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76 Monticello Rd.       Weaverville, NC        828-645-3937
HOURS: Mon - Sat: 9-6   Closed Sunday
30% Off Summer Tree Blowout
30% Off All Deciduous Trees
Trees anchor your landscape, adding stature, shade, privacy, and flowers. Shade trees cool your home and allow you to enjoy your outdoor spaces during the summer months. Many trees offer fall color, spring flowers, and interesting bark.
We have limited supplies of the following trees: River Birch, Mountain Gordlinia, Redbud, Styrax, Chocolate Mimosa, Crape Myrtles, Locust, Weeping Cherry, Tree Lilac, Dawn Redwood, Tree-form Ninebark, Beech, Miniature Ginkgo, Bigleaf Magnolia, Chinese Fringetree, Hornbeam, Purple Leaf Plum, Flowering Chery, Elm, Zelkova, Poplar, and Oak.
30% Off Deciduouse Trees Sale thru Thursday, Aug. 13. Excludes Japanese Maples and trees already priced at a greater discount. No warranty on discounted trees/shrubs.
River Birch
25% Off Perennial Grasses & Carex
Ornamental grasses are super trendy right now, and for good reason.
They provide movement in the garden, unique texture, year-round interest, and enhance habitat for birds and pollinators. Perennial grasses are one of the backbones of world-renowned designer Piet Oudolf’s landscape designs. He weaves ornamental grasses throughout his designs creating a naturalistic meadow-like feel.
All Ornamental Perennial Grasses & Carex are 25% Off now!
Piet Oudolf's garden 
Hummingbird Sage
Black & Blue Salvia is a magnet for hummingbirds. They love sipping nectar from the deep blue tubular flowers. Plant this sage near a spot where you sit - so you can enjoy the frequent visitations of hummingbirds. You will hear them even before you see them!
This annual salvia grows 2-5’ tall and wide and will bloom until frost. Plant in full sun to part sun in well-drained soil. Deadhead to extend bloom time. Available in our Annual flower section.
Tropical Water Lilies...50% Off 
Beautiful, fragrant flowers!
Tomato Blight & Tomato Hornworm
It’s that time of year.
Wilma has unsuccessfully searched for the Tomato Hornworms decimating her plants. They can do a lot of damage quickly. Wilma reports her plants have been nearly defoliated by this critter. If you find the hornworm, remove him immediately and drop him in a jar of soapy water or feed him to the chickens or fish. Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) is organic and effective, especially when the worm is small. Birds and beneficial insects can help too.
Tomato blight is turning up in staff gardens too. After waiting all summer for homegrown tomatoes, this is highly disappointing. Up to a point you can cut the blight spots out of your tomatoes and eat them anyway. This disease must be prevented before the fact. Try to beat the blight before it hits - check out our Garden Guide hints for preventing tomato blight!
Summer Bouquet Workshop this Saturday
Summer Bouquet Making Workshop – Zoom Online
Sat, Aug, 8 at 10 am
With Rachel Brownlee
Join us for a virtual workshop on the basic principles of summer flower arranging with local florist Rachel Brownlee of Mountain Floral.
From her home garden via Zoom, Rachel will discuss and demonstrate tips for growing, harvesting and arranging flowers from your very own landscape with an emphasis on what to grow, what tools to use and how to fully enjoy the process of making your own unique bouquets. Q & A will follow.
You will take with you:
  • Step-by-step bouquet making basics so you can make your own bouquets from your landscape
  • Tips on what to plant in your garden now for future bouquet making
  • How to best harvest flowers and greenery
  • Tips for making your cut flowers last in a vase
Tickets are $7 plus tax.
Read More and Buy Tickets.
Weeding the Greasy Beans
FROM WILMA: Yesterday I spent several hours catching up on some gardening. I recently had cataract surgery and one of the restrictions was no gardening for a couple of weeks. Most of my time was spent weeding - a flower garden at my church, a small planting at Beech Community sign, and in my garden.
Invasive autumn clematis had taken a strong hold among the Lazy Wife Greasy Beans (Sow True Seeds) I planted. This is the first year I have grown them - have any of you grown them? They get their name from the fact that gardeners (traditionally the women of the family) could wait until the pods were quite large but still tender to harvest them. They are considered an heirloom variety from Madison County.
While working in the garden I saw a few butterflies (no Monarchs) and other pollinators. A couple of “dueling” hummingbirds were attracted to native honeysuckle as well as to a stand of out-of-the-way jewelweed. There are several plants of milkweed around and I keep hoping the Monarchs will arrive.  
Hours & Protocols
Expanded Hours: Mon thru Sat: 9-6, Closed Sunday
  • NC Executive Order #147 states “Retail businesses must have all customers wear face coverings when they are inside the establishment and may be within 6 feet of another person, unless the customer states that an exception applies." The order goes on to require us as a business to require masks be worn by all staff and customers, whether inside a building or outside in the open.
  • Please help us comply with this Order by wearing a mask while shopping with us.
  • Please keep 6’ away from other customers and staff as much as possible.
  • Please stay home if you have a fever, a cough, or are sick.
  • Please leave dogs home during this time to prevent congestion.
  • Please load your own bagged goods at this time
  • Cashiers are located outdoors.
  • We have expanded our cleaning routines and we offer a Sanitation Station near our checkout. Our staff arrives prior to opening to allow us time to clean and sanitize before customers arrive.
Thank you for your consideration of other customers and our staff members. We want everyone to feel safe during their visit to Reems Creek Nursery. We are still operating with a smaller than normal staff and we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding. Our heartfelt thanks for your enthusiasm and support during this challenging time.
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