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July 20, 2020

6 weeks of Musical Fun and Learning, at home with your family!

Pay what you can,
Tuition: $50 - $120 per family.
Dates: July 20 - August 28, for a total of 6 weeks. 
Music Together Online gives your family a way to provide rich musical learning and fun for your children and light and laughter and some great bonding with your child to brighten the tone of this really strange time for YOU, grown-ups! We had such a great time singing together this Spring, and I've already got lots of fun ideas for the new music we'll use this Summer. Please join us!

Music Together Online: THREE sing-along videos per week, 15-20 minutes each. Most videos will be pre-recorded so that you can watch when you want. We'll also offer three (total, not weekly) live video classes at different weekday morning times. 

Includes: Kazoo Song Collection CD and full-color songbook, downloads of all the music, a downloadable pdf with the basic musical notation of all the Kazoo music, printable song cards and activities, other online resources.
We want to make it possible for as many families to access this excellent program as possible during this economically strange and difficult time. We were able to offer a full pay-what-you-can sliding scale in the Spring, but for the Summer, our program expenses require a minimum of $50 contribution from families. There is no charge for siblings. Tuition for in-person classes during normal Summer Sessions is $110 per child, $70 for siblings.
Please pay what you can to support your dedicated local music teacher! I'll be working hard to create the best possible music-learning experiences I possibly can.

Register here. Since we'll be fully online, just choose the one "Proxy" class that is available. New videos will be posted throughout each week. Watch when you want! Enroll all siblings ages 0-5. The fee is per family, but I'd like to have all the names of participating children on my roster. Children age 6 and up are having a great time with the videos and music as well, but you do not need to formally register them. No additional fee for ANY sibling.

How to Pay

Follow the steps to create an account (or sign on to your account), and make sure you go all the way through check-out. If you cannot pay the full tuition, create your own Coupon Code for the amount you’d like deducted.
*Use SumMusic as the prefix (case sensitive), then follow with any amount divisible by 5. For example, if you can pay $80, use Coupon Code SumMusic40, which will deduct $40 at checkout for a total of $80. If you can pay $50, then use Coupon Code SumMusic70.

This is NOT Screen-Based Babysitting :
In our in-person classes, the joyful musical participation of the parents and caregivers in the room is the most important contributing factor for your child.
The recommended screen-time limits for children under 5 are very low. Experts recommend ZERO screen time for infants. We can work with that, but it depends on a commitment from you, the parent or caregiver.
Even though our Music Together videos are only accessible via a screen, I will be leading exactly the same types of activities that I would in the classroom, and it is crucial - just as it is in class - that parents and caregivers participate! Think of any online exercise class. A yoga video won't really support you unless you join in, and there is no better way to get your child interested in the activity than for YOU to do it!

What I want everyone to get from these videos is a precious 15-20 minutes of family connection and musical foundation building through singing, chanting, finger-plays, instrument-play, large movement fun, and more. Older siblings are welcome, and sometimes you'll be invited to contribute your names and/or substitution ideas before the video is made!

Community Building
When we are able to come back together face-to-face and give hugs, handshakes, and high fives again, we are going to be able to look back to the time we spent doing Music Together online and realize that we were indeed singing and playing together, even though we weren’t able to see and hear each other in the moment.
Not only will you be singing and dancing with families around the Asheville area, you’ll be singing and dancing with families in Music Together programs around the world, including Italy, Spain, Canada, Taiwan, China, Japan, the UK, and many others. Music Together is a worldwide community, with 3000+ centers!

If there's no Music Together program where your nieces/nephews/children-of-friends live, please invite them to join our program, no matter where 
they live. Music Together Online is a rare chance to broaden our community to loved ones who live somewhere that Music Together is not available. If there IS a Music Together center in their area, urge your loved ones to join and support that Music Together center. Many are offering Music Together Online, and most offer some kind of scholarship, even if they don't do a full sliding scale, and the family and community will be best served by joining a group in their own area.

Register now, and join our online Music Together

community, until we can come together face-to-face again! Just hit reply if you have any questions!

Thank you!
Love to you all,
Kari Richmond
Asheville Area Music Together

Asheville Area Music Together  •  11 Talmadge St.  •  Asheville, NC 28806

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