30 at 2pm EST to learn how to:
  • Use new technologies and services to overcome common remote monitoring challenges in medical technology
  • Transition away from one-time sales to new business models with recurring revenues
  • Apply IoT and remote monitoring concepts in practice
Your Body is your private shrine!

Abuse Victim's Body: Effects of Abuse and Its Aftermath

Unmasking Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Their Abuse with Ruth Jacobs in Cambridge, UK

How Narcissist/Psychopath Sees YOU (his Victim) & Why Borderlines Adore Them

Are your perps heating your legs?
Heat causes the blood vessels to dilate, which increases the blood flow to the area. The increase blood flow will bring oxygen and nutrients to the injured area. It will also help to remove any metabolic waste that was created as a result of an injury.
What happens to blood vessels and blood flow when heat is applied for a long time?  This is called vasoconstriction and decreases the amount of blood that can reach the tissue.
What is a natural vasodilator?
Leafy Greens. Leafy greens like spinach and collard greens are high in nitrates, which your body converts into nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator. Eating nitrate-rich foods may help improve circulation by dilating blood vessels, allowing your blood to flow more easily.
Can continuous heating of the legs cause PAD?

Peripheral artery disease: Leg pain and much more


What is PAD?

PAD is a form of atherosclerosis. Peripheral artery disease begins when LDL ("bad") cholesterol passes from the blood into the wall of an artery. Arteries damaged by high blood pressure, smoking, or diabetes are at particular risk. As the cholesterol builds up, it triggers inflammation, which adds to the damage. Unless treatment halts the process, the cholesterol deposit builds up into a plaque, or blockage, that narrows the artery. Mild narrowing may not produce any symptoms, but moderate narrowing may prevent tissues from getting the blood they need to fuel the extra work of exercise. When blockages are severe, the tissues suffer even during rest. Blood clots can add insult to injury by increasing blockages.
PAD is much more common in the legs than anyplace else. The most frequently affected locations include the aorta (about 30%), the femoral and popliteal arteries (80%), and the tibial artery (40% — because men can have blockages in several arteries, the numbers add up to over 100%; see figure).
Arteries are the vital channels that carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to all the body's tissues. When blockages develop, blood flow slows and tissues suffer. Blockages in the coronary arteries cause angina and heart attacks; blockages in the arteries that supply blood to the brain cause strokes. But the peripheral arteries that carry blood to the legs and other parts of the body are also vulnerable. Heart attacks and strokes get all the publicity, but peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a major problem that deserves more attention and respect — especially since new methods make diagnosis easier and treatment better than ever before.
Peripheral artery disease blockages and symptoms
The earliest and most common PAD symptom is called intermittent claudication. Patients usually experience it as a cramp-like muscular discomfort, but PAD can also produce numbness, tingling, weakness, or fatigue. In any form, claudication occurs when muscles are not getting all the oxygen they need. Because muscles need more oxygen when they're working, claudication begins during exercise and resolves with a few minutes of rest. People with mild blockages can walk substantial distances before the symptoms set in, but patients with severe PAD may experience distress in just a few yards. The location of the discomfort depends on the site of the blockage (see figure).
Testing the Pain Ray
5 Dec 2006
The Air Force has done a lot of safety testing on the Air Forces Active Denial System (or pain beam). They have done every sort of test you could think of and many you would never imagine. Thanks to Ed Hammond of the Sunshine Project, I received a hefty stash of all 14 sets of protocols for ADS testing involving humans which he acquired using the FoIA. There are some amazing ones in there.
F-WR-2002-0024-H - Effects of Ethanol on Millimeter-Wave-Induced Pain translates roughly into lets see if a guy can stand the pain if we give him enough vodkas.
FWR-2002-0023 Facial sensitivity and eye aversion response says that earlier trials included testing the pain beam on subjects buttocks; and
FWR-2004-0029-H: Effects of Active Denial System Exposures on the Performance of Military Working Dog Teams involved putting a trained attack dog and its handler in front of the beam and seeing what happened when the animal was exposed to sudden, intense pain. Down, boy, down...
The beam has been tested thousands of times, and the bottom line is the same apart from very occasional blisters (seven in ten thousand exposures), all the ADS does is hurt a lot. Earlier concerns about zippers and spectacles seem to have been settled. But the Pentagon are hugely defensive about it. Perhaps its coincidence, but since those FoIA documents went out the Joint Non-lethal Weapons Program updated their web sites section on the ADS.
The best bit is the new video here. If you ignore the Pentagon PR blather and move to a point 1 minute 19 seconds in you can see the actual effects of the beam, but only for 8 seconds, and again at 1 min 40 for 6 seconds. And this is the problem. Tests conducted in secrecy without independent observers are not going to convince people: it amounts to "Its safe because we say it is. Trust us."
The ADS must not simply be safe and effective, it must be seen to be safe and effective, preferably by as many people as possible. And that means television. Which is where my own modest proposal comes in. Its inspired by F-BR-2006-0018-H: Effects of Exposure to 400-W, 95-GHz Millimeter Wave Energy on Non-Stationary Humans:
Adult volunteers will be asked to traverse a course as quickly as possible. At the end of this course they must then unlock a door (a subtask requiring some degree of fine motor skills) in order to exit the course (complete the task). During commission of this task, subjects will be targeted by the small-beam diameter, 400-W, 95-GHz device.
In other words, you try to get through the obstacle course (described as maze-like) while being zapped one or more pain beams. Its a valid test of the beams ability to prevent people from getting through a perimeter fence or similar, but it's also got a neat competitive element. It's already using cameras, and it has a sort of gameshow format, with post-zapping interviews:
Subject performance during all of the trials will be videotaped. After each trial, subjects will be asked for a self-report of "hits" and the perceived effectiveness of those hits utilizing a pain scale.
Do microwave cones have a place in the counterdrone zone?
October 23, 2019
Kelsey D. Atherton

With a cone pointed at the sky extending from an uncannily familiar barrel, the form factor of the microwave weapon was unmistakable.
The Time Integrated Gigawatt Electromagnetic Response, or TIGER, developed by Leidos, made its public debut at the 2019 meeting of the Association of the U.S. Army. 
High-powered microwaves, as a directed energy weapon, sit between the signals-interference of a jammer and the physical damage of lasers or bullets.
As the militaries of the world adjust to a range of new drone threats, finding the best way to stop them means choosing from a set of incomplete options. This can include everything from ramming interceptors, special drone detectors, and infantry-carried directional jamming antennas, to name a few. 
“This technology provides a non-kinetic defense against the urgent threat of small UASs attacking as a single unit or in swarms, and [it] can operate in concert with other countermeasures such as jamming, laser or kinetic systems,” said Billy Schaefer, directed energy business manager for Leidos.
Microwaves are also an area-effect weapon, hitting multiple targets within range. The microwave beam disrupts electronics as long as it is firing. Jammers can be hindered by short range, especially the infantry-portable jamming rifles. Hence, the TIGER.
The prototype is built to be small and human-transportable, with the components breaking down to allow distribution over a team and to be set up in minutes. Leidos expects to test the prototype for the first time by the end of the year. The handle, barrel and tripod are all modeled after that of a .50 caliber machine gun, with the TIGER plugging into a battery box or another outlet. The goal is that, for the soldier using it, the device becomes as simple as point-and-shoot.
Groupstalking by Ebay Employees

Six Former eBay Employees Charged with Aggressive Cyberstalking Campaign Targeting Natick Couple

BOSTON – Six former employees of eBay, Inc. have been charged with leading a cyberstalking campaign targeting the editor and publisher of a newsletter that eBay executives viewed as critical of the company. The alleged harassment included sending the couple anonymous, threatening messages, disturbing deliveries – including a box of live cockroaches, a funeral wreath and a bloody pig mask – and conducting covert surveillance of the victims. 
James Baugh, 45, of San Jose, Calif., eBay’s former Senior Director of Safety & Security, was arrested today and charged by criminal complaint with conspiracy to commit cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with witnesses.
David Harville, 48, of New York City, eBay’s former Director of Global Resiliency, was arrested this morning in New York City on the same charges and will make an initial appearance via videoconference in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York.
In addition the following defendants were charged in an Information unsealed today: Stephanie Popp, 32, of San Jose, eBay’s former Senior Manager of Global Intelligence; Stephanie Stockwell, 26, of Redwood City, Calif., the former manager of eBay’s Global Intelligence Center (GIC); Veronica Zea, 26, of San Jose, a former eBay contractor who worked as an intelligence analyst in the GIC; and Brian Gilbert, 51, of San Jose, a former Senior Manager of Special Operations for eBay’s Global Security Team. They are each charged with  conspiracy to commit cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with witnesses and will make appearances in federal court in Boston at a later date. 
It is alleged that in August 2019, after the newsletter published an article about litigation involving eBay, two members of eBay’s executive leadership team sent or forwarded text messages suggesting that it was time to “take down” the newsletter’s editor.
In response, Baugh, Harville, Popp, Gilbert, Zea, Stockwell, and others allegedly executed a three-part harassment campaign. Among other things, several of the defendants ordered anonymous and disturbing deliveries to the victims’ home, including a preserved fetal pig, a bloody pig Halloween mask, a funeral wreath, a book on surviving the loss of a spouse, and pornography – the last of these addressed to the newsletter’s publisher but sent to his neighbors’ homes.
VIDEO:  Whistleblower Kevin Shipp

INTERVIEW: Former CIA officer Kevin Shipp sounds off on the shadow government, exotic space weapons and covert budgets

Thursday, July 23, 2020 by: Mike Adams
Visual Messages Convey Info Well
What can you do as a TI.  You can't go out in public with the KungFlu Virus going on. You can't go out and protest. BUT....
You can participate in our T-Shirt Statement Project.

DEADLINE is August 31, 2020l
Put your message on the back of a T-shirt and send us the image.
Record a 5-10 minute statement about your experience as a TI or anything you would like the world to know.  THIS IS YOUR CHANCE FOR YOUR VOICE TO BE HEARD. Speak up!
If we use your message in our upcoming video, you will receive a free T-shirt!
We’ve been fighting the Patriot Act, and the invasive spying powers built into it, for the better part of 6 years. And many of you have been with us every step of the way.

While these powers have always been dangerous, what we are seeing today is truly shocking. Abuse by police and the federal government is rampant. This is no longer a time to talk about reforming vast federal-surveillance powers. We need Congress to end the Patriot Act. And we need lawmakers to do this now.

The federal government is escalating its attacks against protesters and political opponents. Trump has sent violent and secretive federal forces into several states — and if what happened in Portland is a sign of what’s to come, we can expect even more unidentified feds driving unmarked vans to swoop into cities and abduct people exercising their First Amendment rights.1

This is not normal. And it’s clearer than ever that we shouldn’t renew the federal government’s power to spy on activists, journalists and political opponents. Tell your members of Congress to vote NO on reauthorizing the Patriot Act and reject any attempt to spy on people without a warrant.

Reauthorizing the Patriot Act would put more people in danger of being surveilled and targeted by the Trump administration. We can’t let this happen.

Thanks for all you do,

Lucia and the rest of the Free Press Action team

P.S. Congress is debating whether to renew the Patriot right now. Tell lawmakers it’s unacceptable to give the federal government more spying power when Trump has directed federal forces to abduct and detain protesters for exercising their First Amendment rights.
TI needs assistance 
Meagan is appreciative to all t hose who are responding to this plea for financial assistance and more.  She sends her love.  
Meagan Derringer is part of the TI community who is currently in jail.  She went by ghwarr in the chats on the conference calls and had a twitter account where she contacted people in the defense and academic fields about TI issues.  She was a good source of technical information and she writes well.  She had an altercation with her mother who she lived in Glen Rose, Texas, and is now in jail waiting for her hearing.  Because of Covid, everything in the judicial system has almost come to a standstill. 
She is going to be waiting for three or four months to be seen by a judge.  She needs financial support for the incidental things in life.  It costs money to send emails and make phone calls from jail.  It costs if you want anything extra to eat or drink.  Little things like a cup of coffee or a coke can help you feel more normal.  I am humbly asking you to send her information and this request to your email lists and newsletters.  If people could spare $5 or $10 dollars that would be awesome. 

This is the site to deposit the money:
This website takes a little to navigate, so be patient.  It asks for a lot of personal information which some people might not be comfortable with.  If that is the case, you can send a money order to her. 
Meagan's Details:

Meagan Jade Derringer
c/o Somervell County Jail
750 East Gibbs Blvd. Cell #112
Glen Rose, Texas 76403
Being targeted is bad enough, being in jail and being targeted must be beyond horrible.  Anything you can send would be much appreciated. 
Global Protest July 31, 2020 -Get your T-shirts ready and wear them out
Magnus Thorwald Olsson shared a post. -  Magnus is an innocent TI who had the number 1 bedding company in Europe.  He was "no touch tortured" with COINTELPRO and frequency torture and his business, wealth and family destroyed.  He represented TI's to the United Nations investigating these Torture Crimes by Nation States.  Unfortunately the same Zionist's who run all the nation states with the central banks, usury and debt also run the United Nations.  They will just use this evidence to blame nation states to bring on the U.N. as the World Government.
Activities are being organized around the world -- by millions of victims of Electronic Torture -- to inform the public that July 31 is "World Day Against Electronic Torture." For the first time ever Professor Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, will present to the 75th UN General Assembly Session in October his report on "Cybertorture" which are Forms of Computerized Remote Electronic Torture against Illegally Targeted Individuals worldwide.
This includes:
-- Remote Electronic "Tagging" Of Innocent Victims By Brutally Assaulting Them Through Their Bodies And Into Their Neurological Systems with Microwave Pulses and Radiofrequency Signals Using Directed-Energy Weapons And Directional Antennas, In Order To Conduct Round-the-Clock Remote Electronic Surveillance Over Them -- Often Illegal Forms Of Conducting Electronic Surveillance Over Innocent Civilians Through A Victim's Body Performed By Corrupt Law Enforcement Officers With Microwave Weapons -- In A Method Called "Remote Neural Monitoring";
-- Criminal Forms of Electronic "Mind Control" Experimentation To Manipulate The Victim's Bodily Functions, Which Are Usually Directed From The Brain, Including Artificially Manipulating And Altering The Functions Of All The Body Systems, Such As: Motor, Digestive, Neurological, Circulatory, Evacuations Of Bladder And Bowel, etc.;
-- Illegal Electronic Sending Of Subliminal Unwanted Messages (Voices Or Musical Themes For Psychological "Entrainment" -- Which Are Forms Of "Brainwashing"), By Penetrating The Victim's Auditory Cortex In The Back Of Their Head Right Into Their Brain By Means Of "Voice-to-Skull" (Patented) Technologies;
-- Illegal Remote "Mind Reading" Experimentation which consists of Detecting Involuntary Movements Of Vocal Cords Subvocally (Patented), When The Victim Is Not Speaking But Thinking In Silence, So That An A.I. Computer Figures Out What The Victim Is Likely "Thinking About" By Analyzing Their Vocal Cord Movements, Including Their Very Private Mental Prayers; and many other Outrageous Criminally Dangerous Forms Of Illegal Experiments which are Currently Being Conducted Over Large Masses Of Defenseless Civilian Populations, Without The Victim's Consent Which Is A Legal Requirement For Human Experimentation Under The U.S. Belmont Report For Human Subjects Experimentation
All The Above Atrocities And Human Rights Abuses Are Conducted In Total Violation Of All Victims' Constitutional Rights, And In Violation Of The Human Rights And Fundamental Freedoms Of U.S. Citizens And Legal Residents, Aa Well As Of Millions Of Other Victims Worldwide. All The Above Is Conducted In Total Violation Of The Geneva Convention And Its Protocols Which Forbid Using The Above Weapons Of War -- Which Have Been Internationally Classified as Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMDs) -- In War Crimes Over The Civilian Populations, Especially In Territories That Are Not At War. These Criminal Actions Also Violate The Nuremberg Code Which Forbids Abusive Human Experimentation.
[The above was sent to CAHT. The UN is responsible for originating Agenda 21. The electronic harassment and stalking punishment and pre-crime program is part of Agenda 21 and the Global Governance protocol.  Informing the UN of their own program is somewhat confusing.]
Petition to end Multi-Person Stalking

Acknowledgement of victims of UN cybertorture and multi person stalking

Help the petition reach its goal, share with others:
Petition to End RNM

Ban Remote Neural Monitoring(RNM) Torture In Delhi-NCR

Victims in india are gathering TIs and taking incremental steps to ban Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM). I would be grateful to you if you kindly sign their petition. 
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
Leak to us
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ​encourages​ ​whistleblowers​ ​to securely​ ​submit​ ​all​ ​forms​ ​of​ ​content​ ​that​ ​might​ ​be​ ​of​ ​public​ ​concern​ ​-​ ​documents,​ ​photos, video​ ​clips​ ​as​ ​well​ ​as​ ​story​ ​tips. We​ ​accept​ ​all​ ​information​ ​that​ ​relates​ ​to​ ​potential​ ​wrongdoing​ ​by​ ​corporate,​ ​government​ ​or public​ ​service​ ​entities​ ​in​ ​any​ ​country,​ ​anywhere​ ​in​ ​the​ ​world.​ ​We​ ​do​ ​our​ ​utmost​ ​to​ ​guarantee the​ ​confidentiality​ ​of​ ​our​ ​sources.
Free Press
We just got word that Attorney General Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell are threatening to reauthorize the Patriot Act without much-needed reforms — and certain members of Congress are going along with it.
NSA's Bulk Collection Of Americans' Phone Data Is Illegal, Appeals Court Rules
That’s right. Congress could reauthorize the draconian surveillance powers embedded in the Patriot Act for the Trump administration. Worse still, some Democrats have joined Republicans in this effort. They want to give invasive spying powers that endanger vulnerable communities — like people of color, trans folks, activists and journalists — to a president they just impeached for abuse of power.

But you can stop this madness: Call Congress right now and tell members that reauthorizing the Patriot Act without any reforms is unacceptable. All you have to do is dial (202) 919-7073 and our call tool will connect you with your lawmakers. Here’s what you can say:
“I’m a constituent, and I’m calling to say that reauthorizing the Patriot Act, and the invasive spying powers within it, is unacceptable. I need my elected officials to stand up for my privacy rights. Congress should not give President Trump even more power to spy on people like me.”
VIDEO:  Karen Stewart Interview

KAREN STEWART : NSA WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS  Karen Stewart Exposes Biggest False Flag Operation In History

Veritas Radio - Karen Stewart
Treasonous policies have been put in place by the DOJ, FBI, law enforcement, Fusion Centers to legally permit covert use of radiation weapons and neuroweapons in Vendetta, Surveillance, non-consensual experimentation, electronic warfare field weapons testing on citizens. Are we in the middle of a cold civil war? Do we still have a Fourth Amendment and is the United States being run by an unconstitutional secret government?
Katherine Horton's Court Case-Fighting the World on our Behalf

VIDEO: The Plan for 2019 (Stop 007)


Court Hearing Report! (Stop007)

Going Viral - Global Crime Fighters 9

Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe on the Targeted Individual Survey - Special Investigators
On February 3, 2020, the same day the Diamond Princess was quarantined, the satellite company SESput out a press releaseadvertising “the best WiFi at sea” and announcing that Princess Cruises would be using a “hybrid medium earth orbit (MEO) and geostationary (GEO) network” to become “the first cruise ships to access SES’s ground-breaking O3b mPOWER satellite-based communications system.”mPOWER uses beam-forming technology and frequencies from 17 to 30 GHz and SES boaststhat its satellite system is part of the global 5G network. “We offer the fastest wifi on the high seas making it easier for you to stream movies, stay connected on social media and even text with friends and family on board with you!” advertises Princess Cruises. Each Princess ship has7,000 sensors, 650 wall-mounted touchscreen devices, 1,780 WiFi access points, 4,030 digital displays in private rooms, and 75 miles of
cable. The antennas on the ships that communicate with the satellites are huge globes that look like this:
Rallies Encouraged All Over the World
Harassment, Job Mobbing & Bullying
Targeted individual Utah
Targeted Individuals day UK protest 2019 Loud speaker speech outside BBC broadcasting house
Paris Targeted Individual rally day 29/08/2019 Place de la République Paris
Phoenix Targeted Individual Rally
Phoenix Targeted Individual Rally
Every Saturday
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Central and Washington, across from Urban Outfitters
We have flyers, microphone, gazebo tent with table.
Please come join us to promote public awareness.
Targeted Individual NJ Activism Schedule
From: ikqbot <>
Just letting you know I have a monthly public outreach and awareness campaign going. It's every Monday starting in Oct - Aug in Nj. Please let people know if they are interested.
Best Regards, Krissy
Targeted Individual NJ Activism Schedule

Starting in October the first Monday of every month we will be spreading awareness in the most populated cities in NJ. This is an eleven month campaign leading to next years annual Targeted Individual day. On August 28, 2020 we will hold a protest/ rally in Trenton, NJ at the capitol and attend the NYC rally the next day. 
  1. Aug. 3 - 11am - 7pm - Cherry Hill Mall - 2000 NJ-38, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
*** Aug. 28 - Capital Building - Trenton, NJ Targeted Individual Rally ***
*** Aug. 29 - Targeted Individual Day - NYC ***
Twitter: @soundenemyx
*** Join for support and discussion, 24/7/365 ***
TI News and Information

Andrea Mae Metz

June 7, 1959 – May 16, 2020 
Obituary of Andrea Mae Metz
Andrea Metz was born in Denver, Colorado and she comes from three generations of artists. She worked in NYC and lived in Athens for a period of time, studying both the history and art of the region.
The Greek culture became a major influence, rich in ancient mythology and classic archetypes.
When she moved to Seattle in 1989 she found similar information embedded in the tribal cultures of the west coast.
She spent time in Alaska and settled in Grand Junction where she continued to work on her art.
Within the forms she created, she captured the struggle and grace that make a 'heroic' life.
Talented, kind, generous, empathetic and a gentle soul, she was greatly loved and will always be missed.
Block Signals from entering or leaving your head.
Get a free booklet and Press Release with a hat.

$75 with shipping. Protect your brain! Cap has 4 layers of 2 kinds of metal fabric and one layer of blackout rubber fabric which blocks sound and light, two magnets and grounding strap and round rubber mouse pad.

The new cap has a tab connected to the metal fabric for grounding. You can put a grounding clip on this and the other end on a magnet or a piece of carbon and it is grounded. You can use it without a grounding strap. You can put more magnets on it and move them around to where your implants are or over your ears. If you get hot, you can put an ice pack inside. The head is the best place to cool the body. It comes with a large round rubber mouse pad you can take out if you want. The shielding works best if it blocks EMF and sound, so you need metal and rubber.
This is not guaranteed to stop V2K. If you hear voices, you may have a radio connection, a real radio connected to your brain and it is always connected. A hat will probably not stop that, but it may reduce the feedback they get.
30 day delivery (may be sooner)
Email:  CitizensAHT@protonmail to order if overseas because extra shipping is incurred for tracking overseas and going through customs. Overseaes tracked and insured through customs is about $35-54. Uninsured is $24-27.

NEW BOOKLET:  "How Are You Being Targeted?" (on hand 200)
Comes with free copy of WBAN press release

Booklet is $8.00 + $2.00 shipping.
Overseas is $7.00 for shipping total $15.00. You will also receive a copy of the Press Release on the Body Area Network. You can support our organization's activities by ordering by email. We will send you an invoice. Pay by Paypal or debit/credit card at
New Call:  Targeted and Trafficked
Saturdays 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Phone:  425-436-6200
Access Code:  128788
How to Fight Back

Established in December 2018 in the State of Arizona.  Targeted Justice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.Our Goal.

To stop the global use of Directed Energy Weapons against civilians, illegal surveillance, and organized stalking.
Greetings to the Illegally Targeted Community!
We focus on education/raising public awareness about the RICO crimes of organized stalking, directed energy torture and other violations of physical/mental sovereignty and actions you can take to help win this war.
Hope Franklin, Research and Communications Director
Jack Christiana, Legal Director
Karen Stewart, Adviser
Targeting Awareness of Central Oregon
TICO (Targeted Individuals of Central Oregon)
Tobin Blake
Ella Free Channel
"Please join us every Tuesday & Thursday on Free Conference Call
 515-606-5187, ID 400014#
Online Meeting ID: Tiangel2016
Freedom Fighters for America
Freedom Fighters For America Newsletter
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VIDEO on 2019 Rally: 
Second Annual Targeted Individual Day, a Global Event (Full-Length Documentary)
Stop Gangstalking Crimes Newsletter
Sign up for Stop Gangstalking Newsletter
ACTIVIST:  Dr. Millicent Black

If you would like to be added to list, please email
For more information, please contact Armin Aryan
​Phone:  602-563-4750

​For more information, please contact Constance Rose.
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 3:00 PM
Denny's Restaurant
23515 El Toro Road
Lake Forest, CA
The Organizer is Tricia!
(Note:  Denny's restaurant discount coupons are available online)
When: First Saturday of the month.
Saturdays, 11:00 am till 1:00 pm in the group study room
Lakewood Public Library
15425 Detroit AVE
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
Phone:  (216)527-8346
Details, Contact The Organizer:  Jim
When: Every Thursday at 6:00pm EST
Call-in number: 1-515-739-6265 (FreeConferenceCall)
Access code: 272676#
For questions or topic suggestions, contact Vickie at (346) 410-7047.
When: Wednesdays at 6:30pm Central Time
Call-in number:
1-724-444-7444 (Talkshoe)

Access code: 136067#
Location:  TICO's Launch Meeting:  Wednesday, April 17, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pmHollywood
Downtown Bend Library, Hutchinson Room
601 NW Wall Street, Bend, Oregon 97703
The West Coast Society For All Victims Of Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment, PO Box 534, Heriot Bay, British Columbia V0P 1H0, Canada
Support Society
Mary Lamont, Registered Mental Health Crisis Counsellor
Book: No Ordinary Stalking: a look at organized stalking and electronic harassment by June Ti
Targeted NJ Activism Network
Saturday, March 14th, 2020
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Carnegie Mellon Library
Oakland District, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
For details, please contact the organizer:
Location: Hollywood District Public Library,
4040 NE Tillamook Street, Portland, OR 97212
When: Saturdays from 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Because of the quarantine and social distancing, there will be a conference call in May.
Saturday June 6, 2020, 3:30 - 5:30 PM
Free  Conference Call:  (978) 990-5000, Access code:  336876
amydale22 (chat room), Amy Dale, 971-207-3401
Location: Montlake Library Meeting Room, 2401 24th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112
When: Sundays from 1:00pm - 3:00 pm
For more information, please contact Curtis at 1-817-901-8720.

Connect with this group by joining the Targeted Individuals Sacramento Meetup.
For information, please contact Justin at

Connect with this group by contacting Julie at
Vancouver Public Library
1428 Cedar Cottage Mews, V5N 5Z1
350 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 6B1
contact:  Genet -
Conference Calls for TI's
If you would like to be added to list, please email
NOTE:  These are for your reference only. We do not advocate for any theories, stories, persons, entities or organizations. If involved in seances, spiritism or criminal activities, they will be removed from this list.
Sunday at 8:30 P.M. E. Coast, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 W. Coast

The new call in # is (605) 475-4779, Access Code: 607080#
Moderator: Neal, Call ID:  Electricrose222
Moderator:  Patricia
Monday Nights 8:pm EST
Friday Nights 7pm EST
(605) 562-0400
ID# 7660364 (site not ready for publishing yet)
Moderator:  Julia
Engage in Prayer
Time:  9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/
7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
Call-in number: (515) 739-1405

Call ID: 141476
Access Code: 381878
Moderator:  ______________

Time: 10:00 p.m. Colorado time
Call in number:  05 313 514 7 pin 198 158
Moderator Denise
Time 7:30 PM Every Monday night
Call In 1-867-292-3030 Access # 522 5726
Moderator Frank
Targeted Massachusetts North East Conference
9:00 PM Eastern
8:00 PM Central
7:00 PM Mountain
6:00 PM Pacific
Call-in Number; (515) 604-9715
Access Code: 708922
Join By Computer;
Moderator:  Kate Ryan
New England Support Group
Time: 7:00 p.m. EST
Call-In Number:(605) 562-0444
Access Code:  133472#, Pin:  #1
Moderator: Ella
Freedom For Targeted Individuals
Time: 9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/
7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
 Call-in number: 515-606-5187
Access Code:  400014#
Moderator:  Minister Barbara
Breath of Life bible study
Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 11 p.m. EST
Access code:   572 4269
Moderator:  Janey
Time 8:00 PM EST
Dial-in number (US): (605) 313-5569
Access code: 516586#
International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: janeyw
Pastor Chief Daymond Jones
Time:  9:00 PM Eastern
Call-in number: 605-313-5111
Access code: 712679#
Moderator:   Chief Daymond Jones
Moderator:  Frank
Targeted Massachusetts - STARS, International
Time: 9:00 pm Eastern
Call-in Number: 515-604-9715
Access Code: 708922
FFTI & Targeted Justice Open Support Call
Time:  Begins at 9pm EST / 6pm PST every Thursday
Call In #:  1-515-739-1285
Call ID:   400014#
Moderator:  Mike
Friday Nights 7pm EST
(605) 562-0400
ID# 7660364 (site not ready for publishing yet)
Moderator:  Frank
Targeted Massachusetts - STARS, International
Time: 9:00 pm Eastern
Call-in Number: 515-604-9715
Access Code: 708922
Church Conference Call
Moderator: Dr. Millicent Black
Time: 6 pm Eastern/ 5 pm Central/
4 pm Mountain/ 3 pm Pacific
Call-in number: 605-562-0444
Call ID: 140567
Pin number: 1#
Moderator: Amy

Time 12:30 PM Pacific
Call-in number: 515-739-6045
Access code number 874647
On Free Conference Call.
Amy 971-207-3401
Moderators: Rev. Dr. Ralph and Catherine Sept
Sunday Service with Rev. Dr. Ralph and Catherine Sept
Time: 4 PM Eastern/ 3 PM Central/ 2 PM Mountain/ 1 PM Pacific
Call-in number: (605) 313-5111
Access code: 403529#
Citizens Against Harmful Technology
We have no P.O. Box right now.

Make checks payable to CAHT, ask for a physical address by writing an email to

Membership is $30.00, comes with 60 page free booklet “How Are you BeingTargeted?”, directed energy brochure, psychiatric living will, Press Release on BAN, membership card.
Booklet: $10 includes $2 shipping. We have a supply of the newly edited 60 page booklet. Order one and receive a free copy of the Press Release on the Body Area Network.

It will be provided free to any who ask, however, if you wish to contribute for its printing, paper, ink, etc. please go to the store on our website to donate. thank you 
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