Rentiesville Blues Fest in Cyberspace! 25 Bands in the House… at Your House! Sept 4-6
(RENTIESVILLE, OK) - Well, this is a different year, as we all know. But since we all play the blues so we won't get the blues... the music is more important than ever. The Oklahoma Arts Council funds us a large part of the musicians' payroll so we are pleased to announce there will be a Rentiesville Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival #30 - virtual Labor Day weekend, Sept 4-6, 2020. That means every one of you can check us out... slide shows, interviews, full sets of close to an hour from each band... from the comforts of your home.
Oklahoma blues legend D.C. Minner (no hits but inducted into 7 Halls of Fame in OK) began the Festival in 1991 after moving home with wife/bassist/singer Selby touring for 12 years. The pair met in Berkeley and brought a wealth of music with them. Looking for an excuse to pull fans and musician friends together to party at the old home place/juke joint turned blues venue the Festival seemed the perfect answer.
A showcase of regionals topped off with IBC and Award winning headliners ...this year Dusk til Dawn will present Johnny Rawls, Fillmore Slim, Watermelon Slim, Roger Hurricane Wilson, Danny Timmes (worked w Bonnie Raitt and Kristofferson) Tim Austin Mitchell, Clarence Carter Guitarist Kelvin 'Mr. Guitar' Drake, Sunset the Sunsetter, Poochie Love and Slick Willie family band the Right Cats, Selby , RocknRick Patterson, Harold Aldrich, Akeem Kemp, Ray Charles' and Little Richard's guitarist Tony Mathews, watch parties, Go to the website and click on the social media link of your choice... YouTube, Facebook etc.
Selby Minner, Facebook: Selby Minner Band, or Selby Minner 918.855.0978
Friends of Rentiesville Blues Inc., Blues on the Move Band, D.C. Minner Rentiesville Museum, home of the Rentiesville Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival held Fri.-Sat.- Sun each Labor Day Weekend from 5 pm til 5 am. OBHOF. Mail: 103020 D.C. Minner Street Checotah, OK 74426.

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